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  1. So we agree then that the critical part is the Load Index
  2. Which is why I made the point about correct Load Index, you mentioned they are dangerous at speed, not sure why?
  3. Why are car tyres wrong? If the size fits and the Load Index & Speed Rating is ok why are they dangerous? Serious question. There aren't that many 'caravan specific' tyres out there, mine has commercial van tyres on it but it is carrying a lot of weight (2 tonne on one axle)
  4. As long as the tyres have the correct Load Index then they should be ok (car tyres or otherwise). Look at what the max axle load is on your caravans statutory plate and the value of the tyre loads on that axle need to add up to more than the axle max load. For example if your axle has a max load of 1200 Kg you would need to fit tyres with a load index of 91 or higher (2 x 615 Kg = 1230 Kg). I believe AVON (or it could be Cooper) tyres may be an exception as they state that their tyres are not suitable for caravans, all the other major brands should be fine. If the tyres currently fitted are the correct Load Index, you still need to check their condition (very important) and how old they are, if they are 6 years old or more you want to consider changing them regardless of appearance.
  5. Yorkshire should be a country though as it has a larger population than Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland yet has less of a say in its own affairs than any of those 3 who all have their own Parliaments/Assemblies.
  6. It's going to be high 30's all week here (38 on Wednesday), I've just put the caravan back into storage, I was thinking about leaving it on my drive for a week and sleeping in it with the Air-Con doing its funky stuff but if I do that it makes parking on our street a bit of a nightmare.
  7. We're up to 14 for 2019 now, whoop, whoop. 2 Nights De Twee Bruggen 4 Nights De Hoeve Battenburg 4 Nights Camping Westhove 4 Nights De Schatberg all in The Netherlands. That's it for a while, once its school holidays we've got the following to look forward to: 1 Night Camping de la Liez - France 1 Night Merle Roux - France 14 Nights Camping Laguna - Spain 1 Night Grand Lierne - France 1 Night Porte des Voges - France
  8. Good choice, I wouldn’t be without mine, the standard satnav in my Shogun is pants
  9. The last one in France before going up the hill to La Jonquera, if that’s Le Balou then that’s the one I mean
  10. About 3 trips after we’d bought our Tabbert the Axle/Suspension appeared to be making a hell of a noise, creaking/squeaking, I popped round to my local dealer ( it’s only 5 mins away), at first they too thought it was an Axle problem. They got the whole workshop staff out, bouncing it and try to identify where the noise was coming from. Turns out it wasn’t the Axle, it was the front locker catch where it goes through the locking hole in the locker floor. Minor adjustment and the noise was gone. Happy days!!
  11. Single axle My towing vehicle has a GVW of 3030 Kg so I’m ok there. The last French toll at the border crossing at La Jonqera is where I paid to much. I don’t mind a 5 to 10 minute wait at the tolls.
  12. It’s not compulsory here, but everyone has it. It’s called “Haftpflicht‘ Pflicht meaning ‘compulsory’ but it isn’t. Neighbours kid ran into our patio door sliding fly screen, trashed it. About a grand to sort it, their Haftpflicht paid it, no dramas. Worth having
  13. Thanks, the air con doesn’t put it over 3m, in fact from the side you can’t even see it. I’d say the car + roof rack + bikes is higher than the caravan. I was under the assumption that bikes on car roofs don’t count? 🤔 I can’t speak French So I should be class 2 (or B)?
  14. I’ve got one, it’s the dogs cobblers
  15. I think I’ve asked in here before but I’ve forgotten the answer. We’re off to Spain in a few weeks and the majority of our 1300 Km will be on French motorways. I think I was diddled into paying for the wrong category in the past and would like to avoid being robbed again this year. I believe we’re Cat B but may have paid Cat D in the past. Our car is 1,9m high but it will have bikes on the roof, I think the caravan is ‘standard’ height and has a Air-Con Unit on the roof. Our overall length is around 13m, 2.5m wide and total weight is 5030 Kg. I don’t want one of those ‘boxes’, I like waiting in a queue at the tolls , it breaks the journey up. Could one of you lovely folk confirm which category I am and what to do if the machine tells me the wrong one. Ta.
  16. I agree, I could easily lose enough body weight to make more of an advantage than a whole bike. But the top professionals where every gramme matters makes sense. If you take just 1g off a pedal, over 1000 pedal turns that’s 1kg less lifted, do that over a Grand Tour and minuscule weight reductions make sense. My post was just to highlight to Commander Dave that many of the bikes on UK roads cost more than many cars. My bikes (I have many) cost around 3 grand each, my old man never pays more than a grand for a car.
  17. I’m in the Netherlands at the moment, in fact I just spent the last 4 hours and 100 Km cycling on the Worlds best cycling infrastructure. If the UK is serious about getting more people out of cars and onto bikes just copy what the Dutch do. Everyone in Germany has 3rd party liability insurance for every unwanted eventuality (crashing your bike into someone, your kids damaging someone else’s property, your dog running onto the motorway and causing an accident etc etc), don’t you have that in the UK? As an avid cyclist I find many pedestrians and increasingly more e-bike riders absolutely gormless A new Pinnarello Dogma roadbike with some fancy Zipp Carbon Wheels will cost you more than a Ferrari wing 🤗
  18. I don’t have the time (or the desire) to translate a full manual, but if it’s just the odd page I’ll translate it for you. Like Kelper says Google translate does a reasonable job, it’s nowhere near perfect but you should get the gist of it.
  19. Yes, they nearly all use the same chassis and component manufacturers so there can’t be too much ‘brand specific’ that is causing a drama.
  20. TEC caravans no longer exist. They disappeared around the same time as Wilk and a few others. Apparently LMC took them over and the TEC brand disappeared in 2013. I’d contact the LMC customer service department
  21. We’re on De Schatberg until Sunday, only 50 Km from MG and 10 minutes from Venlo, nice Site to explore all those places from. Got a pitch with full facilities including private shower, toilet, kitchen, fridge, dishwasher......... I don’t do roughing it.
  22. The Highway Code is not 'law', it's a book of guidelines some of which if you don't follow will mean you are breaking a specific traffic law but the book itself isn't a book of laws.
  23. That's strange, I have an Alko Chassis with a mover fitted in front of the axle and Kojack brackets fitted behind it. My heavy duty steadies are also on the chassis, they're still only for steadying though, not lifting. Even with a lightweight caravan, if you lift the entire front end with the jockey wheel you will be overloading it.
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