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  1. 2153

    Bugs and Critters in Caravans

    Strewth - Amazon has a 1kg tub of food grade DE for £16 and Ebay has a 25kg sack for £28-95
  2. Thank you Alde - will give that a try.
  3. Well at least your heating is working. Ours isn't. The control panel says something about red something or other. When I queried it with the dealer they said "oh you need to re-set it - just take the front cover off and pull the connection off for about 30 seconds then put everything back together gain. If you don't want to do it, then bring it in and we'll do it". So either I risk things or I have to take the tin box on a 100 mile round trip. Not happy.
  4. 2153

    sleeping bags

    By larger than average - if you mean wider than usual then try googling extra wide sleeping pods. We got Gelert ones which I don't think are available now. We chose those as we got them on offer. Had it not been for the offer then it would have been the ones from Go Outdoors. They work very well for us. Jools
  5. 2153

    Not even towed a caravan

    Hopefully your car is big enough (engine and weight-wise) to tow the van. Without knowing what makes and models both are, people on here will struggle to advise.
  6. 2153

    Another problem caravan

    On page 42 of the 2016 Buccaneer Caravans thread mentioned by DavidPark, the OP says So he was unable to get an AWS engineer to check the van over before buying. Many people (me included) would have put the purchase on hold till it could be checked out. He didn't and is now paying the price for it. Sale of Goods Act or whatever, it's a second hand van. Caveat emptor applies.
  7. 2153

    Scottish Site Recommendations

    And beware of the midges
  8. 2153

    Scottish Site Recommendations

    Well if they go to the Club site at Edinburgh they should be prepared for planes landing 24/7. The site is under the landing approach path - daytime it can be a plane going over at 2,500 feet every 5 mins, 2 or 3 in the morning it's down to one every 30 mins. Jools
  9. 2153

    Hole of Horcum, towable?

    I thought the gravel went in before that - my recollection is that Slater's (long gone hauliers from Kirby Misperton) wagons used to haul rolls of steel and paper to/from Whitby docks. After several of their ancient Fodens (the two shift stick ones) ran away due to brake fade, the gravel was put in. Never known a caravan to end up in it though.
  10. 2153

    Hole of Horcum, towable?

    Geoff - at least it was coming down. confess the uphill ban bugs me - I've towed a 12 foot livestock trailer containing 3 cows each weighing 600kg up Sutton Bank with a Daihatsu Fourtrak. It just requires knowing how to use gears. Our current outfit would go up without a problem - but if Police sign says no that's what I have to do.
  11. 2153

    Hole of Horcum, towable?

    Why is everyone stressing about hills and bends We live Scarborough and to get to Teesside (for Scotland via A1, A19 or A66) have to go through Whitby. We've gone the easy way on the A171 and also through Ruswarp (B1416_ which has steep bank and bend at each side). Our outfit manages without any problem. Just get in the right gear and drive sensibly.
  12. 2153

    Hole of Horcum, towable?

    You mean Blue Bank on the A169 - it comes out of Sleights and heads up onto the moor top en route to Pickering. The Hole of Horcum is 10 miles nearer Pickering and the short hill there is called Saltersgate (and has a sharp bend in it). If your outfit is properly weighted and distributed and you drive sensibly then there should not be a problem. The one road a caravan CANNOT use is Sutton Bank on the A170 - they're banned.
  13. 2153

    Ingenious thieves

    The new forum tends to embed links. Try clicking the one below https://www. facebook. com/NYorksRPG/photos/pcb. 406640213085010/406640156418349/?type=3
  14. 2153

    Ingenious thieves

    Ingenious way to steal a twin axle van.
  15. 2153

    Which Tow Car?

    Are you sure about that? I don't think the amount of money to be paid came into it. I read it as looking for a 4 berth pre 2000 van with a mtplm around 1300kg or less Big difference.