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  1. Personally, its a heck of a mouthful. Prefer the Caravan Club
  2. In the bed surrounded by the quilt and pillows
  3. I was going to use my free bus pass and get the bus in Croydon, then travel into London that way. Wanted to visit the Natural History Museum. Went some years ago, but only saw the ground floor, and that took most of the day, so want to see more of it. But to use the tube need Oyster card or as a lot of you have said contactless will do for me. Seems no messing about then
  4. Although caravans don't have them, folding campers do, and they are so good. I've found with caravans, it seems a hit and miss affair, its terrible to see. Again, as I've mentioned on this forum before, caravan builders could do with learning a few things from the makers of Conway/Pennine folding campers. How about sticking hooks onto the side of the caravan, and make holes (you can get the tool for this that puts in a metal ring) so as to hook up the skirt to the caravan. Easy. No drilling necessary
  5. Ditto here with Ern. Don't bother with insurance. Find out the total cost, and it may not be too bad. Get insurance companies involved, and you'll be paying for the next couple of years or so in increased premiums. After all, they are the true bandits
  6. That's why its the Motorhome & Caravan show. Go in February, its the Caravan & Motorhome show, so will have 35% motorhomes and 65% caravans. Its like the recipes on packets/tins, the most is always first
  7. Don't forget the one pack ciggies, one litre of spirits, etc, etc, etc.
  8. I met a couple in the local caravan shop. They had had their caravan stolen, it had a tracker in it. After two weeks, the police and company have still not found their caravan. So keep your money for the tracker and keep to insurance
  9. I always used to use carrier bags and just hang it on one of the nobs of the cooker. Problem solved. Because there's little carrier bags about, unless you go onto the markets or some shops, I hang it on the door handle (inside), problem solved
  10. Thanks all. Now I will look at them properly
  11. I'm looking to buy a new tow car (well, secondhand), and wonder which is best to tow my Venus 540/4, which fully laden is approx. 1350kg. Which Mondeo is best, the 150bhp or 180bhp? or is there not much difference?
  12. That's what used to happen quite often back in the 50s and also before the war. Just turn up at a farm, and more often than not, you would get a spot to stay. My mum, when she was a girl (before the war), would tell me that her dad (my granddad) used to keep chickens including a cockerel. She used to tell me stories about that thing (her words). When she would venture out to the back garden, she'd carry a stick to use it on him because it always went for her
  13. Hi HD. I'm also new due to my hubby having died at the beginning of August. When we caravanned about, he would do the driving and I would do the navigating. So when he was in hospital, I decided to take a caravan course. I knew all about the weights and all sorts, it was just the driving bit. I'm a member of the CMC so looked at when I could join a course, which wasn't until September (this was in early July when I decided). September would be too late, so I contacted the person who ran the course, and by-passed CMC. He said he could take me out on the Saturday (the 13th). So I had 4 hours of driving whilst pulling a caravan. He took me on the motorway M6 J17 to J19, pulled in at Knutsford services, then came off and headed towards Wilmslow down the mainroad (under the runway at Manchester Airport), went through the middle of Wilmslow, Congleton and Macclesfield. Took me to an industrial estate which being Saturday was entirely empty, and he had me reversing one way, then the other. It was the best experience ever, as being seasoned campers/caravanners of over 30 years, that's just what I wanted. In fact the chap told me that if I'd gone with the CMC, I would be lucky just to have a couple of hours as it was two tutors to 6 pupils. The bit I'm dreading is putting on the wheel lock. The other locks I can manage on my own. Although Martin, the owner of the secure site, told me to speak to him if I needed help. With the wheel lock, it took both of us to put it on, as we didn't use the yellow bit that you can just see inside the wheel.
  14. There are some motorhomes that are very long, so some sites may be able to accommodate your caravan. Best to check first though. There are no car ferries to the Isles. Also, check if you are going to any other islands, eg, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, who do not allow caravans at all, only tents or trailer tents and folding campers. Also beware of very narrow lanes in Cornwall. I've been down some lanes with car only, and both sides of the road have had bushes scraping down the sides, and you only have inches before hitting dry stone walling, which the bushes do hide, especially in summertime when the foliage is thick. Same applies in Kent. As some have said, hire a motorhome instead
  15. We've got an LG. Very good. Whatever you go for, just watch the tv in the shop at slightly different angles, eg, take a long step to the side, as you may not have a good picture. Some tvs have great pictures if you look at it straight on. And in a caravan, you don't look at the tv straight on, you are usually slightly to the left/right
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