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  1. Flodabay Farm will use a 4 x 4 to tow your van up to the site, then you can use your own car after that
  2. When we were leaving the Craven Arms last October, a fully loaded 40 ft articulated timber came past!!
  3. I have the Easydriver Pro 2.3 fitted to my caravan and I have had no problems in 2 years use. I also paid to have a bluetooth module fitted so I can use my iPhone or iPad instead of the remote, or as a back up.
  4. I was thinking the opposite!! Think of a tight nut and bolt, if you heat them, the nut expands and goes looser? Gordon Have you carried out this method of removing the bungs (actually they should be called breathers as they are a one way valve!!)
  5. Gordon I have just had this method suggested to me after playing a game of golf. I will give it a try Bolingbroke The hairdryer was to heat up the surrounding area, so that with a bit of thermal expansion, the bung might free itself Gordon iI will try the dental floss method if the drill and screw method fails!!!
  6. Matelodave My thoughts on using a hairdryer was that it might soften the bung, so making it easier to lever out. i have also thought about using stud extractors, the only problem I foresee is the debris dropping into the window, unless I drill upwards from below window!! Need to pull valve spindle out of bung first. These normally drop into the gap in the window panes. Thanks for your ideas Geoff i have got the bungs/breathers but I cannot get the old ones out!!!
  7. I am trying to remove and replace the window bung/breather in my Polyplastic windows which are 20 years old. The bungs have hardened over time and sunlight. I have tried pulling at the edges of the bung but it starts to tear. I am considering applying heat with a hairdryer to see if that may help. Any other ideas or methods?
  8. Remember that you will also need the correct sized socket and torque wrench to tighten the nut.
  9. You don't need to remove the battery to charge it. You can also leave the battery on permanent charge with a CTEK charger
  10. There is also a demostration mode on the app so you can practice!!
  11. I have used the app on my iPhone and iPad and it works fine. You need to make sure that the anntena cable is not shielded behind anything
  12. You would have thought that the threads of the stub axles would have been protected prior to wrapping!!
  13. Where would you purchase the rubber suspension units from?
  14. https://www. westerntowing. co. uk/acatalog/BPW-Caravan-Trailer-Axles. html also supply complete BPW axles. I did read once that if you send an axle back to Alko to refurbish, they also check brakes etc and replace as neccessary. Part of their QA/QC procedures, hence better to get new one as at least you know what the repair is going to cost!! I would have thought that any competent garage could replace a caravan axle. Support chassis adjacent to and both sides of axle, remove wheels, undo 4 bolts, disconnect brake cables and axle is down and out.
  15. Look at https://www.westerntowing.co.uk/acatalog/Al-ko_Axles.html where you can buy complete axle with brakes etc. Would save time and effort removing brake drums etc if you were going to send for a repair. There should be a plate on the old axle with all details on. Just try and get someone to photograph it with a mobile phone? 
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