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  1. When we had our caravan nicked, we went shopping in the shop for the odds and sods, and met up with a couple who had also had their caravan nicked. They'd had a tracker on board, but two weeks later, the police had still not recovered it. So personally, waste of time.
  2. Can't you use a bike. We were staying in the New Forest and had taken our bikes to cycle around the various trails. We included a day trip to the Isle of Wight with our bikes only, and included 24 hour parking at the ferry terminal, and its great to cycle around the place rather than a car, and much, much cheaper. You could go to France for 2 weeks rather than a day crossing to the Isle of Wight
  3. Tyres on the Drive are very good. They fixed our caravan tyre when it had a nail in it.
  4. I have been to St Mawes. A lot of holidaymakers seem to miss this area out, so it has its own eco-system. Nice and quiet during high season. Great to catch the King Harry ferry, which cuts a lot of road out if you want to visit Truro or other places down there
  5. We too should have been away this week (oh, what lovely weather). Our first outing of the year to Spalding. However, OH got an appointment to see the consultant about his having a heart valve. So phoned up the site (we'd put a £50 deposit on) to ask if we could arrive at another time. Informed them what had happened, no problem they said, just email us with new date and we'll move the £50 to the new date. (Hoping it will now be mid-May). When he went to see the consultant, he decided should be done sooner rather than later. So this coming Monday (4 days later) he has is pre-op, and hoping for his actual operation within the next two weeks, fingers crossed. I'll let everyone know what date we will be going on, so everyone can cancel their holidays on that week, because I kid you not, I can guarantee it will be either raining (monsoon style) or snowing (Alaskan type blizzard) and with the odd hurricane winds thrown in for good measure
  6. What about the usual child safety gates. I thought they can alter the width of any opening? I have a cat, and to stop him going out (stable gate no good to him as he could jump out), I use the door flyscreen. But sometimes, being a mainecoon, he has rather big claws, which he could shred the flyscreen with one swipe. So I just put his harness on and peg it outside on a longer extension. No problem.
  7. Sorry folks, but deadline for leaving the EU has now been extended to 31 October 2155
  8. Not sure about ours. But I can understand their concerns, as mentioned above about possible damage to someone's caravan. Where I store our caravan, its ok for a mobile caravan service engineer to come onto the site, but not sure about mechanical side of things
  9. Try: Tranquil Sites (all adults only) http://www.adultcampsites.com/ (its one I found, may be ok, but I tend to use Tranquil a lot) I've not been to Cornwall for quite a few years. Have found it to be getting a over commercialised. Believe you can hardly move during July/August time. Devon is better
  10. Hi Harpster and welcome. I too was thinking about looking for an estate. We have a Ford Kuga at present as we need a heavy load for the backend being 100kg whereas a car is usually 75kg, as we take my hubby's dialysis fluid and it puts a weight at the backend and don't want to put it into the caravan. Also, my hubby mentioned yesterday, that since buying this car he seems to feel slightly ill and reckons its like having a touch of sea-sickness as it rolls a bit more than a normal car, probably seating up a bit higher than a normal car. Anyway, I will look around for one
  11. I've seen a few of his vlogs. And he does include going and staying at the Outer Hebrides. Worth checking to see it. Very informative as well
  12. Doesn't matter what happens, no visas required to enter any country in Europe of less than 90 days
  13. I've now stopped laughing, as I visualise National Lampoons Christmas, when the Christmas lights all over the house switch on, and the electricity station needs more power, and the couple next door are just about to have a cosy set to in their bedroom. Anyway, good idea, but when camping/caravanning, you get wildlife sniffing around, so they may set off the remote senses, and we all know that campsites can be pretty dark places.
  14. ...and me. We've been camping since 1986, when our first trip was Belgium, Holland and West Germany (as it was back then) and because we'd never camped before we hired the gear from the AA (a frame tent and all equipment, with a choice of giving it back or buying the lot, all new). We had to pick it all up at their service centre in Dover (building is still there, but I think its a gym now, but may have changed). Anyway, we loved it, but gave it back as we wanted a Cabanon, which was the Rolls Royce of canvas frame tents then. Over the years, we upgraded to trailer tents, then folding campers and now caravans. We're on our third one, our first caravan being an Avondale. I must say, it was a great caravan. In all our 30+ years of camping, we only had something stolen once, and that was a caravan (the Xplore).
  15. When we visited, as it was then, Yugoslavia, we did two overnight stops (we visited in the Lake Bled region), and travelled from Dunkirk at the time. Anyway, we stopped at Rhudeseim, then Salzburg. But back then, we weren't pulling a caravan, but a luggage trailer as we had a frame tent and all other essentials, and there were four of us (all adults). One of our best holidays
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