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  1. I have to do mine for my ònboard tank. When on battery i.e. lower voltage the pump struggles to reach the setpoint i use when set for electric hook up. When on electric hook up and the p.s. set for battery the pump switches on and off for quite a while. Never found a happy medium between the two but its not a big job to adj the p.s.. When i use the outside tank it works fine for both situations.
  2. Im sure the wardens would say that a early arrival would interfere with their cleaning duties and they would be right. You can bet your life that if they do it for one then everyone would be at it. Just left a site this morning and a motor home arrived around 10am he was still waiting at the gate when we left at 11.30am. Infact the warden was sweeping the road round him at one point.🤣 Remember rules are rules. Where would we be without rules. France! thats where we would be. (Al Murray)
  3. Why on matters like this don't you first ask the organ grinder. If you dont get the answer you want then by all means post an ask if you have been unfairly treated not that it will make any difference. However if they give the ok your post could say what great guys the CMC are. Keep us updated.😁
  4. Seems everyone is practicing their politician skills. "I will answer this question by answering another one" On that vain my discovery has a button for trailer light test. 🤣🤣😋🤣
  5. They are a shocking design the circuit board is positioned above the tank and not blanked off so two things happen if too full it splashes the board or if you take care and don't overfill then condensation gets it. In both case's it eventually affects the contacts ended up having to buy a new board. Also on a older van we had it shorted it out. As soon as we stopped the car, power went on and started the pump it flooded the bathroom.
  6. Yes i will 2nd or 3rd or 4th that. 4 nights at knarsborough next week CMC £104. Right we thought not paying over £25 a night. Priced up Borobridge C&CC £68 for 4 nights rang up to book as they have a 8m limit on the web site. Was informed on flood alert. So that was the end of that.
  7. Absolutely no reason it should leak if done properly you can get kits off eBay which have the roof junction boxes and stuffing glands. Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to do it.
  8. Anyone else have a problem with getting the photo accepted. Took several pictures of the wife with my phone with a light background as requested and then uploaded it came back saying it could not detect the head or something like that. So took several more on different backgrounds. Still came back not able to see. We couldn't see anything wrong with it so sent it off. I should explain my wife is of a certain age and doesn't dye her hair so is now a blonde Anyway we got a email saying the photo couldn't be accepted. Was advised to go to a professional photographer. I tried it with picture of me, uploaded no problem. So only option was to go onto photoshop and change her hair colouring. It then uploaded no problem and as I'm writing this we got a knock on the door and the passport was delivered.😁 Personally I think Red suits her.🤣🤣
  9. Maybe thats how it works. Its magic (in my best Paul Daniels voice )
  10. I've had trouble with mine in the past. When we were at a large meet maybe the CMC national i popped into the kampa stand told them it was leaking they gave me a large spray can of sealent. Sprayed it up and now appears to be ok.
  11. Love the fact that Powrtouch by their own admission produce a badly fitting cover reinforced by the number on here who have lost them and then charge you £40 for some that work. Sounds like a good business strategy.
  12. Just priced up on the towsure site and comes out around £450 but may have got some of the details incorrect so give or take either way for a witter bracket. But your price certainly in the ball park. My bracket was £1000 if fitted at the time of manufacturer double that as a after market. It requires a whole new chassis member apparently.
  13. I perhaps should add I present myself in a fully submissive state. I basically turn up lay on my back and wait for my belly to be tickled. Sometimes that gets better results.🤣🤣🤣
  14. I've been a member of the C&CC for over 30 years never had a problem admitted not used their commercial sites a vast amount but when we have no trouble at all. The only problem with a warden we have experienced is with the CMC club. I suppose we all have bad days. Maybe if you are continually having problems the fault may lie elsewhere 😉
  15. Unfortunately my bed wont stay up on the gas strut when its made ok when just the mattress on. As others have said just calibrate, involves levelling manually using a spirit level then tell the system its now level.
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