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  1. 2016 Ford Kuga (2 wd) 2.0ltr Venus 504/4 46,000 miles Don't know about the towing bit. I've only ever been the passenger when towing. I'll let you know at the beginning of August when I get back from my first time of towing
  2. So at the beginning of lock-down, we had a shortage of toilet rolls, and now at the end of lock-down (or getting pretty damn close), there will be a shortage of washing liquid. There must be an irony in there somewhere. Because I've not been caravanning for 18 months (hubby been in hospital for so long, then passing away), its not been good for me last year. I've got loads of both green and blue stuff for my toilet. Bought the green stuff when we stayed at Red Kite, as you could empty your cassette on your fully serviced pitch. But I'm off on 27 July to Shrewsbury. Only off the top of my head, but I think Oxon Hall, where I'm going, has its facilities open. But may be wrong
  3. To put a stick in to push out the sides means to me there's a stress problem involved by the manufacturer, and they don't have a clue of how to fix it. But let's ask another question. How would everyone feel, if the makers of Boeing and Airbus built their planes like caravan manufacturers, so that the likes of Emirates, British Airways, American Airlines, etc, had to do "fix" it jobs? Would any of you fly?
  4. The chances are remote, but it could be one of those years when you get loads dumped on us. Just go for it. If it snows, it does. If you're not comfortable towing, then ask site if you can postpone your trip for a few weeks, or ask to leave it until Spring. When adverse weather, sites are usually pretty ok on you postponing/cancelling
  5. I'm not saying the reason they decided not to insure me was because of my gender, its just a thought. Anyway, the reason was that another company took them over (probably merged with some other company), and they didn't want to insure me anymore. But I was going to refuse them because of the fantastically reduced price I got with Eversure. So I'm happy. I'm better off now insurance wise with my car as well. The premium came down by about £100. But I would like to thank you all for your input on this. I didn't realise how hard claiming insurance can be. Its my first loss claim in my entire life, even though I've worked for an insurance company, although many, many years ago now. I'd like to thank the forum in its entirety for the help they give people. One of the good points of having internet, the information you can get from the general public, who have gone through the same thing. Without internet, I'd be up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle, as it were
  6. Did you ever contact the site? Its been six months since Christmas.
  7. The reason the other company was stopping insuring me was that some other body has taken over the company. Probably just an excuse on their part personally speaking. But my caravan is now bristling with locks compared to the other caravans on the site. I've got two wheel locks, one wheel clamp, a hitchlock and a steady lock. Personally, I'm putting it down to being a woman. Not many women that tows. Even in lorries, majority is men. At the time when I let them know that my hubby had died, they asked me if I'd taken a towing course, which I stated I had, it was with the MD of the firm who is contracted to the CMC based in Macclesfield. He have me a four hour intense towing only drive. I already knew how to load and all other safety factor involved. The insurance company were not bothered when my hubby was alive up to August last year, they were getting quite a sum in premiums, total of £1,400 over two years. It would have been way too obvious if they decided to dump me at that time, and I could have had them for discrimination.
  8. Caravanning is the same as camping in a few respects. One thing is for berths, who add an extra two, eg, if there are two of you, go for a 4 berth, etc. Now there's only me, I have a 4 berth, and I'm sticking to it. I'm used to the space. After tents, we went into folding campers. Seriously, if I could manage them on my own, I would go back to folding campers. If you get the large ones, eg, Pennine Pathways or Conway Stirlings, and upwards, the space is far more than a caravan, and better still when towing. If on French motorways, if its car only, its 26Euros, if you are pulling a caravan, then you double the amount. When pulling a folding camper, you only pay for the car, as they go by height, not length
  9. Alcoholic: Tequila Sunrise for a hot day. Non-alcoholic: Either Lemonade with a cap full of Roses Lime Juice Cordial with ice; or Tonic with a cap full of Roses Lime Juice Cordial with ice Don't put any more lime in that what is comprised as it will be eye squeezing horrible, oh, you can add a slice of lime as well. You just want a hint of taste of the lime, its so refreshing
  10. Babstreefern

    Good advice

    The thing with BBQs, is that you put your meat on the edges of the BBQ, as its cooler than slapping it right in the middle, which is the hottest, and keep moving your meat round the BBQ. And take your time cooking it; keep turning it. You will find thoroughly cooked meat
  11. No, not needed. If you want to use a place to park your boat on the rivers/lakes, then go to the Maire (at Hotel De Ville), and apply to register the boat. When me and Tom went to Lake Annecy, we got a berth, which included free car parking for the whole of the week. Our caravan site was over a mile away. It cost us 26 Euros for seven days. If you go to Switzerland, then don't bother with your boat, not worth the cost or hassle. You may also need insurance (its so long ago now, but you may get this at the Maire's office, so check on that). I must admit, when skimming along on Lake Annecy, we parked up at some rocks, large enough to tie the boat up, and have a picnic sat on the rocks watching the world go by, and waving to other boaters. Also, best thing ever, seeing an Osprey swoop down and pluck a fish right out of the water
  12. Just a quick carry on from my post of yesterday. Have now found out that if you buy a Milenco Wraith wheel lock, and it doesn't fit, either lock mechanism is too small or too large, you contact Milenco, and they will send you the correct size. Its £32.95, and they send it to you, you have to send back the one you bought with the lock, and you then get a refund, so you're not out of pocket, but really you, as you have to pay the postage. May be worth contacting the shop you bought it from and let them deal with it. But I need this asap, so I'll be getting it in the next day or two
  13. I'm a member of CMC, but they insist that I have to use a COASSA Gold site before they will touch me. The nearest one is 10 miles or more away, and when I rang them, they were full. I've moved to another secure site, which I have been with for two years now, and no problem. I've got lots more locks on my caravan than before, and I have now got a new insurance company agreeing to let me insure my caravan. The insurance company that took me on after the theft charged me £712 for the first year, and £722 for the second year and then dumped me. Eversure now insure me, and no problem with where my caravan is sited. Only stipulation is that my locks need to be Sold Secure, again no problem. My new premium is £218. Much better. I just want to know how other people have survived.
  14. Hi guys, hope you can help me. I've got a 2017 Venus 504/4, and changed insurers who say I must use products that have Sold Secure. I bought a Milenca Wraith, which when I came to fit the lock into the wheel is actually too large. Does anyone have a wheel lock that is Sold Secured that fits this caravan? Many thanks for your help
  15. To anyone who's had their caravan stolen. If your insurers have paid out when your caravan has been stolen, have you had any problems getting insurance for your new caravan? Mine was stolen two years ago and the insurance company paid out, but then dumped me. My insurance broker managed to find another company that would insure me, but when I rang them today, apparently the company has been taken over and they won't insure me now. I've contacted Esure and they are going to insure me, but has anyone had any problems with getting insurance, even though you've done everything the original insurance company asked of you. I seem to feel that they are not treating me as the victim at all. As I said to the insurance brokers, there must be hundreds of people who've had their caravans stolen. How do they manage? I feel like giving it all up as its not worth the hassle. But I'm now on my own, and don't really wish to stay in hotels, and it also means putting my cat in kennels, and I may be down to one or two holidays a year, instead of going away for a week every six weeks or so
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