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  1. Ingenious thieves

    The new forum tends to embed links. Try clicking the one below https://www. facebook. com/NYorksRPG/photos/pcb. 406640213085010/406640156418349/?type=3
  2. Ingenious thieves

    Ingenious way to steal a twin axle van.
  3. Which Tow Car?

    Are you sure about that? I don't think the amount of money to be paid came into it. I read it as looking for a 4 berth pre 2000 van with a mtplm around 1300kg or less Big difference.
  4. Arosa Caravan Site At Scarborough?

    It's within 100 yards of Seamer Sewage Works.
  5. Can Anyone Give Us Advice On What 2 Berth To Buy?

    Paul&Sarah - caravanfinder website will be excellent place to narrow things down. Have a look at this link There are 83 vans fitting your basic criteria. Narrow it down further on the layout. And remember that you need to get a van which your car can tow, so don't buy a van too heavy for the car Jools
  6. Caravan Cleaning / Polishing

    Bryn58 - nothing to do with this thread - is your avatar on its side for a reason? I'm getting a crick in my neck looking at it Jools
  7. Club sites at Ravenglass or Garlieston?
  8. Ventura Or Bradcot Air Awning?

    We've a Bradcot Modul Air 390 and it's plenty heavy enough for us. Wouldn't like to be lugging another 12kg of awning round - or trying to pull it through the awning rail. Not had a problem with it so far in winds, though confess we've taken it down when wind/gusts over 25mph forecast. Storm straps can only do so much. Jools
  9. Ssangyong Musso

    For me it's from the average figure that the dashboard display gives. And as I do brim fill every time, then the onboard computer should be giving comparable figures each time.
  10. Scotland - Not Again

    We didn't bypass it this June - we aimed for it. .... and had an excellent 10 days at Garlieston (and only 1 wet day)
  11. Ssangyong Musso

    We tugging with a Novermber 2016 Korando EX. Avg daily driving mpg (mix of town and country) is 38. Towing varies between 25 when there's a headwind to 30 when there's little wind. On long runs without the van I have got mid 40's to gallon. I've not had any problems with it - yes inside is a bit more spartan than a Nissan but then I think about how much cheaper it was to buy and I smile. Would go to a Rexton if I could get a good deal, simply because we're about on our limit with towing the Delta. Tugged round Scotland earlier this year and no problems - and it didn't baulk at any of the hills. However we got the Korando EX for the price of the SE (saved £1,500) plus 3 yrs servicing, 2 years rescue and 1 years tax. I don't see any Rexton offers which can match that at the moment.
  12. Towing With Motorhome

    Tom - you need to go onto the Motorhomefacts forum and search for a user called Listerdiesel. He's just the chap you need. Jools
  13. Try KDR Leisure - 01723 865241 or 07796 220 635 - he's an approved mobile workshop. I can't remember if it's them that do the storage or a relative. Jools
  14. Tracker On 2017 Crusader Range

    Ours is with Phantom but not a clue where in van the technology is located. All I know is that it keeps alerting Phantom when there is nothing amiss - as in it's on our drive and we can see it. And their GPS is about 200 yards adrift of where the van physically is