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  1. Dunhamkid

    Car battery replacement?

    You don't need to remove the battery to charge it. You can also leave the battery on permanent charge with a CTEK charger
  2. Dunhamkid

    Reich easymover app

    There is also a demostration mode on the app so you can practice!!
  3. Dunhamkid

    Reich easymover app

    I have used the app on my iPhone and iPad and it works fine. You need to make sure that the anntena cable is not shielded behind anything
  4. You would have thought that the threads of the stub axles would have been protected prior to wrapping!!
  5. Where would you purchase the rubber suspension units from?
  6. Dunhamkid

    Axle refurbishment

    https://www. westerntowing. co. uk/acatalog/BPW-Caravan-Trailer-Axles. html also supply complete BPW axles. I did read once that if you send an axle back to Alko to refurbish, they also check brakes etc and replace as neccessary. Part of their QA/QC procedures, hence better to get new one as at least you know what the repair is going to cost!! I would have thought that any competent garage could replace a caravan axle. Support chassis adjacent to and both sides of axle, remove wheels, undo 4 bolts, disconnect brake cables and axle is down and out.
  7. Dunhamkid

    Axle refurbishment

    Look at https://www.westerntowing.co.uk/acatalog/Al-ko_Axles.html where you can buy complete axle with brakes etc. Would save time and effort removing brake drums etc if you were going to send for a repair. There should be a plate on the old axle with all details on. Just try and get someone to photograph it with a mobile phone? 
  8. Dunhamkid

    Nightmare trying to insure my 1960 caravan

    I got my van insured through Adrian Flux on an "Agreed Value" basis. They send a form where you fill it in, add 6 photographs and justify why you think the caravan should be insured at this value. I was originally insured with the CMC but we disagreed on the market value incase of a write off. I asked what the market value was and they could not tell me as, like you, it was not on their list. They recommended that I contact AF and insure on an "Agreed Value" basis. Their quote was considerably cheaper than CMC for a greater write off value!!
  9. Dunhamkid

    Tired suspension

    Look at https://www. westerntowing. co. uk/acatalog/Al-ko_Axles. html where you can buy complete axle with brakes etc. Would save time and effort removing brake drums etc if you were going to send for a repair. There should be a plate on the old axle with all details on (see attached). Just try and get someone to photograph it with a mobile phone?
  10. Dunhamkid

    Renewing sealant

    I agree that there is a better seal by using seam seal (butyl rubber) etc and using a mastic gun to fill the rail. I have just resealed all the rails on my caravan using this method. The previous reseal was mastic strips which do not allow the rails to sit correctly and allow water underneath. By filling the rails and allowing the excess to be pushed out, it ensures that the internals of the raise are completely filled with mastic. A messy job which is labour intensive but no particular skills are required. Just lots of rags, silicon gloves, white spirits and meths!!!
  11. Dunhamkid

    Window Rail End Caps

    Flashgordon Thanks for info, I will give him a call
  12. Dunhamkid

    Window Rail End Caps

    Dave Thanks for your help. The caps ideally need to match the profile of the rail. At present, I have fitted caps of a different profile and will keep looking. If you look at my post of 18th July, you can see the difference. The aluminium caps are fitted to the lower rails.
  13. Dunhamkid

    Window Rail End Caps

    Just heard from my Essex supplier. The items they have received from their supplier are the same end caps that I already have, even though they do not look like these in the catalogue. Back to the beginning!!!
  14. Dunhamkid

    Window Rail End Caps

    Gordon More info regarding Polyplastic windows!! The windows are made by Plastoform and www.willemsencaravanwindows.com are their agents. I am hoping to have 6 end caps ordered from Plastoform, who appear to be French, from a supplier in Essex!!
  15. Dunhamkid

    Window Rail End Caps

    Gordon The caps shown in Item 3 are the correct ones!!! I ordered 12 from that supplier but when they arrived they, they were Item 1. I complained and was told that the items supplied were correct!!! After contacting their supplier, I was sent a further 12 caps, which were identical to the previously sent caps!!! I have given up with Polyplastic as they do not respond to my emails. However, I might have a supplier, watch this space!! Email reply from Polyplastic for info On 20 Jul 2018, at 14:47, Polyplastic Sales <Verkoop@polyplastic. nl> wrote: Dear Mr. , I would like to thank you for your email! Unfortunately we do not sell windows. I would like to recommend you to contact your dealer or perhaps http://www. willemsencaravanwindows. com/ might have the window where you are looking for. Kind regards / Mit freundlichem Gruß / Sincères salutations / Met vriendelijke groet, Emine Erdem Customer Service Support W: +31 104461100 e. erdem@polyplastic. nl <image004. png> Polyplastic B. V. Thurlederweg 5 | 3044 EN Rotterdam | www. polyplastic. nl Disclaimer. Polyplastic has its seat at Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and is registered in the Commercial Register in Rotterdam under number 24081305. All services and other work are carried out subject to The General Conditions of Polyplastic B. V. These General Conditions include, among other provisions, a limitation of liability clause, and have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce at Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This e-mail is confidential and may also be privileged. It is intented for use by the addressee only. If you are not the intended addressee, we request that you notify us immediately and delete this e-mail, and any attachment(s), without copying, forwarding, disclosing or using it in any other way. Polyplastic B. V. will not be liable for any damage relating to the communication by e-mail of data or documents. Van: Stephen Wynne [mailto:sbwynne@me. com] Verzonden: maandag 16 juli 2018 16:08 Aan: Polyplastic Sales <Verkoop@polyplastic. nl> Onderwerp: Window Rail End Cap I am trying to locate a supplier of end caps as per attached photos, which I believe were manufactured by Polyplastic. Do you know of a UK supplier for these items? Regards Stephen Wynne