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  1. many thanks for all your replies I now have a bit more confidence I can carry out the repair. agree the part price is outrageous thanks again -bob
  2. arrived on site yesterday plugged in and tripped the site out. everything ok last time out 1 month ago. have now isolated fault to water heater and now running on gas everything else is working fine. is this likely to be a blown element and if so is it an engineer job or can I do it myself? please give me inspiration thanks bob
  3. they are more than likely soldered and the plug moulded over them all, a new pump may have the plug attached or possibly the plug housing splits so you can solder a joint
  4. from memory the wires are fitted to a plug which connects to the edge of the printed circuit board and the plug should just pull off
  5. Many thanks for all your replies, quite a can of worms isn't it, I think its time all parties involved sat down and standardised the whole procedure, again many thanks regards bob
  6. I am aware that the little plate below my door gives all the max weights etc, and also that if I contact my manufacturer they will send me a new plate with upgraded weights without any mods to my van. So the van is road safe at the higher weight. If I was pulled in for a weight check and was say 15 kilos over I would probably be prosecuted but as the van is road safe where is the logic. Cant get my head round this
  7. Hi all - arrived at a site recently and found the rear of the near side mudguard hanging down (there had been no impact) I pushed the grommet back into place and fitted the guard back into its clip. On arrival back at the storage I found myself in the same situation. Have decided to remove the guard to investigate but don't want to do any damage so do they just push upward and off. Any advice much appreciated (swift safari/charisma 550) regards bob
  8. any tiguan towers out there tell me what mirrors they use? the gap around the glass is very small and my brackets wont fit in it. tas in advance regards bob
  9. boltonbob

    Tow Balls

    Many thanks guys mind at rest. No I don't have a sense of humour, I'm devastated and moving house tomorrow so I can change my name = all the best bob
  10. boltonbob

    Tow Balls

    Hi all = Hope someone has some knowledge on this, Im in the process of changing my tug, my present car has standard towbar (witter) with alko ball. The car i am looking at has a swan neck, will this fit my alko or are there differerent swan necks as with the standard ball, hoping that explains my problem regards Bob
  11. I blame the cc, there should be instructions on the wall to inform people what the strange brush is for and diagrams of how to use it
  12. boltonbob


    roomy - good handling - good fuel consumption for size - low road tax
  13. roomy - good handling - good fuel consumption for size - low road tax Click here to view the towcar review
  14. Many thanks for your info, feel better already all the best Bob
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