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  1. I think that is pretty conclusive, I do agree in why have stuff and not use it and yes I am reluctant to change lol, old habits die hard! Never really thought about going to a site without the awning, I suppose there will be times when we do, its all a bit new this so we will be finding our feet on the first few adventures. Looks like lots of valid arguments to keep it in place and use it. Thanks for your opinions.
  2. Camped in a tent all my life (several decades) and new to the world of caravans, reading how people cook etc has got me thinking about how we will be doing it. My thought is to cook in the awning on our camping hob/ grill (keep smells and steam etc out the van) but we have a oven in the van along with hob and grill, the hob needs some parts replacing hence why I am thinking of cooking outside so here my latest thoughts to see what you think. Remove the hob/grill as it is separate to the oven (by a qualified person of course) and then put a work top in its place and convert the grill bit to a extra draw, so we will cook most things in the awning but still have use of the oven. I don't see the point in keeping the hob/grill if we are not using it and can better use the surface. I do realise that we will need two gas bottles in order to do this which is the only spanner in the works. We are in the process of renovating/ updating the van as it is a bit old hence why the mods. Does this sound logical or impractical?
  3. The van is Abi Quasar, when I checked as I mentioned I got the feeling that the charge button and the battery button had to be on, however I am letting the battery drain a little more then I shall check the charge current again to see if when on charge alone the volts increase.
  4. So if the battery is at say 12. 10v, the battery charger will be 12. 50v, where as if the battery was at 10v the charge would 13. 5? So all I need to do is ensure the Charger button is on on the main control section. Many thanks, the image I posted was from the manual but its not that clear which buttons to press etc.
  5. Just a little observation and query. When the van is connected to 240v, I flick the charge switch on the ziggy (main control(see photo)) and the light comes on, when I check the voltage at battery it reads 12. 5v, if I hit the battery switch to the caravan I get 13. odd volts so am I right in thinking in order to charge the battery while on EHU I need to switch both the charge on the MAIN Control and also have the swith on the BATTERY section to Caravan?
  6. Many thanks for the info chaps. I have sourced a 2nd hand one, hoping to go look at it at the weekend.
  7. Certainly a steep learning curve! Gonna start browsing for a reclaimed one tomorrow by the looks.
  8. Well the question has been answered, there is no electrical anything left, took the vent cover outside, no gas burner, no ignition unit, zilch. Looks like either hunting the parts, new heater or just not using it and boiling the water in the kettle! (knew should of stuck to tents) Thanks for your help peeps.
  9. Many thanks, will have a good look tomorrow in daylight. Sorry should of said lol. The upgrades has been to the lighting and sorting dodgy connections on the 12v systems
  10. No, there is the power (twin cable 12volt) going in which is wired to the console, then within the console is a female DIN, that cable you see is plugged into that, I have since found a you tube video which shows has a small black box attatched to the gas burner, that looks like it has the DIN plug socket which is then wired into the electric control ignition unit within the burner part, although again I could not see any holes for this unit to be screwed into on mine!! PaulB Yea many thanks, looked at that last night but it has no info regarding these DIN plugs, I have emailed them but as yet no reply so not sure if they are still operating.
  11. Help! As some you may now know I am new to the world of caravans and caravan DIY etc. Been upgrading the electrics and now its the turn of the water system, I had a look last night at the water heater, I have power to the little control box (water heater11) and from that box there is a lead with a DIM plug at the end, however I cannot see anywhere on the system for it to plug into (see piccy 21) Am I missing a part or is the female part hidden away for this to plug into? I have seen photo's with a electric control panel on the back of the tank, however on this one the polystyrene case that fits over will not allow for this so I suspect this is different. Any help would be very usefull TIA Aidy
  12. It is to a point, but there are quite a few holes! thanks everyone for some clues on what to do and I now have a cunning plan!
  13. Now I have sorted and upgraded most of the electricals in our new to us old Abi caravan, I decided I needed to take the old faded stick on reg plate off and ready it for our new our new one. Having peeled and scraped away the bonding they used I have discovered about 6 small holes that look like at some point a plate would of been screwed to the van! First thoughts was to just seal with silicon, but is there is something more robust I could use to fill and seal them? Thanks in advance Aidy
  14. Aye up New to this whole caravan thing, wasn't my idea to be honest, the wife insisted so owt for a quiet life! Been camping under canvas for many a decade, still do, I like to tour on my cycle. There is a part of me that does like the idea of sleeping in the van, I suppose I could use the awning to get the camping feeling again if I don't like it So we have bought an old van, the structure appears to be in good condition, damp tested every nook and cranny and no damp popped up, some work is required inside with the cosmetic bits, so this is partly why I am here, to see how people upgrade their older vans. I have made a start and upgraded the lecky, usb plugs and LED lights etc. Looking forward to being educated. Aidy
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