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  1. Been camping/caravanning for nearly 40 years and never once took Aquaroll/Wastemaster. Total waste as on majority of campsites taps are near to you on sites, and I use the campsites facilities. When we've sold our various units over the years, the plumbing is totally new, never been used
  2. When we've hitched up, and just ready to jump in the car to start off, my last two jobs are: 1. Walk around the area of the caravan, and double check that everything has gone, ie, crank handle to wind up steadies, and any odds and sods; and 2. I climb into the caravan and look at everything to make sure nothing will come loose, including windows and skylights, ie, actually pushing to make sure nothing will open, and the catches are in the very closed position
  3. A piece of cake which was left on the table in the awning of our then tent. It was back in the mid-1980s, and when we were on holiday near Bridport in Dorset
  4. Went to the local scrapyard and bought a wheel suitable for our car. Simples
  5. To be truthful, all campsites are the same, some good, some bad. Doesn't matter whether CMC/C&CC or private. Its the wardens/owners who make or break a good campsite. On most sites I've been on, only one car is allowed on the pitch, any other cars are to be parked in the car park. On a few sites, no cars are allowed on the pitch, but these are few and far between
  6. I have yet to find a tractor that pull over whatever country I've been in So who's Rubber Duck and where are the bears
  7. I've had folding campers and caravans, and all batteries have recharged automatically. Just make sure you have switched everything on
  8. The question you need to answer is: Do you wish to pay a possible hefty fine and possible points on your licence if caught or do you spend roughly £15.00 for a new number plate? I know what my answer is.
  9. OH is in hospital as I click away with this message. He's been in 8 weeks as he's been waiting for a heart valve operation, but they found he had pneumonia, which they said is a really bad case, and they can't seem to shift the infection off his right lung. Left lung is perfect. They have decided to treat the infection in hospital, and as soon as its gone, he's to come home and start getting his strength back. Hospital food is not exactly fit for purpose. So I've decided to go on a course for towing. I usually do the navigating. Now all I have to do is get OH into navigating, including how to use a satnav. OH is at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and can't praise the staff enough. He's also on kidney dialysis. Wouldn't mind so much, but the hospital is very large, and lots of nurses and other staff are letting on to me and even coming over to me for a chat and asking how Tom is doing at present. I just hope, that at the end of all this, I get invited to the various Christmas dos
  10. When chatting to campsite owners in France, they state that their top earnings are only 8 weeks per year. Mid-September, they will be closing down. Do like on Ianfish says, look at ACSI, or on the CMC website. Even UKCS website have campsites abroad, look there as well, as you will get various campsite websites to look at
  11. Although you don't need to tell DVLA, you don't come out of hospital and get in the car and drive. You can only drive when your doctor says you can, which can be minimum six weeks. If you do, your insurance may well not cover you. So be warned.
  12. Our Kuga had a 7 pin towball already fitted (just single, not double) and the caravan has a 13 pin plug. We just kept as is, got the adapter for 13 to 7 pin and it all works fine. We now only caravan in this country, so not really necessary to have everything working. If we stop for an hour on a long journey, we use the battery for a cuppa, no problem
  13. Brilliant story. I would search on Facebook for Groups in Scunthorpe, and put your story to them. Someone who helped you may read your story.
  14. With OH in hospital at the moment, waiting for a heart valve, then waiting minimum of six weeks before he can drive, I thought I would go on a towing course. I am with the CMC, and looked up when the next available course was available. I'm looking at September, and with a class of six. So, living in Manchester, and the nearest centre is in Macclesfield, I gave them a ring. I explained that I didn't need to know how to load a caravan, etc, but just wanted to gain confidence in towing a caravan. The lovely lady said no problem. I could book straight through them for a 4 and half hour course. This would see me towing the caravan on the road, and also how to successfully reverse. This would cost £168, but with me being a member of the CMC, it would be £152. I would also have a one-to-one tutor for the whole of the duration, unlike if I'd gone with the CMC, who use the same facilities, I would have to share two tutors to six of us and would cost £150, and I can have my course in early July, just a couple of weeks away. Me thinks I've chosen wisely by ousting CMC on this occasion Anyone out there know of any classes for my OH to attend for navigation training. He's absolutely terrible. Couldn't even use a satnav
  15. Have used a few of their sites. All adult only sites, and all have been very good. Have you tried Best of British? If you've never been to any of these sites, look at UKCS, as you get reviews for said campsites, so you can choose if you think the site is viable for you or not
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