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  1. Well fare enough, I paid £148 for 2 nights in a Family room with breakfast in February and the hotel was fully booked.
  2. 😂😂😂 That’s if you book now, if you book 6 months in advance like I do it’s much cheaper
  3. You can, my daughter and I fly to the UK every February to watch Strictly Come Dancing Live at the O2 and we always stay at PremierInn in Central London (County Hall near the London Eye is our favourite) and we never pay more than £100 a night and that includes breakfast. We do book well in advance though. I think CMC sites are great and excellent value for money. £35 is peanuts. We’re looking at going to one of our favourite sites in Holland next weekend, 2 Adults, 1 teenager and a fat Greyhound. 2 nights 170€
  4. I once hired a Sterckerman caravan, I believe they’re built in the same place in France, it was ok but bits fell off and you certainly couldn’t compare it to a Fendt, Tabbert or LMC, not even a Hobby. Yes, I gathered that.
  5. Aren’t Caravelair French? Just had a quick google and yes they are, probably just got a hole in the floor for Number 2’s 😂😂😂
  6. I normally buy and fit deflectors to my cars when I visit the UK because on the odd occasion when I haven't I've had loads of people flashing me at night because they thought I had main beam on.
  7. Just had a look on their website, Caravelair, Hobby and Fendt. You’ll be able to compare the fit, finish and quality of a Fendt compared to a Hobby. No competition in my opinion
  8. Yes, not sure which makes, I think I remember seeing Fendts
  9. Yes, they have parking, the place is huge but I’m not a fan if I’m honest, everything just seems a bit ‘thrown together’, a tad chaotic for my liking. They do have an amazing range of ‘stuff’ though and you’ll definitely buy more than you intended. I have an on-line account and bonus card so do use them regularly. I prefer their competitor, de Vrijbuiter.
  10. It's not a cheap hobby though, don't just look at the cost of the caravan, factor in insurance, servicing, storage, site fees, suitable towcar, camping paraphernalia etc etc but if you did it in the 80's you probably already know all that. It's a great way to spend your money though, have fun!
  11. Yes, I have a vetting procedure, if they like swimming in their underpants and standing up to do a poo they're refused friendship
  12. In fact out of my entire circle of friends and family I only know one couple who regularly holiday in France.
  13. My in-laws travelled across China by train, they loved it too. My workmate is Vietnamese and my sister-in-law is Singaporean, both of them tell me that the Chinese/Asian food you get in Europe isn't authentic. I'd love to sample real Chinese street food, worms, insects etc wouldn't bother me, I'd try anything (maybe not dog).
  14. On my recent trip through France and the UK is the same, caravan parking spots with solo cars in them!!! Drives me mad, I always park in front of them and try and block them in if I can followed by some sarcastic comment like 'nice caravan mate'. I refuse to move until I'm ready and if they don't like it, tough!
  15. Is there no idiots guide inside listing all makes and models? I buy the Eurolights ones on the Ferry or at the Petrol station just as I get off the tunnel when I visit the UK. I have to cut bits off for my Shogun lights.
  16. Cheers DaveS I'd love to go just for the food, did you see Rick Stein's food series about the various parts of India and it's surprisingly varied cuisine? I like to think of myself as a bit of a foody and pretty decent cook so I'd definitely like to do a 'food tour' of India. Unfortunately Mrs B refuses to fly so it won't be happening.
  17. No dramas but as it obviously upsets fellow contributors when I mention: France Germany Large German caravans and appropriate tow vehicle Things not the 'norm' in the UK please advise me on what I'm allowed to post about?
  18. I'd love to tour Russia. I watched that travel documentary recently with Simon Reeve, it looks like a very interesting place. My daughter was in St Petersburg yesterday, she was very impressed and my wife's grandmother was Russian so Mrs B fancies going there too, maybe when we're retired. I'd give Iraq a miss
  19. Nothing wrong with liking France Steve, we all like different things. My daughter is currently on a cruise with my wife’s parents, looks nice but something that’s not on my ‘to do’ list.
  20. We were on a Dutch site a few months ago and it was blasting up to 70 mph, we had the caravan ‘sheltering’ the awning (caravan is 2 tonnes so wasn’t going anywhere) but even so the awning was slightly damaged. A few tents, trailer tents and awnings did go flying. I think if we had the awning facing the wind it could’ve been much worse. I’d suggest a decent awning with decent storm straps wouldn’t have any problems up to about 50mph, above that you just need to keep your fingers crossed (or take it down).
  21. I’d say Brits choose France over Germany because it’s nearer and the older Generation may still have WW2 sentiments. To be honest though, I don’t like caravanning in Germany, I don’t like the ‘vibe’ on German campsites, Holland every time for me. And by the way, I don’t work for the German tourist board so if nobody visits here I couldn’t care less
  22. Thanks beejay, I’ll go and sit in my box and think about how great the French are and what a wonderful place France is. I’m off on a droning weekend in a bit in my massive caravan, I won’t post about though Really? Where?
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