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  1. Thanks guys, that's clarified it, now i know its based on the plates, i think i'll either look at downgrading the car to an A4 or similar, or look into the B+E test. ... although i think the test might be the way forward. .. just for info the max towable weight of my car according to the handbook is 1900kgs on an 8% and 1800kgs on a 12% thanks for the fast reply!
  2. Afternoon, Firstly i'd like to apologise for this, as i suspect you'll all groan at the topic heading. but ill persevere. .. what can i tow?.... I'm looking to buy my first caravan, and I've been looking at my options. . I drive a Audi A6 2. 7 TDI Quattro Unladen weight 1936kgs MAM 2445kgs GTW 4355 I passed my test after 1997 so i can tow a max of 3500kgs including my car. .. Now assuming my car if fully laden i can only tow 1055kgs Max allowable weight for a caravan, which for a 4 berth and my budget is very restricting. .. So i would like to know, if i were to purchase a heavier caravan with a max allowable weight of say 1450kgs, and combined with my car it still weighed under 3500kgs, would this be OK in the eye of the law? basically im reducing the amount of luggage we'll take in expense of a bigger caravan? If someone could clarify this for me, or even advise where I'm best contacting I'd be very grateful, I've looked on the HMRC, VOSA and DVLA websites, and all are fairly clear, but i'd just like it to be crystal clear. .. Many thanks in advance. ..
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