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  1. I drove past there yesterday on route to Inverness from Edinburgh on the ‘Snow Road’ very nice drive it was too, can’t say those roads would be ideal for my caravan but luckily we were driving solo. I had excellent phone and data coverage all the way, my German phone defaults onto the Vodafone UK network though so not sure how others compare.
  2. As the UK will never be leaving the EU (not until at least the end of October anyway), anyone going over the Channel on their holibobs no longer needs to worry about Driving Permits.
  3. It’s worth having ATC, correct loading and Noseweight are arguably more important (and free) but it’s nice to know ATC is there just in case
  4. I agree with Woodie if your CRV passes it's MOT and you don't want to break the bank just treat it to a good service and keep it.
  5. If you go into the accessories department at my local dealer they don't even sell locks and I've never seen people fit them on site over here (except Brits on Holiday). Dealers are probably targeted here because you can hitch up a caravan put on an Irish (lets imagine these folks may be Irish) number plate on the back and be over the border and out of the country in 15 minutes. Caravans are registered here like cars and for that they must have a minimum of their own 3rd Party cover.
  6. Yes it is a bit steep but it is what it is, perhaps it's down the the repair/replacement costs (not cheap). If I just took out 3rd Party Insurance it would only be about 20 quid. My dealer regularly has caravans stolen, usually when members of a certain community are in town. She was telling me that the police warn them off when the 'offenders' are in the area, their sales compound is locked behind steel gates, they put a large motorhome's behind the gates but they still broke in and stole a couple of high end Tabberts last year.
  7. We drove over that pass about 20 years ago, very nice. If I had a small car and caravan I'd probably go for it but I think I'd give it a miss with my current outfit. We'll be driving past there on Easter Sunday on our way from Glasgow to Barnsley, get the kettle on!!
  8. £170 seems reasonable provided they pay up if you ever need to claim. No locks, secure storage or anything like are needed here but then caravans are registered in the same way cars are. We pay around €500 a year fully comp but to replace the van, all the add ons and bits and bobs would be more than €40,000.
  9. It is in their FAQ's bit: Do you cover Hobby Caravans? No, we do not cover Hobby Caravans. Not insuring Hobby seems like a bit of an 'ism' to me. A quick scan through their 'Key Policy Exclusions' doesn't look very impressive either, I have Fully Comp insurance through HUK Coburg (in Germany), no need for locks, alarms, special parking rules etc, stolen is stolen and damaged is damaged, no 'we're gonna fob you off clauses' in my policy. 30k limit isn't much cover either.
  10. Yes I know a few Brits around here who kept theirs too, they're all quite a bit older than me though, perhaps the rules changed. I only changed mine in 2016 because I was 45 and it made it easier with the medical for my C+E entitlement, glad I did it though as I would have to do it now anyway if Brexit happens, (which I think we all know by now it won't ).
  11. I'm surprised they didn't make you hand it in on receipt of your UK licence, I had to surrender my UK one when I exchanged it for a German one.
  12. No problem, you can of course fit 96 or 104 tyres if you want to (as you mentioned in your original post)
  13. Then tyres rated 91 (615 Kg per side) are fine.
  14. I'm presuming it's a single axle caravan.
  15. If your tyres are rated 91, just check that your MTPLM is not more than 1230 Kg, if it isn't fine, if its is 91 is not enough
  16. Stayed at quite a few sites along the Rhone (up to 20 Km either side of it) between Lyon and Orange, although not that one. The Ardeche is a nice area if you like cycling/walking/canoeing but I've never stayed at a campsite there and thought 'wow'. A lot of folk use them (as I do) transiting from Germany or Holland to Spain as an overnight stopover for which most are fine but not somewhere I'd want to have a holiday.
  17. Its known as an Elk Test here in Germany: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose_test
  18. Moose or Elk, car from a side street or whatever, the fact is that when compared to similar types of car the Jeep performed badly. All the cars I've had for the past 20 years have had airbags, I've never need them, that doesn't mean they're not important things to have and I wouldn't want a car that might turn over in a rare situation either. A moose or an elk are the same thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose
  19. If your car's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) + your caravans MTPLM exceed 3500 Kg you will need to do a B+E test.
  20. Does that mean you still have a South African Driving Licence and not a UK one? My mates daughter passed her test in Germany, had a German EU licence, moved to live in the UK and was stopped by the Police after living in Britain for about 5 years, apparently her non-UK licence was only valid for 1 or 2 years after that she should have got UK one. I find it strange (and unfair) that post-Brexit Brits driving in the EU will require a multitude of IDP's yet when I visit the UK with my German EU licence I don't need one.
  21. I'd love to have a motorbike and I started doing the training about 15 years ago but I had really bad Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand (only 32 at the time) and after about 5 minutes of riding I had no feeling in my hand so unfortunately had to stop. It's been operated on about 10 years ago and it's much better than it was and my mate runs his own driving school and has offered me free lessons to see if I still have the same problems but now the Mrs won't let me do it and for a quiet life I do as I'm told I have to have a full medical every 5 years (since I turned 45) to keep my C+E entitlement, although I very rarely use it these days.
  22. I almost bought one last year, glad I didn’t now
  23. As far as I'm aware, if you already have a full B+E entitlement it will automatically be added to your new licence on re-application at 70. I think full medicals are just for C & D licences, you just have to meet the minimum eyesight requirements for B + E. Have you looked on the gov.uk website?
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