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  1. I’m not bating anyone, don’t read my posts if you don’t like them. In my opinion (which of course you’re not interested in) the UK is making a mountain out of a molehill.
  2. I know the UK public are being bombarded with all sorts of advice at the minute and people want to do the best they can but I just don’t get the UK reaction to this crisis. We haven’t anywhere near the restrictions the UK has. Almost everything open, shops, restaurants, hairdressers, I even had a Thai massage yesterday. Nobody is panicking, the government aren’t having to pay 80% of everyone’s wages, the R value is going down, I don’t know anyone who has Covid 19 virus. Yes we have various restrictions but generally life is carrying on pretty well.
  3. I know CT is predominately for Brits in Britain but just out of interest to anyone who may be interested, in the last 7 days 6 out of every 100,000 people have contracted Corona here where I live.
  4. Where going here tonight: https://www.nierskind.de/ First time we’ll have been to an indoor, sit down restaurant since March. I’m guessing every 2nd table will be closed off.
  5. Just listening to Talk Radio, there’s a bloke on at the moment explaining how smokers are less likely to get Covid 19 than non smokers!! Drat!!! 48 years of non smoking could cost me dear😷
  6. It’ll take more bait than that 🎣 Oooo I have a thick person trolling my posts with “I don’t understand” now, makes a change from “I completely disagree”, marvellous 😀
  7. I went for a Thai massage today (nothing dodgy), whilst lying on my front just the Thai lady had a mask on, when I turned onto my back we both had to wear masks. Still very nice though. Restaurant tomorrow night, I believe every other table will be vacant.
  8. Sorry about your Mrs MGBGTV8, I went to Blighty in February to my mothers funeral but until the UK calms down I won’t be going again (to be honest I don’t think I could even I wanted to). The borders here are lifting all restrictions at midnight tonight but the UK is a different kettle of fish. He wants to travel to the UK, the UK isn’t in the EU
  9. All the doom and gloomers and panic stricken neigh sayers will be glad to know that despite Germany’s apparent relaxed attitude to Covid 19 (which of course has no relevance to the UK, so I’m told) and a gradual return to normal the ‘R’ value has dropped to 0.81 Stay safe everyone
  10. It’s the same virus!! I thought we’d already agreed to disagree on this?
  11. I’m not making anything up, they are official German government figures.
  12. The 0.0076% figure I keep quoting comes from the death rate of 0.19% of people who’ve had it out of the total German population (4%), even if 100% of people get it this year that death rate of 0.19% won’t go up massively because most people won’t need ICU. People are worrying far too much, it’s not good for the mind. No it doesn’t, the German government aren’t.
  13. The risk of losing my life to Covid 19 is currently 0.0076%, the risk of me losing my life in a road traffic accident is many times higher and I drive my car all the time without worrying about it.
  14. I just don’t know who to believe 😀 Both BBC articles
  15. If anyone isn’t planning to use their van until there is a proven safe vaccine they may as well sell it. I’m planning to use mine as soon as I can (probably mid June, if I can get a pitch)
  16. I agree with a lot of that Silversurf, nothing I liked better than going exploring with my Granddad as a kid, even nowadays my teenage daughter is happy to go to quiet sites for the weekend and chill out. Not for everyone though, my sister and her family wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without full on entertainment
  17. My sister just text me, her friend has had cancer for 3 years and has been slowly dying from it for months. She’s now died from the cancer, her death certificate states cause of death “Covid 19”. No wonder UK death rates are high.
  18. Is that question to me? Do you mean that protest in Berlin? Nothing like that around here that I’m aware of. Long way from here Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London are all nearer to me.
  19. Just been listening to local radio, apparently the number of infections has dropped here in Mönchengladbach, from a local population of 260,000 there are currently 99 confirmed Covid 19 cases. That’s 0.04% in old money and the chance of dying remains approximately 0.0076%
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