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  1. Thanks to all, especially who ever recommended contacting the caravan and camping legal aid web site, they have been a great help today quoting certain acts of law, which we have used against the dealer. To which we have made some ground albeit slow and painful. Coachman are sending parts directly to us and on receipt of these a mobile authorised engineer will fix at our home address ASAP. I’d like to highlight this problem with our caravan in case anyone else suffers similar poor workman ship by Coachman and the problems it has caused. Fingers crossed the parts arrive as promised!!!
  2. Sorry I meant compressor, the issue may have been spotted on PDI had they not refused to connect the water as it wasn’t their policy because “they check it before preparation for collection”. We are kicking ourselves for not insisting now!!
  3. I,m really struggling for someone to take ownership, When I bought the caravan on Wednesday and paid for it in full I was told I could take it to a local Coachman dealership who will rectify any warranty issues, I have contacted my local dealer who have refused to do any warranty work, as it was purchased elsewhere. Coachman are stating it’s the dealers problem the dealers are saying it’s a Coachman problem. If not sorted soon I’ll be returning the caravan for a full refund as it’s not fit for purpose!!
  4. Just purchased a 2019 Coachman VIP 570, on getting it home plugged it in to check all services to discover water leaking out of the floor after investigation I discovered the problem. The hot water pipe to the kitchen tap which runs to the rear of the fridge was resting on the fridge motor which was red hot and had melted the hot water pipe causing water to leak all over the back of the fridge and flooring. Anyone else suffered with this. Now having issues with Coachman and my supplier
  5. Hi to all current members and thanks for letting me in. ..Mat
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