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  1. Just remember who rarely comes off best in caravan insurance claims, and its not us, the public. Insurance companies will have a team of lawyers to make sure they come off on top if claims ever comes to Court. You read wordings one way, insurance companies read them another way. But as others have said, why should you leave your caravan unattended, which it will be. We too would have someone stay with the unit. And we would use the caravan facilities to make a brew and/or have lunch already prepared, and its a lot cheaper to do it this way
  2. From majority of sites I've been on, I've seen motorhomes parked up at their specific service point, whether filling up or emptying. I'd say 5m (15ft in old money), certainly no more than 10m (30ft old money)
  3. Used Tyres on the Drive a few years ago. They did it, no problem. At the time, the caravan was on my drive as we'd just bought it, and when we came to move it to the secure site, one of the tyres was flat. We contacted TotD, and told them what it was for. No problem, but they did have to order it. A couple of days later, they contacted us and turned up. They have an inflatable jack. Really quick, they were great. So yes, they will. I'm sure they'll come out to a secure site as well. It only took them about an hour, and it was done.
  4. I know this is serious. But my imagination starting running wild, thinking what would happen if you had bought a new build house, had moved there from a previous house, but then found something serious that needed the builders back, and you had to pack everything back up so they could fix it. Apologies for my "imagination". Going back to the caravan, why would you have to take out the mattress and lounge cushions, they should be dealt with as with all other stuff left inside the caravan
  5. Mine too was stolen and never found. It was only about 4 years ago. To be truthful, after over 35 years of camping/caravanning, that was really the beginning of the end for us. We did get a new caravan, but it just wasn't the same. 18 months after this all happened, my OH sadly passed away, and even though I did do a trip out, it wasn't the same, so I packed it in.
  6. The only time we used HP (or Hire Purchase) is if the interest rate is either none existent or very, very low. And the way interest on savings is at the moment, its definitely not worth it at the moment. What me and OH would sometimes do (although not now) is use credit cards with no interest rate for a certain amount of time, and when it was coming to a halt, we would go for another CC with no interest rate, until loan was finished. But I think its harder now to do
  7. That's one of the reasons why we would head for Europe. Have been there both sunny and atrocious weather. If in Europe, you can't pack up and go home because of bad weather. Its all part and parcel of weather conditions, no matter where in the world you are. Also, whether abroad or in this country, I would never cancel a holiday because of weather. To me, its you lose some, you win some. Remember, there are some people out there who can't afford any type of holidays for whatever reason, whether because of ill health, out of work, etc. Be fortunate that you can go away
  8. I have a piece of dry soft cloth, and use neat Fair Liquid. Just put a couple of spots on, and meticulously rub straight onto the black streaks. It takes a while to go around the caravan, but it does work. Also, get a strip of awning guide from end to end, it usually helps a lot
  9. That's what we used to do Paul, Loop the hook through the eye, and connect back on itself
  10. If you like booze, ie, beer, wine, spirits, you know, the usual. Use proper glass wear. Those malamine things, makes everything taste yuk!!! I've carried glass wear for years, both when camping and caravanning, and never broke anything. If they come packed in cardboard, then keep using them to re-pack your glass wear when finished. I also use proper pottery cups and plates as well. Again, the malamine thing concerning cups of tea/coffee
  11. For a house? Wouldn't bother. Its way so expensive for the upkeep. All it really does is warm your feet. Keep to radiators
  12. I was paying £600pa. Non-COASSA. When my first caravan went AWOL with a white van, it was captured on cctv, which was used by a firm opposite the gates. The police got the van's registration number, which belonged to a black BMW. I contacted CMC for insurance, as my insurers, dropped me (remember we who have our caravan stolen and have done everything the insurance companies tell us to, makes us feel its our fault), I never feel that I'm the victjm. Even the police never bothered to come and interview us, they just gave a crime number out to the owners of the site, and the only contact we got from the police was an email a month later stating that they closed the file. That was it. I never felt quite the same after that for caravan holidays. Now my hubby has passed away, I will be going B&Bs instead. Takes the worry out of it now
  13. I always use plastic steady pads. If you catch the steady when towing (we did when leaving the secure site), you can catch the pad, and plastic will break off without damaging the steady itself (this sometimes doesn't work if its a really steep drop), a metal pad could rip your steady off or really damage it. Someone mentioned using chocks. I used chocks. One side in front of the wheel, and the other side have the chock behind the wheel. I know some people use the handbrakes. But I do prefer chocks
  14. If you're from the north of England, there's a company near to Northwich, A&E Leisure. Their website is https://www.aeleisure.co.uk/ They have a workshop as well. Another little tidbit, about a mile or so from here, there's a garden centre that has a cracking cafe. Not been for lunch, but their breakfast is brilliant
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