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  1. Ian McH

    NEC Show

    They have changed the control system. The remote has been replaced with a removable ipad type touch screen unit that sits in a charging holder. The holder can them be placed inside a cupboard or sealed locker.
  2. Ian McH

    NEC Show

    Was at the E&P stand yesterday. Asked about fitting to my new Coachman and was given price just under 3k with a price increase imminent in March ?
  3. My 2017 Buccaneer with the silver sides, the sealant went on all the lockers at 27 months old and they were all redone by the dealer after a warranty claim was approved by Elddis.
  4. I have had two new Nissan Pathfinders in 2500cc Diesel. My current one a 2011 with seven seats tows my 2000kg Buccaneer effortlessly. Very reliable, just a shame they stopped producing them in 2014. Try finding a good low mileage example ?
  5. I didn't mention the damp as we need to get the warranty issues sorted before seriously looking. I do still very much like the layout and the extras that the Buccaneer has. The E&P and heated floor is not something easily found together in another brand. Thanks Ian.
  6. Great to see your Commodore has been all sorted so swiftly. We were passing and went into Pearman at the weekend but wasn't impressed with the partx figure given considering they had a 2017 Cruiser on the forecourt for a good few thousand more. Erwin Hymer are still deliberating on our damp readings, took them five weeks to decide more photo's were required just when they had the Christmas break. We are still waiting on a reply to the photo's sent in on the 2nd January. I do wonder if it was partly condensation as it was cold and we had to use the van overnight before the service. My damp readings are not as high as the service damp readings and the board is not so evident. Going to ask my local service engineer to do an independant damp report. Meanwhile I am getting more frustrated and disillusioned with the brand. I'm sure you know what I mean.
  7. I posted it up on the 2017 Commodore thread page 33. Here's hoping it's just a one off.
  8. Purchased my 2017 Commodore three years ago next week. Thank goodness I read about taking a small amount of the purchase on finance. Just like GB1309 took out at his purchase. At our three year service carried out in November damp was found in two places. Erwin Hymer have asked for photographs of the stained panels before deciding if the warranty claim will be allowed even though we have had it serviced annually by the selling dealer within the servicing scheduled dates. If our dealers claim to Erwin Hymer for the warranty work required is not approved under the 10 years water ingress guarantee then Black Horse will be asked to intervene and the finance may well prove to be a good investment.
  9. Independent specialist. Service was excellent and still working fully. Well pleased. https://www.tomtomrepairteam.co.uk/
  10. Same as Lead Farmer. Go for more than one day taking your time and a night to think anything over.
  11. Interested to hear how the decorative/light panel comes off ? I usually have a large socket set on board but as we were only going 40 miles sods law I left it at home. Had the chance of using a weighbridge the other week. Commodore very lightly packed but had the awning under the bed, one Safefill gas bottle, a dozen wooden levelling blocks, two ehu cables. Found the van to be 10% over MTPLM. Noseweight of 165kg. My trusted steed Nissan Pathfinder was well under weight on both axles and GTW so a lot more of our essential bits will be stored in the 4x4 for travelling. Be interesting to weigh the Commodore in a few weeks again once she has been on a strict diet.
  12. Sorry to hear you are now a member of the damp club, hope you get it sorted soon. I sent our dealer an email this week to enquire how our warranty claim was progressing. Even though the claim has been sent apparently it takes up to four weeks for Erwin Hymer to approve and respond !!! We are away this weekend with the heating on full blast with my damp meter at the ready to record readings. On another point. I fitted Tyrepal sensors (Valve cap type) the other day whilst the van was in storage, after hooking up today discovered we had a flat tyre. Jacking up wouldn't be a problem but I didn't have a wheel brace ? Not sure if one is supplied and I've misplaced it but we don't have one. Had to go back home for my footpump before setting off again. Must get a wheel wrench to carry in the van. Ian.
  13. I use the Kampa spacer foam pads behind the awning pole against my Buccaneer Solid construction. With the silver alloy sides I wasn't taking any chances even though my awning is only up in good weather for a few days and not for a season.
  14. Had my Tom Tom Caravan edition repaired after the update issue. Working perfectly again.
  15. Had a look at the awning rail but couldn't see anything drastically amiss, cannot understand the high damp readings as it is stored under cover in an open fronted 20 bay unit. Decided we are going to see what it is like after being repaired. Still love the van and layout. After looking around there is nothing on the market to better it.
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