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  1. Just had the same problem myself with camping and caravan insurance. I have a coachman Vip mine went up £100 this year I said how can it go up that much and his only reply was some other people’s have gone up by more i did shop around afterwards quite a few wouldn’t give me a quote because new for old price has risen above £30k cheapest price I got like for like was only cheaper by £20 so reluctantly stayed with them but it is ridiculous hike
  2. I rang the C&CC booking centre yesterday to unfortunately cancel for Easter and was told because it was within 30 days of the booking I have lost my £70 deposit you would think in the circumstances they would be more flexible.
  3. The thermostat in the oven sounds like a good idea think I will give that ago I’m sure if the dealer comes back to me it’s going to be close to £1000 thanks for all your help
  4. It just doesn’t cook food properly had it in to be tested and they say it’s ok had things in it ie chicken ,chips meat and even if you cook it longer than it says it still comes out half cooked So the boss has had enough
  5. I have a Vip 575 2018 with dometic oven. Has and one had a quote or replaced back to thetford oven my dealer says they have never done one and it may not be possible
  6. I have the same problem having the seal replaced under warranty take out the cassette and manually open the blue slider my one had gone out of shape if your seal is ok. Make sure you push the cassette all the way home once it’s been emptied Had that problem a few times if it’s not pushed in fully only has to be out slightly and it leaks everywhere
  7. Yes had mine replaced under warranty also. Mine only lasted 2 months when I went to pick it up after it was replaced I tried it and wouldn’t close all the way down They said it was a nightmare to replace and wasn’t very happy it had to be done again think it’s always going to be a problem the cords are a Weak point I try not to use mine to much
  8. Have you tried contacting the AA to see if you could add your caravan on it would be cheaper than trying get full cover from someone else
  9. What do you mean is it not covered under your AA cover mine is
  10. Just had a letter from my caravan storage site they are putting up the price again !! Supposed to be to bring the rental in line with market forces. In the last 12 months it’s gone from £500 to £605 and now they say it will go up 10% per annum. Is this right, it seems a big increase to me. The site is in the manchester, its a fenced area and security on after Buisness hours. I know I can leave but was thinking what everyone else thought, is this a fair price and also I’m not happy about the annual increase as well.
  11. I had the same problem with mine if you remove the 4 screws and pull off the white cap and ease the blue pipe off and if you have some insulation tape rap it around the white pipe insert and push the blue pipe back over it refit the screws it stops leaking I did mine last year and it has never leaked again
  12. I know but how hard would it be to put a drain pipe on to know it’s completely drained don't care much for the domestic oven as well the fan is on all the time in operation
  13. Yes your right my 2018 vip demotic toilet leaks on the way to disposal-point warped lip seal Had to have a new flush button because the other one slit half full light reed switch is faulty have to lubricant slider all the time and no way to empty the flush tank defiantly lives up to the name crapper
  14. We have a cheap radio transmitter and tune the radio in to the tv speakers on mine are right next to your head works very well
  15. Reminds me of when mine was on a farm storage site about 8 years ago and someone had a bonfire burning rubbish and it set the bushes on fire and cased this : Attached pictures mine was the one with the two gas bottles We Were devastated
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