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  1. I've lived on the continent since 1989, I've yet to be asked to show a green card, you certainly won't need one in Germany and there are no 'border crossings' anymore. As Brexit won't be happening, I wouldn't worry about it
  2. You shouldn't be watching UK TV in France or anywhere else foreign, if you've chosen to spend time abroad then make your bed, lie in it etc and watch Frog or Kraut TV or whatever. You should have no say in what's happening in The Rovers or The Queen Vic, you traitors !!!! lol
  3. I balanced my new Goodyear’s, took quite a few weights to get them sorted.
  4. Makes sense but don’t most UK caravan manufacturers use German chassis/axles, they must order them in with no wheels/tyres 🤔
  5. Everyday’s a schoolday I presume different profile sizes are available for caravan tyres in the UK though?
  6. All tyres are sized/rated the same no matter where you live, are they not? It’s news to me if they aren’t but if that’s the case that could lead to dramas with having insufficient running clearance between the tyre and the bodywork 😰
  7. https://www.reifen.com/en/TyreSize/List/TransportSummer/165-70-R14C/?TyreListSort=&Page=1&PageSize=15&TyreSpeedIndexKey=&Reinforced=False&Runflat=False&SnowFlag=False&MSFlag=False&LoadIndex=0&TyreWidth=165.00&TyreCrossSection=70.00&TyreDiameter=14&SelectedTyreOption=None&ConstructionType=R&TyreWidthChangedByNutzart=&OffroadTypeIndex=&TyreManufacturerFilterKey=127%2C101%2C102%2C105%2C107%2C109%2C134%2C135%2C115%2C123%2C132%2C151%2C111%2C128%2C122%2C138%2C113%2C103%2C110%2C14X%2C14W%2C1E08%2C14N%2C19X%2C173%2C18T%2C19Y%2C16M%2C14U%2C191%2C1E03%2C17E%2C18C%2C147%2C18R%2C19J%2C1E46%2C163%2C117%2C16K%2C1E34%2C126%2C14Q%2C12B%2C12Q%2C17M%2C171%2C16J%2C18Z%2C143%2C18W%2C127%2C101%2C102%2C105%2C107%2C109%2C134%2C135%2C115%2C123%2C132%2C151%2C111%2C128%2C122%2C138%2C113%2C103%2C110%2C14X%2C14W%2C1E08%2C14N%2C19X%2C173%2C18T%2C19Y%2C16M%2C14U%2C191%2C1E03%2C17E%2C18C%2C147%2C18R%2C19J%2C1E46%2C163%2C117%2C16K%2C1E34%2C126%2C14Q%2C12B%2C12Q%2C17M%2C171%2C16J%2C18Z%2C143%2C18W Loads to choose from if they’re 165/70R14C
  8. I had Hankook Vantra LT on my 2016 Tabbert Puccini, after just over 2 years and less than 15,000 miles usage one completely disintegrated on the motorway and when I checked the other side earlier this month it was all cracked between the tread profile. I have just fitted a set of Goodyear’s, I will never buy Hankook tyres again. You’re missing part of the size, do you mean 165/75R14C? https://www.reifen.com/en/TyreSize/DetailTyre/TransportSummer/165-75-R14C/165-75-R14C-97R-95R-Nano-Energy-Van_15269099/15269099/?Reinforced=False&Runflat=False&HasAngebotderWoche=False&stexs=containerOrder-online
  9. Totally agree with that, cheap BBQ's are false economy.
  10. I didn't know it did that, I tend to use my TomTom
  11. I've seen in many places, especially Southern France and Spain that people have large canvas roofs attached to their static caravans but I presume these are more for keeping the sun off rather than rain. This sort of thing
  12. I have a Tabbert, I can hardly hear the rain as they have already cured this problem: https://www.tabbert.com/en-int/expertise/innovation.html
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