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  1. Update. .... So we have booked the trip and various stops along the way. L'Amfora is booked for 11 nights for 600 euros going to wait until the Tesco vouchers come in and then book the tunnel. A site in Bourges is also now booked for the trip down, we have family living in Surrey so will stay with them on both the outward and return journeys. Breakdown cover for both the car and van arranged and the van is booked in for service with Gem Caravan services between now and the middle of March. (It is stored on their facility so easily arranged!) Just going to book a couple of shake down trips to make sure everything is as it should be! I'm stickler for making sure i have everything i do and don't need!!!
  2. L'Amfora was the site we both quite liked, We see they have various different pitches available standard EHU pitches then bathroom pitches? As we haven't really toured in Europe this was the first time we had come across these. So after a discussion this evening it looks like we will be going to L'Amfora but with 3/4 days travel each way going to book 3 weeks off to allow for travel and drive down through France and enjoy the sights As that's what the touring caravan is all about. ....... Once again though I really appreciate the advice on the travelling and journey times Looking forward to getting the van in the next couple of months
  3. Thanks, SWMBO has once again been trawling the CC site and now has agreed that we will do a 2 night stop on the way to the Spanish boarder. She has now also decided that maybe beniscassim is further than we actually need (Not that I've been saying that for the past week!!! LOL) So now the area of Girona is throwing up a few good sites. With a stop over in Bourges and then close to the Spainish boarder then final drive to Girona. I agree with the comments about time limits however love time away in the van and can't get passed the fact I can take it instead of a hotel! Cheers
  4. Appreciate all the advice guys, Wasn't sure on the best route and we have 2. 5 weeks for our holiday. The ferry seems a good idea. Could I get to Bilbao or Santander from Portsmouth? We are CC members too It is easy to take the advice of the route planner which is what I did and that did say 14. 5 hrs I did factor another couple of hours in for towing the van as she is a fair size. 7. 18m long Maybe now think about going the other side nearer to Santander. ..... Although now got me thinking!! Thanks again DE
  5. Morning all, Happy new year! Myself, SWMBO and our 4 yr. old daughter are planning a summer trip to Spain this year. We live in Scotland and plan to drive to Folkestone and stay overnight before boarding the train. According to the route planners it will then take 14 hours from Calais to the site in Benicassim. Does anyone have any advice on where to stop off in France would look to do 8-10 hours once off the train. Also doesn't need to be anything fancy as it will be just a legs down stop and something to eat. Thanks in advance DE
  6. Hi, Not 100% sure on this but thought the terminals were fixed into the socket. Only place i would try is maybe maplins though Cheers
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