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  1. I have a piece of dry soft cloth, and use neat Fair Liquid. Just put a couple of spots on, and meticulously rub straight onto the black streaks. It takes a while to go around the caravan, but it does work. Also, get a strip of awning guide from end to end, it usually helps a lot
  2. That's what we used to do Paul, Loop the hook through the eye, and connect back on itself
  3. If you like booze, ie, beer, wine, spirits, you know, the usual. Use proper glass wear. Those malamine things, makes everything taste yuk!!! I've carried glass wear for years, both when camping and caravanning, and never broke anything. If they come packed in cardboard, then keep using them to re-pack your glass wear when finished. I also use proper pottery cups and plates as well. Again, the malamine thing concerning cups of tea/coffee
  4. For a house? Wouldn't bother. Its way so expensive for the upkeep. All it really does is warm your feet. Keep to radiators
  5. I was paying £600pa. Non-COASSA. When my first caravan went AWOL with a white van, it was captured on cctv, which was used by a firm opposite the gates. The police got the van's registration number, which belonged to a black BMW. I contacted CMC for insurance, as my insurers, dropped me (remember we who have our caravan stolen and have done everything the insurance companies tell us to, makes us feel its our fault), I never feel that I'm the victjm. Even the police never bothered to come and interview us, they just gave a crime number out to the owners of the site, and the only contact we
  6. I always use plastic steady pads. If you catch the steady when towing (we did when leaving the secure site), you can catch the pad, and plastic will break off without damaging the steady itself (this sometimes doesn't work if its a really steep drop), a metal pad could rip your steady off or really damage it. Someone mentioned using chocks. I used chocks. One side in front of the wheel, and the other side have the chock behind the wheel. I know some people use the handbrakes. But I do prefer chocks
  7. If you're from the north of England, there's a company near to Northwich, A&E Leisure. Their website is https://www.aeleisure.co.uk/ They have a workshop as well. Another little tidbit, about a mile or so from here, there's a garden centre that has a cracking cafe. Not been for lunch, but their breakfast is brilliant
  8. La Paradis in the Dordorgne area. You can even hire canoes as the river drifts past at the bottom of the site. Has three pools, and disco and all sorts in the evening. Need to book early as it does get packed https://le-paradis-campsite.com/
  9. Milenco (Sold Gold) is recommended by insurance companies, although when my caravan was stolen, even though I had this hitchlock, the thieves cut across the top of it, and it just dropped off; it was like a hot knife through butter. The thieves have probably the best tackle to take off the anti-theft devices, nothing will stop them. So its deterrant you're looking at. I had four devices on my caravan after they took my previous one. The Milenco hitchlock, Milenco Wraith wheel-lock, Purple wheel-lock (forgot the model) and the Milenco steady lock. Any theft anti-theft devices t
  10. This is where Youtube comes into its own. I've learnt a lot by watching the various problems I come across, and I just switch it on. Brilliant piece of software
  11. Definitely fishy. For one thing, they've repeated some of the wording twice. That's why I'll never buy an expensive item from individuals. I will always use trade, its face to face. Also, the caravan places will be open in the next couple of weeks. Why not wait until then. Also, try caravanfinder.co.uk. You can click on either trade or private sale and look for your ideal caravan. Even close to home to yourself. I think travelling the length of the country is way too far. No, do not buy this product. If in doubt, stop!! One good thing. It isn't my last caravan that you
  12. I had an Xplore, and found it, as you say, better than some high end caravans. Its the same with the Venus. Hated the furnishings when Venus first came out. But now, again, they are, in my opinion, better than some high end caravans
  13. So how can you cook food. If left to the Greenies, we'll be eating salad forever and day, which constitutes: Lettuce Cucumber Tomatoes Raddish Onion Pepper cress corn Remember, no egg, meat or fish, potatoes, etc, as these items have to be cooked, so above are really what you're left with?
  14. I thought BBQs are a more natural way of cooking food. You can go the usual way. Electric cookers, where said electricity comes from power stations or gas which comes from different sources, ie, natural gas from north sea rigs - have you seen all the flames giving off the platforms? Also, may be wrong, a lot of our gas comes through pipelines from Russia. How are these pipes and north sea platforms are made? To me BBQs are a very small addition to the climate. Charcoal, which constitutes a lot of BBQs have been around for eons as a way of cooking food and about the most natural commodi
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