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  1. Thanks for the replies. The hardest part is getting hold of awnings at the moment.
  2. Is there any porch awnings on the market that are ideal for winter weekends away? Basically I just want a small outdoor space to kick off wellies and wet coats. The awning also needs to fast to errect also.
  3. I'm not sure exactly what arming the alarm does in regards to the tracker. Page 42 of the handbook just says that it arms the tracker. You could always call sargent to double check the tracker is fully active even with a defective alarm.
  4. The stinger alarn when set also arms the tracker if the suscription is taken out on the 2019 command unit. I'm not sure about 2017. If you have the alarm or tracker on you insurance terms I would call them to let them know.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I agree with the leverage issue. I'm going to have a good look this weekend and see if this type of arrangement is possible.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has had a go at mounting a tv over the chest of drawers? Basically I want to leave my tv in place whilst on the move and adjust it to suit when the bed is out. I also don't want to add or relocate the existing aerial, sockets etc. I was thinking of maybe this type of bracket if I don't loose the pull out table function of the chest of drawers.
  7. I also read the possibility of being able to take a C+E without needing to the a C or even a C1.
  8. Agree totally! Thank you. I'm 2 years in now and my life has started to get back on track........my kids think I'm a superhero so that's good enough for me 😁
  9. My wife was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 8 months later at just 33. Although her battle was short I was so thankful for the NHS. The support they gave me and my wife was exceptional. I wish you and your wife all the best for the future.
  10. If you need that much I would go through your local dealer. It wasn't very expensive and the dealer will be able to source the profiler for you.
  11. How much do you need? I have a roll which came from swift via my local dealer which I use to add a kitchen shelf. The edges need a profiling tool but I didn't bother. Look here at the photos of the shelf. The trim looks the same as yours.
  12. My Swift had a similar issue from the factory. Basically it was a issue with the internal face were the latch sits. Like yours the door was locked so the handle couldn't move but with enough force the door would open slightly so the latch was sitting on the internal of the door frame. The dealer just added a spacer and the issue was sorted. They did say that they could try and realign the door but I was happy with the repair. The lock is slightly tight now but far better than it coming open.
  13. So if the crack developed into a leak would this not be covered by the water ingress warranty? If it would I don't understand why Coachman wouldn't fix this now.
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