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  1. Just been to show at NEC and the stargazer surround is now a plastic moulding and not the painted MDF piece as before. It still has the screwcaps but only 4 of them.
  2. Hi Alan 20 litres is a fair amount of water and 20kg in weight or a bag of cement to put it simply. This is not good on a roof that is already sagging. There seems to be 2 main problems with the roof structure either sagging mainly around the stargazer or the roof actually lifting and crowning in the middle causing the fixings from internal walls to pull out and creating a gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling. The latter seems to be related to the roof getting hot in sunlight. Both these problems can only be a result of under engineering of the roof structure. The strength of the roof crossmembers has obviously been sacrificed in the interest of weight saving in my opinion. I was told that in vans with stargazers the cross members at each side of the stargazer differed from the vans that didnt have them by being aluminium and not timber.
  3. I've just seen that Swift are now making 8ft wide vans in the Sprite(super) and Elegance(grand) ranges the 2 sprites being almost identical in layout to the 840,866. I think if the dealer specials add some nice extras that one of these may be my next van. The Elddis vans are nice units although over due for a bigger refresh, but just spoilt by poor build quality and under engineering in places. I had my last swift(stering 2014 model) for just over 3 years and it was as good when i sold it as it was when i picked it up, and needed virtually nothing done to it. Im not confident that Elddis vans have the build quality to last and are lagging behind in other manufacturers in both quality and technology. My currnet van not feeling anywhere near as solid as the swift. In fact i had a 2011 avante before the swift and that always felt bulletproof. As for 2019 models a few tweaks, different graphics and higher price tag is all. I was hopeing to see some hymer influence by now but build quality and style are both the same as before only the price has changed. . Come on Hymer give us a good quality modern product that is worthy of our hard earned cash. .
  4. Hi my 840 has also developed squeeling brakes again at no more than 1000miles travelled and less than 6 months old. Sounds terrible when slowing down.
  5. Hi Benz I was told the tolerance was 25mm. Its not confidence inspiring is it, as a concave structure is inherently weak.
  6. Im not suprised the light switching arrangement at the front of the van around the whale controller is not the most logically thought out by elddis, the stargazer lights should be separate from the overhead lights and on proper switches not the fiddly little ones on the whale unit. The 2 outside lights should also be together on the same type of switches.
  7. Caravan Stu has had his done I think, any chance of posting a photo Stu.
  8. Hi I was notified by my dealer whilst other works were being done that the surround holding the spot lights has been modified and it will need changing when elddis have made the modified one. Compass 840.
  9. Does anybody know who makes the long stargazer roof light above the front lounge as ive not been able to find any info on it. Ideally i would like the IP rating as to ascertain whether the dip in the roof is going to cause any problems around this unit due to standing water. Also has anybody on here noticed their roof sags at the front of this skylight especially on the 8ft wide models of the avante, buccaneer etc, you need to look accross where the plastic front of the caravan joins the aluminium roof behind the half round trim. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I've just had the same issue with the front seat cushions. The fabric is looking very baggy and they have definitely lost some of their support after only a few weekends use. Very poor.
  11. Whilst at dealers today having a few bits and bobs looked at on my 840, I queeried a slight sag in the roof infront of the stargazer roof light. Apparently there is an allowable tolerance an mine is within this, but when looking at a few other vans with stargazers for comparison (not just the 8ft wide models) they were worse than mine one sagging enough to actually make the front of the stargazer look like it would be fully submerged should it rain. I wondered how common this is as obviously its not ideal to have standing water of any depth around a roof light. .
  12. Hi Neil Did you get the back rests sorted as ive just jumped in the deep end again and ordered a casita 840 dealer special and was wondering what if any was the fix. The new ones are still the same.
  13. Yeh last one went back, and one before that rejected when I went to pick it up and got deposit back, so do I chance a third time lucky or buy a big tent. .😁... Thing is the layout and extra room inside is on bang on for us. Long benches at the front, separate diner with plenty of room and the fixed bed, the wife likes that there is room around the kitchen and the big fridge.
  14. I went to the lawns show this weekend and was extremely disappointed in the new models. Virtually nothing has changed, new rear end, rear access locker fitted, wood veneer slightly different shade as are worktops. I was going to chance another 840 but it looks like time has stood still for a year only difference I could spot other than the aforementioned is the addition of some curtain rail above fixed bed and the wardrobe door is now 1 piece getting rid of the flimsy middle support between the previous 2 doors fitted. The diner backrests are still the same flimsy set up and were already showing signs of the screws pulling through. What a shame Elddis haven't tweaked the speck to improve the vans poor points, all the lights at the front still come on with one switch and are too bright. Swift are looking several years ahead design wise with even the base sprite models having some nice touches like the curved shelf in the kitchen area, ideal for phones. The swift sterling range looked particularly contemporary inside with shades of grey and ivory woodwork. Very nice and would have looked great in the avante leaving the casitas for the more traditional buyer. Not sure I'm going to bother now and just over a grand dearer than last year.
  15. Hi we ended up rejecting van due to numerous faults so it never got fixed, sorry I could be of no more help.
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