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  1. ww.caravanfinder.co.uk is a great site to look for caravans, both new and old. You put in your requirements for a caravan, and it comes up with what you are looking for
  2. I have a Wraith on one side and a Nemises on the other, together with a Milenco hitchlock and a Milenco steady lock at the back. Am thinking of getting another one or two. I had my caravan stolen. I do not ever want to go through that again. Don't know which was worse the theft itself or going through the procedure with the insurance company. So my new caravan has all this on it.
  3. It was a man and woman who took mine. Also, the site owner had contacted the police. I spoke to them on the phone whilst I was there and gave them the information they required. And that was the first and last time I spoke to them. I just got an email a month later that case was closed. That was it. Up to about 10 years ago, I believed in our police force. Now I really, really believe in fairies and Father Christmas
  4. 99.9% of campsites ask for deposits and they are non-refundable. I am looking at going to Exe Valley on Exmoor in June, but will not book as yet because I booked a week in Oxford in May, and if I can't go, then I will ask the site to move the date to the relevant date in June. But I won't cancel my Oxford one now, as I realise I will lose my deposit, even though it is shut. I let the sites come to me, then I don't lose any money. I've done it for my city break to Naples. I booked shortly after my hubby passed away in August 2019, as I'd been visiting him every single day since Christmas 2
  5. Regarding the Maxview Roam. Have you been on Youtube. I've done a lot of "how does it work/fix", etc. You may find it on there on how to see how things work, etc
  6. Done about 2,500ish miles. Went to one site, which is about two hours drive from where I live. Have got a site booked for May this year to Oxford (from Manchester). Also want to go to Exe Valley on Exmoor, Somerset, but not booked yet. Waiting to see what happens
  7. I have the crystal type ones. I have three. Two large ones in front and middle and a smaller one in the bathroom. I replace the crystals about every two months. I do get quite a bit of water collected in them. Everyone has their own thoughts about them, but I always think that if I didn't do it, where would all that water go to.
  8. Didn't affect me at the time (I took early retirement to look after hubby). I only had two years to go anyway. So officially retired in May 2019. Anyway, hubby passed away in August 2019, and I went onto the insurance company (it had just been paid), and they said they would cancel the insurance, and give me a full refund. I said I would like to keep it on. They did say that I have 30 days to the end of August before I need to do anything. They gave me a quote there and then, but not to take it until I had shopped around. I did, and I got it cheaper elsewhere. In fact, it was cheaper t
  9. Me and OH visited the USA, went to Monroe in Wisconsin. Whilst there, some American friends we met up with took us to Galena, Illinois, it was a lovely town. Anyway, I visited a shop, and in there, found Yorkshire Gold Teabags for sale. I told my friends that Tom used them when he worked at Salford University. I preferred Twinings All Day I cannot understand why people who go abroad need to take English food with them. If I want British food, I will stay in England. When I go abroad, I wouldn't touch British food at all. I always like to eat what the locals eat, France - Fre
  10. That was one of the easiest things to obtain before EU. But no one seems to ask if you need the document that lets you travel in Spain. If you didn't have the specific document, and you then had an accident, you could end up in their jails until the accident was sorted. I know you were released if it was proved you weren't at fault, but not sure what would happen if you were found guilty
  11. Considering quite a few didn't go away last year, and probably not this year either, I would think that the CMC could at least give people a "free" weekend, as a goodwill gesture. Like some have said, I'm actually only a member to get the magazine
  12. I have a 2016 2lt Ford Kuga (2WD). My OH always towed the caravan, but when he died in August 2019, I decided to go it alone. However, shortly before he died, he did suggest I take a towing course, which I did, with CMC. Just wanted to tow, not do the full course as I was conversant with loading and safety, etc. Anyway, did a four hour solid towing, doing motorway, on/off, using the service area, taking me through towns (try towing a caravan through Congleton, Wilmslow and Macclesfield on a Saturday morning), reverse, forward, backwards, and turning corners. I knew it would probably be di
  13. Mine went missing as well. Took less than 6 minutes for them to enter the site, cutting off the locks of the gates and my 'van, and towing it out. It was all on CCTV. The van that was towing it had the number plates checked by the police. It belonged to a black BMW. The van was the oblique white one. I feel for the owners, they think they can just claim from the insurers. That's the start of their troubles. My new caravan, now on another site, has locks all over it now. On the hitch, 2 x wheel locks, on either wheel (one has a wheel clamp as well), and a steady lock, which I'm going t
  14. Must admit, I'm with HP100. Me and OH went to get a new porch awning (the other one was stolen, along with the caravan). Anway, we wanted the same one we had previously. I inadvertently picked up what I thought was the normal one, and nearly took my back out, it was so heavy.
  15. I remember me and OH were off to the USA (16 years ago - my 50th and OH's retirement). We were to fly from Manchester on Delta Airlines. Anyway, we queued up with our tickets. We were about 4th in the queue and customs came to us and asked to go with them, which we did. They then proceeded to unload our suitcases completely. The officers were very polite, even put all the clothes back in. They were just checking. I told them it was completely fine with me, as it was only a few years after the plane attacks in the US, and would rather be safe then sorry. They took us back to the queue,
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