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  1. Manchester has only ever dealt in dealerships. There are other dealers in the NW, but they weren't here. Leisure Sales is one, but you visit them and others as well, and they usually give you the same deal as if they were at the show. NEC is manufacturers only (as far as I can remember anyway).
  2. Been. Don't even bother going. Its absolutely terrible, even for "bits & bobs". Absolutely nothing. If you are new to caravanning, and wish to buy a new caravan, don't go to this show. You may as well visit a caravan dealership near where you live. Out of all the caravans, there were only two caravans that were priced roughly in the £18,000. Everything else, you are talking about £23,000+ price range. The only dealerships there for caravans (didn't bother looking at motorhomes), there was Campbells, Glossops and Lowndhams. If you are interested in converting the roof of your conservatory, then please, visit. There are at least two stalls that deal with this issue. It took me 3 hours by bus there and back. I spent more time on the buses than I did at the show. I even had a quick look around the Destinations event next door, which is free to enter if you wish to look at holidays around the world.
  3. We always used to drive from Manchester to Tours direct using a night crossing Dover/Calais ferry. We would go via Rouen stopping for an overnight stop at Tours, and then onto the Dordogne from there
  4. Thanks Townie, will do. Can't wait now. Only 8 weeks. On countdown
  5. Will try GAS. I've only got 3 days though, but will definitely give it a try
  6. Not been caravanning since September 2018 (our last outing before hubby died last August - he'd been in hospital since end of April). Whilst Tom was in hospital, he told me to take a caravan towing course, which I did in early July, and I thought how easy it was. So I told Tom that as soon as he was out of hospital, we would go for a week away. Sadly, he didn't make it. So now, I've cleaned the caravan, and have booked a week at end of April and heading for Shrewsbury. But before, that, because of my trips to hospital visiting Tom, his funeral, then my aunt who passed away a month after Tom, and dealing with her affairs, I've booked a 3 day city break to Naples in March for a rest. Its always been on my bucket list. So I'll be climbing Mt Vesuvius and visiting Pompeii and Herculeum
  7. I have a normal electric hairdryer. No problem. You pay for electricity on campsites, use it
  8. I got my caravan 18 months ago, and I too leave the cupboard doors open. They have been open since September 2018, when I last went out in it. My hubby had been in hospital for most of 2019 when he sadly died in August. I do a check once a month or so. I don't open them right open, but just unlatch them so they are not tightly closed
  9. I don't know of any 4 berths that have bunk beds, but I may be wrong, especially if older caravans. How about folding campers, eg, Pennine or Conway (although they are both made by the same company, Pennine). You can get monster ones by the time you add an awning, bigger than some caravans, and there will be no problem at towing. The largest are 6 berth, with three double beds, although one of the double beds is the cushions laid down to create it, and its against one end of the camper, so those in that particular bed (usually when looking at the camper when its folded out, its the right-hand bed, the persons in that bed will have to step over those in the seating bed. Also, if you have a drive, no problem for parking it rather than potentially using secure sites. Also, if you ever fancy a trip to France, its cheaper on the motorways, you only pay for the car, not the trailer, whereas if you tow a caravan, you can virtually double the figures https://pennineoutdoorleisure.co.uk/folding-camper
  10. You may be stopped at customs for bringing in bright green or blue radioactive material liberally spread over your body
  11. Go onto Google Earth and search for "Dieppe", there's a couple of campsites on the west side of the town. Just scan down and look for green tree icons, these are campsites and then just scan down, and it will come up with the names of the places. Easy Or you can just go onto UKCS website, and search for sites in Dieppe. Easy
  12. Decided to take a day out to Grosvenor Garden Centre just outside of Chester (on road towards Wrexham). Anyway, whilst driving along the M56, the amount of caravans and motorhomes coming away from Wales was as if it was summer time. Obviously coming back from Christmas/New Year break
  13. Death is also draconian, but it happens all the time. It doesn't need to be helped by stupid people drinking. After I visit my mum in a care home, I always call in at the pub for a lunchtime meal. I always have a pepsi. Don't touch any alcohol until I get home
  14. Also, if you wish to eat out, look for places that the locals eat out at. Lovely. Try looking at Castels & Camping campsites, beautiful sites, although can be a little pricey, but one thing they have in common, are the buildings are manor houses, chateaux, etc. Also, get your fuel at supermarkets, like here, mostly cheaper. Another thing that we did once, was get our car serviced there. We had a Peugeot 407 at the time, and it was coming up for a main service. In this country, the cost at the time was a bit over £400. When we arrived at St Emelion in the Dordogne, we went to the main Peugeot dealer, and the cost for the exact same service was £106.00. You can guess where we had our service done. Apparently, nearly all cars (doesn't need to be French), were a lot cheaper to service than in this country, and you still get your book stamped, so worth considering, and you don't need to book it in for the day, its usually two hours +/-
  15. Had a Peugeot 508 (saloon), and its towball limit was 75kg. I now have a Ford Kuga which has a weight limit of 100kg
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