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  1. Can anyone recommend any sites that are worth a visit during December? Preferably with plenty to for the kids and a santa grotto?
  2. We have booked Las Dunas for next year. Doing the Portsmouth to Santander crossing.
  3. Actually been offered pretty much what I paid for the 866. Apparently used and new they are rare as rocking horse poop! Either that or the dealer has mega margins in the Galera!
  4. Had a fantastic year with out Avante 866 this year but deep down i wish i had pushed the boat right out and gone for the Buccaneer Galera, its such a gorgeous looking van and I constantly find myself looking at them :-( Can someone please put me off and tell me they are really rubbish?
  5. All booked. Got on the ballot and have a decent fully serviced pitch for next August! Cant wait! Can anyone recommend any good sites between Bilbao and Costa Brava that would be good to break up our journey? About half way between the two would be perfect!
  6. Thinking of booking up Las Dunas in Costa Brava Spain for our main family holiday next year in our tourer. Will get Ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao then split the drive over two days (c. 450 miles total). Has anyone used this site before and if so is it a good bet for a family holiday? Many British on the park? My kids will be 6 and 4. Anyone recommend anywhere better?
  7. I prefer the idea of taking my own! Have all my own stuff, all our bikes plus nobody else has slept in my bed ;-)
  8. Thanks Val. Could you recommend any sites? What is the best crossing to make the drive as short as possible?
  9. Hi, just looking for some advice please. We are considering next years holiday and currently thinking of trying Spain, getting the Ferry down to either Bilbao or Santander. I have two young children that will be 4 and 6 next year and we like sites with lots to do and entertainment preferably 5 star with fully serviced pitch. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Spain that is within 4 hours of Santander or Bilbao that we should consider?
  10. Just curious as to what people's thoughts are on whether they feel the Buccaneer Galera is really worth the extra money over an Elddis Avante 866?
  11. Just curious as to what people's thoughts are on whether they feel the Buccaneer Galera is really worth the extra money over an Elddis Avante 866?
  12. Looking for a good family friendly site in Somerset preferably with evening entertainment?
  13. Hi, just looking for a bit of advice. We have booked to take our van to France in a few weeks time and have never towed in France before and really struggling to plan our route. We are crossing from Portsmouth to Caen and then towing down to Camping Loree Du Bois, 225 Route de la Bouverie, 17570 Les Mathes La Palmyre, France. Can anyone advise the best route / way to plan the route in France as I am struggling. Don't mind paying to go on the toll roads just want the easiest roads to tow on. Any help would be really appreciated.
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