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  1. I’ve got an air-con Unit, 2 years ago in Spain it was 46 during the day and 28 at night. I leave it on all night, it’s not loud outside, I asked the people in the pitch next to us if it annoyed them and they said they couldn’t hear it.
  2. We’re staying at a few Capfun sites in France on our way to and from Spain, not my cup of tea but we’re taking 2 teenagers with us and for that age group they are bang on. I’ve always found French people no more or less bad/good than any other nation.
  3. Just avoid France, Simples 🤪🤪🤪😜
  4. Sennelager, probably the worst lager in the world 😂😂😂😂
  5. Or the Aldi Brothers or the Dassler Brothers (Adidas/Puma)
  6. True, 26 litre V12’s like a drink. Roughing it in one of those for weeks on end is now the reason I only book sites with excellent facilities and fully serviced pitches, my days of roughing it in a field are behind me.
  7. A ‘MAN’ truck, very nice to drive cross country but I used to go camping in one of these: Quite literally ‘bulletproof’
  8. You don’t need to go far, it’s turning up here in Mönchengladbach tomorrow
  9. Yes sounds like a nasty crash, I'm unhappy for him he had a great chance of winning the tour again. I guess that makes Team Ineos's job a little easier though as they can now focus all their efforts on Geraint Thomas but without Froome in the team it has to be a massive blow to their overall GC chances..
  10. The floor on my Tabbert isn't far off that and build quality is excellent, nearly 3 years old now and no faults The in-laws aren't getting any younger, they've already told us we can have their Motorhome when they decide to call it a day, very smart it is too........................... https://www.phoenix-reisemobile.de/modelle/liner/
  11. Caravanning certainly isn't cheap, our caravan cost a small fortune, I need a diesel swigging tank to tow it, it's 500€ to insure, Bi-annual TUV (MOT), we only stay on 'fancy sites' which average out around 50€ a night, we use it around 40 nights a year so that's 2000€, then there's all the camping gear you need etc etc the list goes on and on. Would I sell it? No chance, I hate hotel holidays. I might change to a Motorhome in future though.
  12. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you fall out with a campsite?
  13. The view from my caravan door, not only are we directly at the beach, we can park here, all day, for free!!! Probably cost 20 quid in the UK
  14. The last time I needed ADAC assistance was in Holland in September 2018, I had a blow out on the caravan and (like an idiot) had forgotten my caravan wheel brace (took it out to clean the van the week before and forgot to put it back), phoned them up and 20 minutes later a Dutch ‘man in a van’ arrived and sorted us out, excellent service. If I never left Blighty (like moorgate) I’d choose the AA or RAC but if you like to venture into mainland Europe then ADAC is an excellent choice (I’ve been a member for well over 20 years).
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