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  1. Don't worry too much about that, the 85% rule is just a recommendation not a law the extra 100 Kg here or there won't make that much difference when towing with your E Class (just make sure the towing tyre pressures are correct car and caravan)
  2. We travel through France every year from Germany to Spain , normally mid July to mid August. We have air-con in our Tabbert and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in it with or without dogs without it. We’ve had up to 46 degrees in recent years during the day and up to 28 degrees at night.
  3. Eh-up, welcome to the Forum.
  4. Our milkman used to deliver milk in glass recyclable bottles in his electric powered milk float in the 1970's............... Greta would be proud!
  5. Even though on many stretches of the Autobahn you can drive as fast as you like most people don't drive any quicker than people do on UK motorways. Anything over 130 Km/h (I think that's about 80 mph) and it just becomes a chore, it's very tiring and costs a fortune in extra fuel. Having said that my personal 'top speed' on the Autobahn is 265 km/h which I believe is over 160 mph (in a Porsche, not my Shogun ). I think that the Dutch have just reduced their motorway speed limit to 100 km/h in daylight hours and left it at 130 km/h at night. I think variable speed limits make sense.
  6. We went there a couple of years ago with our (now passed away) greyhound, we went in the pub/restaurant with her, no dramas
  7. I have a full sized Shogun, 3.2 Diesel Auto, 7 seats, can tow 3500 Kg, very happy with it (just take a big wallet to the petrol station). VW Transporters are good. https://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/en/new-vehicles/transporter-shuttle.html https://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/en/new-vehicles/caravelle.html
  8. You have my sympathies Maffffster, I've had 6 Op's on my right knee, it's still not great but they are reluctant to fit me a metal one as I'm only 48. Whenever we go caravanning after I've had surgery I always get the Mrs to put the legs up or down (with an electric drill) or ask someone in an adjacent pitch, most folk are happy to help.
  9. I put bikes in and on my Shogun, cycling is a sport Therefore: Sports - Cycling Utility - It’s useful for carrying bikes Vehicle - Yes, it’s one of those All boxes ticked
  10. Before we bought our first caravan we used to hire a caravan or sometimes a Motorhome every summer for 3 weeks, that could be an option if you don’t want the hassle of ownership anymore.
  11. I have had a lot of brand new cars, when I was in the Army in Germany I used to get a new one discounted and tax free every 6 months. By far the worst in terms of faults was a 2000 MG F, it spent more time at the dealership than on the road, it wasn’t great to drive either I was glad to trade it in for a much much better Toyota MR2. Also had 2 brand new 1.7 Ford Kuga’s, fun to drive but both came with braking/traction control and lambda sensor problems. Had range topping E Class Mercs too, they weren’t fault free either. Out of all the cars I’ve owned (over 30, non of them French), the brand that has proved most reliable/fault free is Suzuki.
  12. Roger 👍🏻 Welcome to the forum, lots of good Informative stuff
  13. Hello Lee, If you want advice on what to buy you might want to let folk know your budget, how many berths, what you’re planning to tow it with etc.
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