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  1. Cheers, off through France tomorrow so I’ll keep an eye out, they won’t get anything out of us though, Mrs B is as tight as a ducks chuff.
  2. Pajero GTW is 6530 Kg She’s finally finished packing, I estimate our GTW at 17 tonne
  3. If it is the case in France Lutz when I drive through France tomorrow with an outfit of 5 tonne @ 100 Km/h I'll be ok Speed Limit 90 Km/h Actual recorded speed 100 Km/h (10% is 10 Km/h) 6 Km/h allowance. Therefore I can drive at 106 Km/h and I won't get a fine, happy days!!!
  4. The police should be arresting the Paege operators, have you seen the prices, daylight robbery!!!!!
  5. Yes they do but I don't present that to the peage machine.
  6. lol Yes, on the Peage, although as far as I know they don't weigh you when you enter it so how would they know I'm over 3500 Kg?
  7. In 31 years of driving I've been caught speeding 3 times (I never speed in built up areas), once in Holland it cost me €30, once in Germany on a country road it cost me about 140 DM and a 1 month ban (which was only applicable in Germany so I took it when I went to Canada for 2 months) and once in the UK, I was doing 87mph on the M11 near Cambridge and an unmarked police car pulled me over, other cars were overtaking me but I had foreign number plates so he picked me, I had a UK driving licence at the time so it cost me £60 and 3 points. I now have a clean German (EU) driving licence. I don't think insurance premiums are affected here but it don't generally exceed the speed limit (unless I'm towing my caravan in France) so I don't worry about it. Now when I'm in the UK I set my cruise control to 70 mph on the motorway, 90% of UK drivers overtake me, they're all speeding. Most German Autobahns have no speed limit but I rarely go above 130 Km/h, costs too much in fuel and it's quite tiring concentrating at high speed. On my Sat Nav All the Dutch caravaners overtake me in France
  8. I drive at 100 Km/h on all EU motorways with my 5 tonne Outfit. In some places it may be legal in other places maybe not, I don’t lose any sleep about it. If I get fined, I get fined, I couldn’t care less
  9. Not surprising that a UK caravan repairer avoids Fendts and Tabberts, they’d never make any money because they don’t fall to pieces or rot. So his company admitted that damp wasn’t a problem on German caravans/motorhomes then? Thought so
  10. We'll be crossing the French/Spanish border at La Jonquera on Sunday and I've known there to be huge fires around there in the past, do you know if there are any problems at the minute ValA?
  11. My bottle is re-fillable but its the 'German type', 11 Kg Aluminium
  12. I have one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Truma-37011-LevelCheck-Gasinhaltsm/dp/B000YRYREE/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3PY6GWQECZEEW&keywords=truma+gas+level+checker&qid=1563271424&s=gateway&sprefix=truma+gas%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-1 It's very accurate.
  13. We have a single axle caravan, our combination is 5030 Kg so in France we have to abide by the lower speed limits (which of course I do, honest governor), the number of axles is irrelevant Driving through France this weekend, I'll try to be a good boy .
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