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  1. Our Kuga had a 7 pin towball already fitted (just single, not double) and the caravan has a 13 pin plug. We just kept as is, got the adapter for 13 to 7 pin and it all works fine. We now only caravan in this country, so not really necessary to have everything working. If we stop for an hour on a long journey, we use the battery for a cuppa, no problem
  2. Brilliant story. I would search on Facebook for Groups in Scunthorpe, and put your story to them. Someone who helped you may read your story.
  3. With OH in hospital at the moment, waiting for a heart valve, then waiting minimum of six weeks before he can drive, I thought I would go on a towing course. I am with the CMC, and looked up when the next available course was available. I'm looking at September, and with a class of six. So, living in Manchester, and the nearest centre is in Macclesfield, I gave them a ring. I explained that I didn't need to know how to load a caravan, etc, but just wanted to gain confidence in towing a caravan. The lovely lady said no problem. I could book straight through them for a 4 and half hour course. This would see me towing the caravan on the road, and also how to successfully reverse. This would cost £168, but with me being a member of the CMC, it would be £152. I would also have a one-to-one tutor for the whole of the duration, unlike if I'd gone with the CMC, who use the same facilities, I would have to share two tutors to six of us and would cost £150, and I can have my course in early July, just a couple of weeks away. Me thinks I've chosen wisely by ousting CMC on this occasion Anyone out there know of any classes for my OH to attend for navigation training. He's absolutely terrible. Couldn't even use a satnav
  4. Have used a few of their sites. All adult only sites, and all have been very good. Have you tried Best of British? If you've never been to any of these sites, look at UKCS, as you get reviews for said campsites, so you can choose if you think the site is viable for you or not
  5. I like to try different places. I live in Denton, Manchester, and I will travel to eat at a nice restaurant. I've eaten at The Swan with Two Nicks in Dunham Massey (lovely home made food, at very reasonable prices). The Bells of Peover (prounced Peever) just through Knutsford. Again, reasonable prices, and gorgeous food. The Bentley Brook at Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Brilliant place. Usually visit here when I've visited my Aunt who lives in Burton-on-Trent. When on holiday, I look in the campsite reception as they usually have good ideas of where to visit.
  6. Personally, if it was only for one night, I wouldn't have bothered with confrontations. Like others have said, chill out. In fact, in the evening, I would have gone out to the nearest village and had a drink and come back later, then party crash and keep swinging the night through
  7. Do a route finder on Google Earth, it will tell you how long it will take you to go from point A to point B. You then double it. That is the time it takes you, not the mileage. You can then see on the map, roughly the half way point, so start looking there. There's a nice site Ross Park, at Newton Abbot. Really nice site and has a lovely restaurant and bar, so don't need to go off site
  8. Wonder if my caravan is amongst the haul. Mine was stolen here in Manchester exactly 12 months ago, but it could have been taken anywhere
  9. Gavin and Charlotte. Welcome to the forum. We're like a very huge family. Just join in with the various chats. We would also like to hear some stories from yourselves of your camping and where you've visited
  10. Must admit, I've not noticed, but isn't fixed beds always on the opposite side to the kitchen and stuff, etc, so that you can put bulky stuff under the bed, which could compensate for the weight. But this doesn't really apply to island beds which in some caravans, are at the rear in the middle, ie, facing the front of the caravan. Just a thought
  11. Me and OH are now retired. OH is on dialysis, where caravanning suits us to the ground. But because we can't be bothered taking or arranging for dialysis stuff to be taken with us (we could have it delivered anywhere in the world), we've stopped caravanning in Europe, also to keep costs down, we now take our cat away with us and we just do the UK. Really cheap now. Not gone anywhere this year as OH is at this moment, in hospital waiting for a heart valve operation, but been put off three times because of pneumonia. But as soon as he's out, we're off. I've never towed a caravan before, but because hubby won't be able to tow for quite a few weeks, I will do it, and he can navigate. Nothing will put us off going away, that's if we ever get off the M60. OH can't navigate for toffee, and that's having a sat nav
  12. to the forum Mcsimmo. Would be nice to hear of your adventures. I've started in frame tents, then trailer tents, folding campers and now caravans. Have been all over Europe, except Spain and Portugal, and now doing the UK.
  13. If its been adopted by the EU, all sites in the EU, should be using them, just that the majority do use the blue plugs, just not all, which should be criminal, as its not surprising that no one has been killed. Not getting at you Ern, just using it as a statement
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