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  1. I much prefer working on bikes than tanks and trucks like I used to, the parts are so much lighter.
  2. Often up steep sand hills on various training areas around the world, never rolled backwards when setting off and with huge torque converters no clutch to burn out either (although some older military vehicles have centrifugal clutches instead of TC's))
  3. If memory serves me well, a CRARRV (that's a REME version of a Challenger Tank with a winch and crane on it) weighs about 62 tonnes, I have in the past towed a broken down CRARRV with a CRARRV so that's 124 tonne cross country at around 30 mph, not sure what the MTPLM or User Payload was but I'm glad I wasn't paying for the Diesel
  4. ZF make some pretty impressive gearboxes, in a former life I was a REME Tank Mechanic, many of the gearboxes fitted in Armoured Tracked vehicles are made by ZF (and others), these things are huge and not only have to handle massive amounts of torque they also steer the vehicles through the gearbox too (the speed of the outputs relevant to each other turns the vehicle) some types also have the main vehicle brakes inside the gearbox, very reliable though and no problems with hill starts.
  5. With my 2 tonne caravan sat on the back of my Shogun on a steep incline I can select drive, let my foot off the brake and it will just there all day, brilliant!! I'll never buy another manual again.
  6. 119 we've had 2 nights away in ours this year but we have got some long weekends away next month. If we're luckily we'll manage 40 nights in 2019
  7. From South Yorkshire I think he probably means A614 via Driffield, towards Bridlington and onto Scarborough on the A165 then the A171 towards Whitby, that's the way I'd go anyway.
  8. lol, It’s obvious on this Forum that most folk are actively trying to keep within the law, and that’s a good thing but you should see some of the outfits (usually Dutch) that I see whizzing down the Autobahn, Noseweight, Axle weights, GTW, tyres pressure, speed limit etc etc are not even a secondary concern to many
  9. Bloody hell Towtug, there was me getting all excited because I could stop driving about with 55 litres of water in my on-board water tank (at the rear) to keep My Noseweight down and you’ve just pee’d on my chips 🤮 I usual tow at 105 Kg, I won’t lose any sleep 🤪🤪
  10. Apologises Durbanite, I was sure mine was 100 Kg (I’m blind as a bat), I’ve just zoomed in and seen it’s actually 150 Kg!! Happy days, that means I’m now limited to my car’s maximum of 140 Kg
  11. On mine (I'm talking about the caravan hitch, not the towbar) its embossed into the side, it says S 100 Kg. S= Stutzlast (Noseweight)
  12. https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/4986535_-be-smart-extender-westfield-outdoors.html These are the official UK distributor http://www.questleisure.com/
  13. We've had various camping tables over the years of various styles but the one we currently have is the best one by a country mile, not cheap but like everything else you get what you pay for: http://www.westfieldoutdoors.EU/en/products/camping-furniture/be-smart-series/detail/extender-extender/
  14. I agree, it is but the OP's original question was why the warranty was only valid in the UK, my answer has gone off on a tangent into the virtues and differences of on board and external water storage systems
  15. Twice so far in this thread I've mentioned that 90% of the time I fill my on-board 55 litre tank with a hosepipe from the fresh water tap on my fully serviced pitch. In reality its more like 99% as I've only needed to use my Jerry can twice in 30 years and that was on UK sites.
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