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  1. I got this when touring in the USA. Actually, only happened once when in Arizona. You go to the kiosk with your card and tell them how much you want to spend. They take the money. You then go and fill to that amount (all about guesswork, as we didn't know how much fuel we needed to fill to the top). If you have "change", you go back to the kiosk, and they refund the amount back to your card. To be honest, it was a few years ago now, and I don't know how long it took to go back into our account. But with the French, I don't really blame them, especially close to the ferry ports. I bet they've suffered quite a few thefts
  2. Does it say it on the tyre itself?
  3. I was admitting my fault (I'm at the end of a cul de sac, so not on a main road, so no real traffic and no pedestrians). It was the van driver who said it didn't matter, and that's why I think he didn't have insurance, as I went into the house to get my insurance details. He couldn't leave fast enough
  4. Probably that's why your avitar is "Reluctant". I backed out of my drive, I stopped before entering the road, no one about, so I proceeded, still looking, when a van appeared out of nowhere and I hit him. Not bad as I was backing out slowly. He actually admitted fault. His was a banger (my hubby reckons he hadn't any insurance as I did say I'd get my insurance details). So I went straight round to the local garage, booked it in and paid £600 to fix, and a really good job he did. I was definitely not going to tell the insurance company, after all, they are a bunch of swindlers, as most people have just testified here. And I can also testify after our caravan was stolen, and got taken to the cleaners by insurance companies. I reckon they've had enough dosh out of me to last a life time
  5. I would have done the same if they're playing around your caravan. If they're playing around their parent's caravan, no problem, they can scream and shout all the time. But around your caravan, a big no, no. I've told children off before now, usually the ball routine, especially when they're kicking it around other people's caravans, when there's a perfectly good football pitch for such use. All I got from the "children", were the "F" word. That's why me and hubby always went adults only sites. End of problem
  6. Coming back from a day trip Llandudno (in fact, both ways), I saw quite a few caravans and majority of them were being pulled by vans. Just wonder if caravan sites have changed to having vans admitted into their sites!!
  7. You've now joined the ex-caravan/camping club IL. Me and other half started off in tents, then trailer tents, onto folding campers, then last but not least, caravans. Sadly, my husband passed away two years ago. I had a go at caravanning on my own, but it just wasn't the same, and also my previous caravan (not the last caravan, which I sold) was stolen, so I also decided to ditch caravanning. So when this stupid virus has run its course, I will be hoteling instead. Anyway, good luck you
  8. Got a reminder on Saturday to insure my car. I was pleased to see that it was £15.00 cheaper than last year. Anyway, I still thought to do a check. Went on both Compare the Market and Confused. Was I in for a shock!!! Same company, £100 cheaper than last year. So I rang them today, informed them of the difference with regards to my reminder, and asked if they could match it for me. I did inform them that they weren't the only ones that were cheaper than them. They promptly agreed to the reduced amount. So my insurance is now less £100. So folks, it is always worth phoning them first
  9. Last year, I took my caravan out for the first time of me having to tow, as my hubby had sadly passed away the year before. Anyway, I was travelling on the main road towards Shrewsbury, single lane, and all the traffic was coming up to a tractor that was trundling along. One by one, each car in front of me overtook it when safe to do so. It was my first time, so a little cautious. Anyway, when it came to my turn, I was waiting for a safe time to overtake, and when I started off, I looked in my mirrors, and not one car behind me pulled out to overtake me and the tractor, in fact they seemed to be giving me space to overtake safely. If only it was like this all the time, I'm sure accidents would be a thing of the past
  10. If you think that's bad, wait until you need to produce your documents for the Covid paperwork on entering France, then again, back to the UK, and the tests you have to do before leaving either country. As WispMan says, best staying in this country for at least this year. My next door neighbours have just returned, and for 4 of them, they had to pay a total of £900 just for tests. Sorry to say this, but I think people must have more money than sense just to spend a couple of weeks to France, and pay upwards of £2,000 for the privilege
  11. My neighbours have just returned from France (yesterday). The above information is spot on. Also, just be aware that they said they were lucky that they used their smart phones (tablets are ok as well). For those with electric vehicles, it seems that if you're staying near cities, you should be ok, but the more rural you go, the electric points are few and far between. My neighbours stayed somewhere in Brittany, and their nearest service point was 30k away (about 15 miles). They reckon that France is about 12 months behind us with the technology
  12. Toilets that have holes only in the ground. You really do have to have a good aim
  13. Put it in the awning. Its a lot lighter, and easier to maneuver about if needs be
  14. Look at everyone else's, then just stuff it, and go for a satellite, its a lot easier
  15. Cheers everyone. Will certainly take a good look see, xxx
  16. Does anyone know where the best place to visit Hadrian's Wall is? Doesn't matter where along the length
  17. Totally agree with Woodentop. Straight up north via M25, A1 then A64
  18. Just remember who rarely comes off best in caravan insurance claims, and its not us, the public. Insurance companies will have a team of lawyers to make sure they come off on top if claims ever comes to Court. You read wordings one way, insurance companies read them another way. But as others have said, why should you leave your caravan unattended, which it will be. We too would have someone stay with the unit. And we would use the caravan facilities to make a brew and/or have lunch already prepared, and its a lot cheaper to do it this way
  19. From majority of sites I've been on, I've seen motorhomes parked up at their specific service point, whether filling up or emptying. I'd say 5m (15ft in old money), certainly no more than 10m (30ft old money)
  20. Used Tyres on the Drive a few years ago. They did it, no problem. At the time, the caravan was on my drive as we'd just bought it, and when we came to move it to the secure site, one of the tyres was flat. We contacted TotD, and told them what it was for. No problem, but they did have to order it. A couple of days later, they contacted us and turned up. They have an inflatable jack. Really quick, they were great. So yes, they will. I'm sure they'll come out to a secure site as well. It only took them about an hour, and it was done.
  21. I know this is serious. But my imagination starting running wild, thinking what would happen if you had bought a new build house, had moved there from a previous house, but then found something serious that needed the builders back, and you had to pack everything back up so they could fix it. Apologies for my "imagination". Going back to the caravan, why would you have to take out the mattress and lounge cushions, they should be dealt with as with all other stuff left inside the caravan
  22. Mine too was stolen and never found. It was only about 4 years ago. To be truthful, after over 35 years of camping/caravanning, that was really the beginning of the end for us. We did get a new caravan, but it just wasn't the same. 18 months after this all happened, my OH sadly passed away, and even though I did do a trip out, it wasn't the same, so I packed it in.
  23. The only time we used HP (or Hire Purchase) is if the interest rate is either none existent or very, very low. And the way interest on savings is at the moment, its definitely not worth it at the moment. What me and OH would sometimes do (although not now) is use credit cards with no interest rate for a certain amount of time, and when it was coming to a halt, we would go for another CC with no interest rate, until loan was finished. But I think its harder now to do
  24. That's one of the reasons why we would head for Europe. Have been there both sunny and atrocious weather. If in Europe, you can't pack up and go home because of bad weather. Its all part and parcel of weather conditions, no matter where in the world you are. Also, whether abroad or in this country, I would never cancel a holiday because of weather. To me, its you lose some, you win some. Remember, there are some people out there who can't afford any type of holidays for whatever reason, whether because of ill health, out of work, etc. Be fortunate that you can go away
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