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  1. I would get a quote for him as owner driver . I would expect it to be £1500 to £2000 with a black box fitted. The downside of being a named driver on your vehicle is that he won't be building up any no claims.
  2. I have spoke to RAC and they have confirmed that you can't get Arrival with Tesco vouchers. I will have to pay online.
  3. Does anyone know if I can sign up for RAC arrival using Tesco points, and how. I am a member of Camping and Caravan Club
  4. Thanks for replies. I have checked we have 240 power, the kettle works etc. I have switched the switch a few times and reset the fuse board with no joy. The switch takes two 5amp fuses, which I changed. When we get home I will take the switch out to check it. I assume if the heating element had blown the led indicator on the thermostat would still illuminate.
  5. Hi all Hope someone can help. Our truma ultrastore water heater won't work on mains electricity. It works fine on gas. There is an indicator light on gas but not electric. I have changed the fuses both in the switch and fuse board. But still not working
  6. Try MTS Tyres 01386 834938. He is a caravaners and will understand your situation. I took my wheels off an took them to him. Great service
  7. Yes Avondale4 it's a wireless camera. I plan to fix the camera to the bottom edge of the number plate. Then run the cable under the van and through the floor vent into the rear locker. I then will either connect to the fridge circuit or use a small lead acid battery. The transmitter can then be positioned to give the best signal. The alternative is to position the camera in the rear window so not needing any external cable.
  8. Hi all I am in the process of fitting a rear view camera. Initially I intend to power the camera with a small 12v battery. However I would like at some point to connect it to the caravan electrics so that it turns on when towing and off when not. My question is, where should I connect to. I assume the fridge? Do I need to remove the fridge to get to it's wiring
  9. We store our on a smallholding. It ďoes have a locked gate to the area it is in and a cctv camera. C&CC Insurance had no issue, slightly more than if at a secure storage site.
  10. Hi all I need to replace my tyres which are Kenya 185R14C 104N So I called a couple of local tyre fitters and they did not seem interested in the 104N load rating. One said 8 ply van tyres should be OK and quoted £73 each fitted and balanced for Hacook So I called a third fitter and this time explained in more detail that they were for a caravan and discussed the load rating of 104N or 900KG. He said he would call me back. He did and said he had called the caravan club for advice and that they advised that the tyre should be 104N and OE fitting. He then quoted £94. 16 each for GT CR Cargo ST600. Which I understand are trailer/caravan tyres. My question is should I fit these tyres? I would hate to have insurance issues if I were to fit a premium van tyre, which I think are 102 or 850KG rated My caravan manual makes no mention of the load rating. MTPLM is 1499KG
  11. try; Right click on image file Send to Mail recipient You should get a box with drop down options. Try small. Click attach An email should open Right click on the image and save as. Close the email. Check the file size of the saved file, if suitable fine. If not repeat above and choose a different size option.
  12. I prefer plastic or wood in grass. Then if I forget to remove one it won't damage the site owners mower. I intent to make some wooden ones from Ash. They are easy to make and are biodegradable if forgotten. I have a supply of suitable Ash so they are cheap.
  13. I thought VW had a trailer reversing system a while ago
  14. My car will show me if there is an issue with the trailer/caravan lights. But we still do a visual check every time we tow
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