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  1. I also cycle from Laguna to El Delfin Verde and back, about 60 miles but it’s 95% flat, just a few hills around L‘Escala
  2. The OP is going at the end of August and many German/Dutch summer holidays are earlier next year. The schools here in North Rhine Westfalia are on summer holidays 26th June until 12th August. Might get away without booking at the end of August. I cycle up and over the mountain to Cadaques and back, blowing like a steam train
  3. We've been caravanning in the Bay of Roses for over 20 years, all of the following are great but google them to see which you like best as some are huge commercial sites with full on entertainment and others are a little more relaxed, Camping Laguna L'amfora Las Dunas El Delfin Verde La Ballena Allegre Nautica Almata Aquarius A little further down the coast is another favourite of ours, Camping Cala Go-Go
  4. Our boss makes us work 20 minutes extra per day throughout the year, it's barely noticeable and for that we get all the days off over the festive period that aren't weekends or Bank Holidays, so we finish on Friday 20th December and don't start back until 6th January , Mrs B always gets 2 weeks off because she's a teacher. We've only been back to the UK for Christmas twice in the past 16 years, the last time was last year and we've decided we prefer Christmas here at home in Germany. My neighbour is 50 on Christmas Day so we'll be going round to his house around 11 a.m for drinks, these will be my first alcoholic drinks since mid-October (I'm trying to lose weight, managed a stone so far), then I'll be doing a British style Christmas dinner (I'm ordering my free range turkey from a local farm today). Here in Germany Christmas Eve is the main day for celebrating and presents are exchanged in the evening which (in my opinion) is nicer than doing it on Christmas Day morning. The same neighbour has hired a local venue on New Years Eve to celebrate his 50th and we'll be going to that. Free food, free drinks, free entertainment, free fireworks............................... I'm a big fan of free!
  5. I like the look of those Ian are they any good? You don't happen to know if the Kerbweight is more than 2200 Kg?
  6. No, I have a large 4x4 because I like large 4x4's, if I didn't have a caravan I'd still have a large 4x4. Having said that it can sit on my drive for days/weeks on end because I cycle everywhere, someone who owns an electric car and charges it from electricity generated in a dirty power station will be emitting more emissions than me on my bicycle.
  7. My caravan weighs 2 tonnes, to tow it legally here in Germany at 100 Km/h on the Autobahn my towcar must have an empty weight (Kerbweight) of at least 2200 Kg. I would struggle to find a hire care with a towbar for a reasonable price.
  8. The dog‘s dead now so that’s free’d the boot up on the Shogun, won’t be downsizing though because Mrs B will find something to fill it and no small cars can tow my caravan.
  9. It's much more about wanting rather than needing, our lives are full of 'stuff' that we want but I'd guess we don't need 90% of it. I have big SUV because I want a big SUV, cost is irrelevant to me.
  10. Yes, defo fair weather camper me. Had enough of sitting in a wet field when I was in the Army.
  11. Mine went into storage mid September and it won’t see the light of day again until at least the end of March.
  12. Every EU country are more considerate of cyclists than the UK.
  13. I agree there, the French are shocking drivers.
  14. Oooooo are we playing health top trumps? I’m 48 6 Knee Ops (now got grade 3 Arthritis) Back is knackered Hips are good No hernias Heart is tip top Cholesterol ( who cares what ‘level’ it is, it’s just a money making scam for the Pharma industry) PSI (all my tyres are pumped up 🤗) Full Head of hair Seeing a psychiatrist on Monday (suspect PTSD, I’m losing my mind) Do I win a prize?
  15. My Shogun Summer Wheels are stored at a local tyre centre, the wife’s Summer Wheels are in my garage. 2 Sets of tyres on alloys for each car, not cheap but obviously the tyres last longer as they’re only used for 6 months per year.
  16. My Shogun sits on Continental Summer tyres in the summer and Goodyear Winter tyres in the winter. My wife’s Vitara sits on Continental Summers and currently Toyo winters. Both cars are automatics and 4x4’s and both grip well in all conditions. Not much of a choice here though, you have to have tyres ‘suitable for the prevailing conditions’.
  17. That must be a UKism, I cycle to work as do many others. I/we have…......... Lights front and rear Reflectors in the Wheels Reflectors front and rear Bright yellow reflexive jacket Cycling helmet A bell Use cycling paths where provided otherwise the main road. If the above aren’t the case in Britain then surely that needs addressing.
  18. 60 mph on a boneshaker, blimey, are you mental? That’s hardcore! Fastest I’ve been (on 3 Grands worth of modern bicycle) is 85 km/h down a long, straight, steep mountain road in Spain, I could possibly have gone a touch faster but on 25mm of rubber I bottled it and slowed down.
  19. Spare (or replacement) Part Identification Number
  20. Erzatsteilidentifikationnummer Spare Part ID number
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