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  1. Not allowed. AFAIK the ones with lights were recalled and the lights including calbles dismantled. If there was a gas leak in the locker a light source is the last thing you need...........
  2. Probably just nicked the caravan and was on his way to the nearest Port........ ;-)
  3. That is not true. Many manufacturers do not use the complete axle weight available. Alot of dealers order caravans with a lighter weight, so that they can lure in customers that have lighter tow-cars. Also caravans are sometimes ordered with a larger axle, and "downsized" so that they can be towed with a smaler vehicle. The weight on the statutory plate is what the manufacturer has "given" you. Most of the time there will be a difference of anything up to 200 or even 400KG. The manufacturer will send you a new statutory plate for a small fee..... ( depending on the other parts that have been installed ( Tow hitch, wheels, tyres, brakes ...... ) BTW. Our statutory plate is also a sticker that is located at the front of the van where the gas bottle is.....
  4. Hi Pippsy, the easiest way is just to pop down to your local dealer. They will be able to sort you out. But if you crawl under your caravan and have a look at the axle, there should be a serial Number and the max payload for the axle. That is the max weight your axle can handle.... But your towing hitch, your brakes and your tyres must also have to cope with the weight. Most manufacturers will upgrade you 100 KG's for a small fee, but anything over that is expensive.....
  5. Just thought I would bump this site. It is actually just 15 mins away from where we live. We have put up many visitors there. Site is very good, not expensive and in Summer a great retreat for the kids as an open air swimmingpool is next door with free entry for campers. The Konus card gives you free public transport in the whole black forest. Well worth going to if visiting cuckoo clock country.......
  6. Always liked the FENDT, and 2 years ago I finally got one.... Love it to bits. Great build quality and nice to tow. Had a HOBBY, and what can I say: It was a hobby.......So got rid of it..... I would say that FENDT and TABBERT are the 2 best manufacturers......
  7. I use my AL-KO hitchlock all the time. On short and long journeys. You never know when you have to stop. And better safe than sorry. At least it will take potetial thieves a few minutes more to try and take my pride and joy. ....
  8. There used to be ( but some things just do still hang around ) a saying in Germany: If you want a hobby, then buy a Hobby. ........ Quality has improved over the last few years, but I used to own a Hobby 440, and yes, It became a hobby that needed to be replaced. OK it was 15 years old when I bought it, but there were so many things that went wrong, that I got rid of it. ..... Now I tow a FENDT 515SG ( Yes HOBBY did Buy FENDT Caravans but FENDT still remain independant ) and the difference in quality is huge. Pricewise there is not much in it, but give me the choice - FENDT anytime !! In Germany the forums are full of people having problems with the huge plastic trim things on the corners of HOBBY caravans. ..
  9. Kampa is rubbish. Worst awning I have ever had !! We have got a Rally ace ( with alloy poles ) but it leaks all over the place. Water pockets form all over the roof. You just can not set it up to stop them forming without using the extra poles ( available seperately !! ) An awning from a company that is made in a country used to wet weather should be waterproof. Our Awning is bagged up and stored in the cellar. Not worth the material used to make it !! Kampa and the Shop where I bought it from were not interested. Theyve got my hard earned cash and obvoiusly do not care about the end-customer. ..... Kampa ? Sorry -> useless !!!
  10. The bavarians talk like the austrians. ...... An I don't like any of those accents. ....
  11. I have always used the EMUK mirrors. perfect fit every time. But unfortunately that does mean a new set of mirrors for every new car you get. ....
  12. We are still looking foreward to our holiday in France. 1 Week in the Ardeche and 1 week in the med. The site in the Ardeche we really liked, so thats why we are returning. The other site is new for us, but we like to try new sites. Were not the "lets go there every year" type. .... first here - then here On our return journey we will be staying the night in Trevoux ( Just north of Lyon ) Great site even with free access to the huge swimming pool complex next door. So after sitting behind the wheel for 6 hours, a dip in the pool is worth loads. ........ yep, on both sites we are visiting, shorts are not allowed. But a pair of "budgie smugglers" don't cost the earth, and if the site lays down those rules, then I either accept them or don't go there. ......
  13. Go online and search for bip&go. Its great. its a 20€ depost for the gadget and for every month that it is used a 1,65€ base charge plus the fees for the sections of motorway you are using. Just drive up to the "t" lane ( where the trucks go through ) and your gadget goes "bip" and the barrier is lifted. Prices are the same, but you save loads of time. Some don't evven have a barrier and you can drive through at 30 kph. . !!! two years ago we saved about 1,5 hrs in Lyon as the queues were so long for cars pulling tickets. We just sailed through. ....
  14. farlands


    In Germany, I can go to the larger SHELL filling stations and fill up at the pump. The liter price is about 0,65 €. My VW dealer wants 17,99€ for a 10 Liter Cannister. . Its a no brainer where I get my sheeps-***** from. ......
  15. Now that is wierd, as I think exactly the same about UK Caravans. The German caravans lack so many features that UK Vans have as standard. I love our FENDT, but The UK spec vans seem to be more thought through. Most continental Caravans do not have ovens. ..
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