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  1. Why does it take one person to deflate (pardon the "pun") to take the joy out of something. Ivan Leslie should know by now, specially if you've been camping/caravanning for years, that we all get laughed at. Its surprising how many of us really do learn our lesson, very quickly, so we are not the butt of anyone's laughes. We just give back what we've all received when we have our first outing, and our mistakes, which we must all still make, even after years of the outdoor life. Please Ivan Leslie, put a smile on your face
  2. OK here in Denton, Manchester. I must admit, I prefer duck eggs rather than chicken. I've just been to Ashton market this morning where I buy my meat, and they had plenty of eggs. Called in at the corner shop for my neighbours newspapers, and noticed that they had stacks of milk, even red, which I prefer and which Morrisons, where I do my weekly shop, hasn't had any for a few weeks, and I go earlyish in the morning
  3. Didn't the last foot & mouth we had a number of years ago was caused by dried cow food pellets that came from China? I'm sure I read about it coming from China
  4. So you wear a facemask to attempt to not getting coronavirus. So when its been used, what do you do with it? Its full of germs, you don't know who's used it, and more than likely its been put in the bin for the poor binmen to accidentally touch it, or breath in the air around these masks? Personally, I would rather not use one. Hospitals are fine as they have furnaces onsite (notice the large chimneys?) to burn them. When people had open fires, it was fine, then the masks could be put on the fire, but not today
  5. I just want to have my holiday after suffering from the loss of my husband last year. The date and time of my husband dying changed my world irrevocably. Nothing will ever surpass that, not even this coronavirus. People will not change the way of this, its world governments that will do the changing. Just remember that this Government has thrown out lots of money to help the unfortunate people who have got no jobs at the moment. My suggestion would be to make China pay. Get them to give back what we and the rest of the world have put into their country over the years. China have instigated epidemics and pandemics across the history of mankind. Some of you may have read their history lessons of the bubonic plague, it did originate in China and travelled along the silk road into Europe, which then decimated the population, and that was the start.
  6. On our first trip to Europe, visiting Holland, Germany and Belgium, we stopped of at a campsite at Rhudisiem in Germany, and had a lovely pitch overlooking the Rhine. It was when we had a frame tent, and boy, the pegs were really hard to get in the ground, and I mean hard. Anyway, we had to use the smallest tent pegs ever, large ones just weren't getting in there, you needed a jack-hammer. Anyway, a few days later, a German couple arrived with their brand new large Mercedes and very long caravan, and pitched right in front of us, blocking our lovely view completely. So we obviously switched our view to watching them. They levelled their caravan, and got the very large full awning out, put it through the awning rail, and put the poles in; them came the pegging out. He started hammering, to no avail. He kept at it, looking around at all the other campers who had got their awnings/tents erected. The wife came out and said something to him, to which he got up, shouted at her and through the hammer, thankfully not at her, but at his car, which hit it full in the side, and made a right dent. Best bit of entertainment ever
  7. I've been out to 1) pick up the newspapers, 2) work on my allotment for an hour or so, and 3) check on the caravan. All done in one go this morning. I had my caravan knicked two years ago, and the police didn't even come and speak to me as it was done through the secure site owner. So yes, for me, my journey was essential, and the only person I spoke to was the person behind the counter of the newsagents. I didn't even see one policeman or police car on that journey. By the way, before anyone starts on at me, the newspapers were not for me, they were for my older neighbours who cannot go out as they come under the category of having to stay inside, as they've done more than I can ever say since my Tom passed away last year.
  8. Ask the blokes who are working next door to see if they can shift your car, so that you can free up your other car, then shunt the duff car up the driveway
  9. I seem to have this problem. When I went to the Manchester show, there was someone there showing the Powertouch. I told him about it. He said to push the lever across and down, then do the same on the other side of the caravan, and this should work. If it doesn't then report it to them, and they will send an engineer to you. They may ask you to phone them whilst you are with your caravan. I was going to do this when I got to the site in Shrewsbury so there was plenty of room to look and work on it if necessary
  10. I don't think caravans can catch the virus, only humans. So I would think you would still have to pay ground rent. I still expect to have to pay the secure site where my caravan is. I cannot understand why people can't really use commonsense. Even people who have been put out of work because of this virus have to still pay their mortgages, rents, taxes, etc
  11. Well first of all. Good luck in getting there. Hope you do make it. All campsites (99%) have a swimming pool. But you could head for the Vendee where you can also have the sea to play in. The Loire is great for chateaux and lots of wine (and wine tasting). If you're not too far from Cognac, you can try Brandy tasting. Or you could try Brittany. Lovely for inland and coastal
  12. I was due to go to Naples, this month and had paid in full. I've now asked for September, which is totally acceptable, and with same seating. At the front and next to the window I was also ready to go on my first caravan holiday on my own, on 19 April. Deposit paid only. I've been told that I can re-schedule within the next 12 months. As soon as everything is up and running, I'll re-book to that campsite
  13. I too have saved some money by not going out anywhere. My trips to Naples and Shrewsbury have been put on hold, and my dentist has also been put on hold. I don't mind though. The weather's lovely. I've done all my washing, tidied up the back garden and now done some much needed work on the allotment. And isn't it so peaceful as well. I live on the flat path of Manchester Airport, and there are hardly any planes going in and out. All I can hear are the birds singing and the bloody lawn mowers and strimmers buzzing about
  14. Its so easy to rectify. Simply stop using them. Go back to the ferries. These large companies take you all for granted. Personally, I've always used the ferry, never used the shuttle at all. One good thing for most of you guys out there, that if you do stop using the shuttle, it won't take long for their prices to come down. Then you can reap the rewards. But a lot of you won't. Just my opinion
  15. The same question could be asked if your house can remain affected? Who knows? If you have a cold or ordinary flu, you don't get re-infected in your house. So very much doubt it
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