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  1. Me and OH toured Europe over the years until 4 years ago, when OH had to go on dialysis. The good thing is that you can choose how you do it. So he plumped for DIY (bags of fluid and flushing his kidneys four times a day), instead of attending hospital 3 days a week. So he could take his stuff with him. Doing this we took the decision to holiday in this country, even though we could have still toured abroad, but was too much hassle to have his equipment delivered to the relevant sites, so had to make sure we would book the site in whatever country we would be in at the time. Sadly, he die
  2. Sorry, but read the topic, and thought you were going to park your caravan anywhere on the M3, A3 or M27 corridor
  3. Probably raise a storm here, but why not try it out on prisoners. They are all in one place. They can be checked as they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Also, they are in close contact with each other, together with visitors. This would really be perfect scenario to try out on. Asking people on the outside, isn't really testing anything. Me for instance, have been virtually on my own since lockdown back in March. The only place where I've mixed with people is when I've gone supermarket shopping. And I had a week away in Shrewsbury at end of July, and didn't really mix with anyone
  4. Can you not put your caravan on a seasonal pitch, then you can still drive (or not) and stay in your caravan on multiple holidays, whether you holiday here or abroad, you can still use public transport.
  5. I've stopped at various places for holidays along that route. Just to clarify, we nearly always use adults only. I've stopped at Wells Touring Park. Nice area to look around. Could stay for a week and not see everything. Wookey Hole isn't that far away, or Cheddar Gorge. Also stopped at Cirencester. M4 J17, Plough Lane. Another lovely place to visit. If going there, visit the train museum at Swindon. Its an all day out there. Into Devon, just outside of Newton Abbot (on the road between NA and Totnes) Ross Park. Not adult only. One of the best sites about, easily 5*. When you arr
  6. First of all (not read all the posts, so may have been asked), is what type of awning do you want, a porch, full, sun canopy? I've had a Bradcot awning, both a full one and a three-quarter one. Brilliant, and not expensive as an Isabella, and probably just as good. I've also had the Kampa awning with poles. I'm on my own, so don't think I can manhandle an air awning. I've now purchased an Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy, which will do for me, but yet tried it as yet
  7. I would definitely give a lifetime of dealing with this company, as long as the management stays the same people. Best advert is always word of mouth. 5 gold stars should be rewarded to this company. Will probably take a trip over tomorrow. I live in Manchester, looks like a nice day, weatherwise. Need a couple or so extras for my caravan, which I didn't get when I went to Leisure Sales in Cheshire
  8. No. We've had folding campers, even the Conway Stirling which was a six berth. We only got extending mirrors when we started using caravans
  9. It should be the person who is towing it that should foot the bill, not your insurers. If it was you who was towing it to the repair shop, and the accident happened, then its your fault. At the point of him hitching it to his vehicle, the responsibility should be the garage
  10. You will need to ring up to find out prices. They can be completely different. I pay £600pa, but other places can be above or below that figure. Have you tried the CASSOA sites? Insurance companies will offer less insurance if using these sites, especially the Gold sites. I did a Google search around where I live (Tameside) in Manchester. I've just googled, and it comes up with https://www.hawkesburycaravans.co.uk/. Also, prices may differ in different areas
  11. Babstreefern

    Ford Kuga

    I have a Kuga. 2016. It tows my Venus 504/4 very well. I just have to remember that I'm towing. I'm now a solo caravanner, and it was my first time of towing when I went to Shrewsbury at the end of July. My hubby passed away last year, and when he was doing the driving, we folded down the back seats and had his dialysis fluid (each bag had 1.5ltrs, and there were 4 bags to each box, and we had to carry 26 boxes for the week. We also had the awning (Kampa porch) as well, and our mainecoon cat (20lbs) in his large cage. Even with all that, we towed the caravan very well
  12. We have a Manhatten satellite receiver, together with a standalone satellite dish (on a tripod) which is set outside the 'van, usually pointing towards south-east. So I've got freeview and also whatever's on satellite. You don't get your Sky stuff on this one though. I do have a Sky box, but I leave that at home.
  13. I use Mike. https://www.mobilecaravanengineers.co.uk/item/mikes-mobile-caravan-services/ He's serviced my caravans for the last six or so years. I was advised to use him by a friend of mine at work. He's a great bloke. I think he lives in the Urmston/Stretford area, but he comes to me in Denton.
  14. C'apn. Although I passed my driving test well back into the 1970s, I didn't need to do the B+E test. But last year, my OH (who has since died), suggested to me that I should have a go at towing. So I contacted the CMC but they were fully booked until September 2019 (I wanted to do it asap). So I contacted the company who does this for the CMC (based in Macclesfield). He said no problem as I just wanted to gain confidence in towing. He gave me a four hour intensive towing course, which included driving on the motorway (including driving into the service station), driving through Wilmslow,
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