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  1. It’s all new to me this 6 months malarkey, if it’s in date and valid then surely it’s in-date and valid. To be honest, without going in my Safe I have no idea when my UK passport expires but I’m guessing 2023 because I had to get a new one at the beginning of 2003 because I was going ‘camping ‘ in Iraq and my old passport had stamps in it from Israel which apparently had the risk of having ones head chopped off if one was to become a POW 🤗.
  2. Very true but I don't get the same excellent coverage in France or Spain and I'm not tied to one network there either. I'm with 1&1 who use the Vodafone network.
  3. When I'm in the UK I like to go cycling in the Peak District, never had any network problems. The only time I've lost coverage in the UK was on a recent visit to the Cairngorms National Park.
  4. 'Most' of the A31 & A6 between Nancy and Lyon apart from near Dijon, Beaune and Macon and 'much' of the A7 & A9 between Lyon and Spain. Spain isn't much better though.
  5. What's your experience of mobile networks in France? I've found it to be fine in French towns but out in the sticks and on much of the Autoroute network there is no coverage.
  6. It varies from Stadt to Stadt, I have friends who live in different areas to me and it was a much quicker process for them, I think the quickest was 3 months, Monchengladbach are slow and bureaucratic in everything they do and it took just short of a year (11 months and 3 weeks from initial enquiry until getting issued my leather trousers). My point is that many things in Germany (public WiFi, government services etc) are worse than the UK, the grass isn't always greener you know Makes sense, when I'm visiting the UK and 'roaming' I always get a better signal than I do here in Germany. Vodafone are supposed to be the best here.
  7. If I go down the road into the Netherlands (20 minutes away) Free Public WiFi is everywhere, it isn’t here. If I want to renew a UK passport (even here outside the UK) it’s a simple 5 minute online procedure and in just 1 week I have it, if I want to do the same here I have to physically go to an official office, queue up for ages, wait for at least 3 weeks etc The process of applying for citizenship was an absolute admin nightmare, from one office to the next, this test, that test, took me exactly 1 year, cost a small fortune and I’ve been living and paying tax here for years. If I’m sat in Borussia Park with 54,000 others the network can’t cope and my phone won’t work. Drive outside of the major urban areas and your phone won’t work. Its like the UK 20 years ago I’ve lived in Germany for 31 years so I think I’m reasonably qualified to pass judgment
  8. Public WiFi is at best poor and at worst non-existent in Germany, I believe they blame it on data protection and/or liability laws but Germany is generally miles behind the digital curve compared to the UK (try renewing official things on-line in Germany, you can’t, they need to keep their massive public sector employees in employment). I’m sure I read somewhere that the various EU mobile networks have no plans to change the current free roaming charges whether or not the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal.
  9. I have 10GB of data per month and I never use it so when on site my wife and daughter just tether to my phone and use my data, I don’t trust public WiFi. I don’t agree that leavers are ‘twits’ though, I’ve been an ex-pat for years and live in Germany, I think leave was the right decision, the UK is only leaving the EU Empire, not Europe.
  10. My wife bought a New Vitara this year, it’s a 1.4 Turbo Petrol 4x4 Automatic, she loves it. We don’t use it for towing (we have a Shogun for that) but it’s great fun to drive and almost as nimble as the 1.6 Swift Sport it has replaced. It’s now our 3rd Suzuki in 10 years, no faults at all so we’re happy with the brand.
  11. https://www.schulferien.org/deutschland/ferien/2020/
  12. In my youth as part of British Forces Germany for 15 years I bought a brand new tax free/NATO discounted car every 6 months (made a tidy profit, 10k on my last Merc), I always looked after them but never got ‘attached’, same with caravans, mines 3 years old now but looks likes new. I’m stripping down, cleaning, servicing and rebuilding my 5 year old BMC race bike tomorrow, Mrs B says I love that bike more than her, my daughter or the dog. She’s wrong of of course, I really love that dog 😂😂😂😂😂🕺🚴‍♂️
  13. Not something I need to worry about as caravans are registered exactly the same as a car here so they have their own VRN. Many moons ago when I lived here as part of British Forces Germany my cars had UK number plates and I used to hire German caravans with German number plates, if I had a £ for every time someone on a campsite asked me why, I used to tell them I'd stolen it
  14. My previous car was a 2.2 Diesel Honda CRV and it had a maximum legal towing limit of 2000 Kg but I wouldn't want to tow my 2000 Kg caravan with it, I fear it would be a case of the tail wagging the dog. In fact my German caravan registration documents state that to tow @ 100 Km/h the tow vehicle must have an empty weight of at least 2000 Kg (my Pajero is 2350 Kg), if I still had the CRV I would be restricted to 80 Km/h. I would like a new car but my options are extremely limited as not many modern cars weigh more than 2 tonnes, this is why I suggested to Mrs B that we think about downsizing the caravan.
  15. Why not? Mine's 8'2" and it makes quite a big difference to the standard width ones and it's no more difficult to tow (including UK roads)
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