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  1. At Edinburgh CMC last August we were pitched opposte a Belgian couple with a motorhome towing a covered trailer. The next morning out popped a BMW classic motorcycle and they went off for the day. We came back to the van at about midnight and I noticed the BMW sitting on the front of the pitch. Next morning I assumed they must have gone out early as the bike wasn't parked up. Soon after the Belgian man was knocking our door wondering if we had heard anything as his classic BMW, which he had owned for many years, had been stolen. On reflection, despite the site having security barriers, it is not ideally situated to ensure good security.
  2. My Tom Tom Caravan edition gave up after the recent April update. Found a repairer in Norfolk, sent it off came back in a couple of days all working and very reasonably priced.
  3. My 2017 Commodore IDC started playing up a couple of months ago. It would make its noise sometimes then it would flash Red on the light. Had it serviced with no faults found. I asked my local service agent to check the car and all was okay there. It turned out to be the 13 pin plug. It had unscrewed itself from the outer turning part, with the effect it looked to be in place and secure but in fact wasn't connecting the pins properly. Screwed it back together with no further problems.
  4. If you want reliability it has to be Japanese. My first 2007 Nissan Pathfinder had 80k on it after eight years of which half was towing a similar caravan to yours. My second Pathfinder now has 45k on it tow's our Buccaneer with ease. Neither of them have had anything mechanically go wrong just servicing and tyres. Watch for rust though especially around the rear legs just forward of the axle. Hard bit is finding a good well cared for example with anything less than 150k on the clock.
  5. My Tom Tom Camper 1005 stopped working after the April update. After a bit of searching I came across a company called SatNav Specialist Ltd of Halesworth Suffolk. Sent them an email, came back as "send in the unit" we will then quote and return the unit. Posted Friday 10th May by special delivery had an email today 14th May repair costing £19.99 with a further £7.40 recorded delivery. Should be back on the 15th. Total cost £33.79
  6. Outside lockers and wheel spats all resealed, wall board jointing tape strips replaced all under warranty. See how they last this time.
  7. I also have the TT 1005 Caravan, it too started to not read maps at the beginning of April when it said a download/update was required. Downloaded the update and yesterday went to use for the first time. Had the van on the back and for over an hour my OH tried to get the damn thing to work. Not a hope. It is exactly as Landyman describes it. Today tried it onto the laptop without any success. It is just about to get thrown from a great height. HELP !!
  8. Hymer (Elddis) have agreed to our warranty claim on replacing the interior jointing tape and also locker door and wheel arch sealant. As we are very close to one of the dealers branches at the end of the month it is booked in for a full day, keeping our fingers crossed and will report when completed.
  9. Good to hear, we are also sitting in our 2017 Commodore with a four degress outside temperature, Alde heating doing its thing making the interior very cosy indeed. Apart from the wallpaper strips slightly peeling and mastic gaps on the outside locker doors we are very happy after 8600 miles and 185 nights.
  10. Really; You have proof of that !! With a bit of thought it wasnt difficult to mount the monitor on the rear view mirror.
  11. Fitted a Durite 077641 rear view camera with 7" Monitor. Very happy with it, no break in signal wish I had it years ago. https://www.durite.co.uk/itm/Wireless-CCTV-Kits-up-to-4-Cameras/Wireless-CCTV-Kit-7-Colour-Infrared-TFT-Monitor-with-Sound-12V-24V/077641 Practical caravan gave it top marks on a recent review.
  12. 2nd Service carried out today on our 2017 Commodore. 8000 miles and 170 nights and all is well. Some slight shrinking of the mastic around the outside locker doors and peeling of the wall board joining strips inside. Well done to Leisure World Group Catterick for the swift attention to detail service.
  13. Having our Commodore 2nd year service at Leisure World Catterick next week, we have found them truly excellent, fixing any problems without any hesitation over the last two years.
  14. After having a very tight approach experience in Devon to a CL I always check on Google map the approach etc it certainly makes life less stressful. Purchased a caravan version TT a few years ago and it has never let us down with unsuitable roads, my OH insisting TT is always right and I shouldn't ignore the instructions.
  15. Used it for the first time a week or so ago, monies came out the bank charged at the text rate. No problem. Would be happy to use again.
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