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  1. Are you referring to the ban not just on diesels but petrol and hybrids in 2035? If my car makes it till then, i'll be well chuffed!
  2. Hi We have a week away at Saltfleet/louth. Any cycle routes you can recommend. We like it flat! also any other things to do around that area?
  3. Hi All Anyone had the Polestar re-map? If so, how does it change towing a caravan? Should i be choosing the "polestar" drive mode or the safe bet of "comfort" I am copncerned about the increased revs that the Polestar setting creates. Will the gears be constantly shifting down on the motorway on a slight incline and shooting off! I have a V90 Cross country D5.
  4. Thanks All. found plenty of cycling on the doorstep. and the history of this mining area was very interesting. Agree about the new toilet block. large Shower cubicles combined with toilet and sink would encourage people to linger longer. i can imagine the queues at peak times in Summer.!
  5. Hi All Any suggestions on things we can do during the winter around the Teversal CCC site? We are interested in cycling, hill walking and pubs! Thanks
  6. Hi All Can anyone recommend some winter sites in Dorset close to cycle trails. Preferably ex-railway trails if poss and sheltered! Thanks
  7. Thanks all I will be contacting Volvo for them to rectify the situation. I will let you know how it goes!
  8. Hi All Got my V5 for my new car today. It states that the Technical Permissible maximum towable mass of trailer is 750kg for both braked and non-braked. My car is a Volvo V90 D5. Surely some mistake?
  9. Ive had a XC70 2.4 D5 215bhp 2014 for 5 years now and honestly you dont know you have a caravan on the back along the motorway. Also, its got us out of some pretty muddy situations too. Excellent towcar IMHO.
  10. Can someone help? I currently have a Volvo XC70 D5 215bhp 2.4 diesil 5 cylinder and am thinking about a new V90 cross country. There are 2 flavours of V90 cross country, 190BHP and 235BHP both 4 cylinder 2litres. I am towing a Swift Conqueror 2017 570. If i were to go for the 190bhp, would i notice much difference in power over my existing 215bhp car?
  11. Anyone had this problem? our Sargent Stinger 310 alarm stopped working after a drive back from Holiday. all we had was a red light on the fob. Tried turning mains power off, battery power off and batteries in fob but to no avail. i then followed Sargents Alarm reset procedure to the letter. I switched the little internal battery switch back on and reconnected the battery. Just about to put the alarm battery back in place when the circuit board sparked and caught fire!. fortunatelly, the cover was still off so i was able to blow the flame out whilst the extiguisher stood by. I now hav a dead alarm. Caravan is still under 3 year warranty. does anyone know if Sargent or Swift will come out to fix it?
  12. wont be at the caravan for a couple of weeks but i will when i am able. Thanks
  13. Any ideas? Our glass cooker top is in danger of falling forwards onto hot pans. When we have the kitchen window open and there is a breeze, there has been a couple of times when the glass top has fallen forward whilst cooking. Fortunately i have caught it but i wondered is there a catch you can buy and fit to prevent this. Dealer says they have done all they can to tighten it. Any Ideas? Its a Dometic by the way
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