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  1. I had the same problem with mine if you remove the 4 screws and pull off the white cap and ease the blue pipe off and if you have some insulation tape rap it around the white pipe insert and push the blue pipe back over it refit the screws it stops leaking I did mine last year and it has never leaked again
  2. I know but how hard would it be to put a drain pipe on to know it’s completely drained don't care much for the domestic oven as well the fan is on all the time in operation
  3. Yes your right my 2018 vip demotic toilet leaks on the way to disposal-point warped lip seal Had to have a new flush button because the other one slit half full light reed switch is faulty have to lubricant slider all the time and no way to empty the flush tank defiantly lives up to the name crapper
  4. We have a cheap radio transmitter and tune the radio in to the tv speakers on mine are right next to your head works very well
  5. Reminds me of when mine was on a farm storage site about 8 years ago and someone had a bonfire burning rubbish and it set the bushes on fire and cased this : Attached pictures mine was the one with the two gas bottles We Were devastated
  6. I have the same problem on mine but in my case it won’t go all the way down looking at one side the cord had Fraid and had bunched up and stopping the full travel have a new blind ordered under warranty and going in to fit it next week
  7. Thanks mickjb a tap is all it needed its one of the things that drives you mad it must be my age 😊
  8. Sorry I should have said I had the top off the cassette to see if the arm is jammed but it moves freely
  9. Hi all On the Vip dometic saneo toilet has anyone had a problem with the orange 3/4 full light on the panel staying on after emptying it mine won’t go out even after removing the fuse for 12 hours and putting it back in it’s still on
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