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  1. Hi Graham Sorry to read of your Heki problems. I have stored indoors an almost brand new sprung mattress (bedz4zzz) that was in my Commodore for twelve nights. It is one piece (non folding) very thick and will most likely knock a chunk off your nose weight !! It's here if your interested. Hope you get all sorted for your trip away. Ian
  2. I take a Cadac carry chef 2 and a Weber Go Anywhere. Best of both worlds, Cadac for anything grilled and the Weber for well anything barbecued with great flavouring. Use a small Weber chimney starter and briquettes so quick and easy.
  3. Battery box size is in the handbook certainly is in my 2020 VIP. Also downloadable from Coachman website.
  4. From CMC FAQ Will you be reducing VAT on bookings? VAT will now be charged on our camping pitches at the new 5% rate. The reduction on all published pitch prices will be applied to the majority of bookings when you arrive and pay for your stay on site. If you have already paid and want to request a refund please email vatrefunds@CMC.com and include details of your booking.
  5. Hi Graham Sorry to read your Commodore has succumed to the dreaded Heiki split but it does look hopeful it hasn't done any damage. As you know we gave in with the Commodore too high damp readings was the final straw on 3rd service, that dug deep and annoyed to the point of it falling out of favour. The new Coachman so far is trouble freee, only 700 miles in and 8 nights before lockdown. Spotted a good offer from A&E Leisure for E&P fitting just as lockdown was easing. Had the full system along with new big feet on the rams fitted and the new docking station with removabl
  6. When my BPW IDC was giving a bad connection it was the caravan plug at fault. The plug innards had started to unscrew itself making a bad connection at the pins. Worth a check?
  7. Ian McH

    Good advice

    Have used a chimney starter for many years now wouldn't be without one. I use briquettes rather than lumpwood as I find them cooler. Do a lot of Indirect one zone or two zones with coals on both sides. Wood chips soaked then dried and placed onto coals damp are good for smoking results. Keep the lid on. Chicken thighs, Baked potatoes, one zone, Beech woodchips. Really tasty.
  8. Very normal, my new van with the E&P reacts the same way on the way down as my Commodore did. With the weight of the van on the rams it does come down in jerks.
  9. Our dealer fixed the tv swing arm bracket far right using Sikaflex and screw to the board, remembering there is a 50mm void behind the wall to the cabinet in the bathroom.
  10. Bunree CMC site has a traffic light system that works very well on the narrow long approach to the site. Perhaps this may be a way to certainly overcome the congestion.
  11. Is the battery Positive post on the Right or Left ? Thanks.
  12. Thank you, just what I was looking for. Downloaded the manual as the original is in the van. Wasn't sure if the 330mm Numax would fit in.
  13. Anyone know the physical dimensions of a leisure battery that will fit into the locker compartment of my 2020 VIP 520. With the current conditions I would like to purchase another battery to charge at home and swap over but cannot get to my storage to measure the tray etc.
  14. Traded in our 2017 Commodore for an in-stock factory fresh 2020 Coachman VIP520 beginning of February six weeks before lock-down. Having been blown about through storm Dennis and Ciara in Feb/March missed the solid feel from the E&P of the Commodore.
  15. It's completely new. E&P had it on their stand at the February NEC show. You don't have the usual fixed panel along with the brown remote control but instead you have a oblong docking station that can be placed inside a locker or cupboard with a removable touch screen colour pad. The buttons are laid out the same as the old system with a Manual section and an Automatic section. The clever bit on my recent fitted system is that the installers make the system have a secret switched on/off power supply. Making it very secure when on site and the colour pad removed.
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