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  1. Borussia 1900

    Going smaller

    https://www. tabme. de/en/models/basic/ Buy a Tab, you can get one that is only 620 Kg
  2. Borussia 1900

    Going smaller

    Our caravan is huge https://www. tabbert. com/en-int/caravans/puccini/layout/puccini-560-e-25-2. html we love it, however, Diesel is about as popular as Ebola here and to tow our 2 tonne caravan at 60 mph (here in Germany) legally the towing vehicle needs to have an empty weight of 2200kg, we can tow it with a lighter car but only at 50 mph. So once our 15 year old daughter no longer wants to come with us we’re going to swap our caravan for something with an MTPLM of kess than 1500 Kg, we might even take the in-laws motor home over if they get to the stage they’re no longer up to it. The days of big heavy luxury caravans are over.
  3. Borussia 1900

    Winter tyres germany?

    1st of January 2018 was the critical date, tyres made before then can be used as Winter tyres until 2024, any made after that date must have the Alpine symbol to count as Winter tyres.
  4. Borussia 1900

    Winter tyres germany?

    Your caravan needs Winter tyres too, not just your car You can risk it if you want but the current forecast is for the temperature to drop below zero over the next few weeks and if you’re checked by the Police or if you have an accident you won’t have a leg on which to stand
  5. Borussia 1900

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    We just test drove a 1. 4 Turbo Petrol Vitara, she loved it so she’ll probably get one of those
  6. Borussia 1900

    Distance between pitches

    I don't use my Awning on CMC sites (we're never there long enough), I just wind out my roof mounted Thule Omnistor which I believe is 3m, not been told to wind it in yet.
  7. Borussia 1900

    Fishing site

    In 3 to 4 hours from Dartford he could be in Belgium
  8. Borussia 1900

    Distance between pitches

    I have a 2. 5m Caravan and a 3m Awning, never been refused on any site in the UK or the rest of Europe. Obviously I have to book XL Pitches
  9. Borussia 1900

    Distance between pitches

    I've been on some sites in Spain where even though the pitches were large by the way people set up their pitch I could open my caravan window, stick my arm out and touch the neighbours caravan. No rules or regs there. Same on some German & Dutch sites I've been on
  10. Borussia 1900

    I think I need a new windscreen

    Just picked the car up from Carglass, €951, it’s just cost me €150 Insurance excess
  11. Borussia 1900

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    You're being naive, like all terrorists and insurgents (or any large company out to make as much money as possible) they will have planted a 'secondary device' to catch you off guard because you think the worst has already happened.
  12. Borussia 1900

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    Defo the 5 litre V8 but not the convertible though, it spoils the chassis. Just for work I don't do mega mileage and to be honest it probably doesn't use that much more fuel than a Shogun
  13. Borussia 1900

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    If and at this stage it's still an if, she gets a Vitara it will not be a style based decision, it will be because we've had Suzuki's for 10 years without a single fault, excellent service from our dealer and for the same price as a low spec'd VW/Skoda/Audi/Seat etc she'll get: 4WD 140 bhp Panoramic Roof etc etc Something else Germans are. .....................tight! (That's why she married a Yorkshireman) She's got a 'short list' now. ........ 1. Wait until the VW T Cross comes out 2. Wait even longer until the Skoda Anuq comes out 3. Suzuki Vitara 4. Mitsubishi ASX 5. Honda HRV The above list will first be put to a referendum, no doubt plenty of haggling, she probably won't get the deal she's after and then we may have to sit around the table and have a peoples vote She's only 48 My wife doesn't drive on the motorway either, and there's not a chance of her towing anything. We only have the Shogun because of the caravan, if we didn't have a caravan I'd buy myself a Ford Mustang. No getting away from having 2 cars though, we need them to get to work.
  14. Borussia 1900

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    The Shogun has a panorama sunroof but she's afraid of heights
  15. Borussia 1900

    first trip abroad

    After years of trying to stop at Montelimar for fuel or a comfort break we don’t bother anymore 9 times out of 10 there is nowhere to park.