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  1. I asked this the other day. Apparently there is a 10 or 15 minute window where you can edit it after posting. After that I assume only the mods can edit.
  2. As above pump maybe cavitating maķe sure it vertical. You can hear when the pump takes up load not as wirrey (I know that's not a actual word). Not sure what you mean about opening the taps one should be open all the time . I usually do the hot first to fill the heater but doing the cold will be a lot quicker giving you a indication that the pump is running correctly
  3. There seems to be quite a number of these posts loss of 12v etc etc. Forum members post suggestions as to possible faults. Unfortunately we seldom get feedback on the final fix. That said I suggest you check your habitation relay has not stuck in the wrong position. This is not a criticism of you Fred because I'm sure you will enlighten us what the fault is/was when you discover it. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  4. Only ever used the supplied scissor Jack when putting on thè wheel locks of my old caravan in the storage compound. I had one or two strange angles of the jack but as I wasn't removing a wheel or lifting very high I didn't always reset it. On site I would fit one at most and a hitch lock. Spent a few times winding the Jack and watching it disappear underground. Much easier and safer these days with the EP levelling on the latest van. It's the future😉
  5. Yes our bedroom is cooler. (Have you seen the ventilation and service holes under the bed). But must say I prefer that it's cooler. Only time I really notice it is whilst using the shower. If it's a problem open the internal doors for a while to get more heat through there.
  6. Thankyou for your reply Craig Wondered if the gripit screws for plaster board wood be any good.Craig.

    1. CraigP2005


      Hi Sundream wasn't aware you had posted this. It doesn't inform you, only  stumbled on it.


      I would feel happier using the wood pad as I did. It then gives a large surface area to glue to the panel. The screws just add a little more security.  But that's only my opinion.  It's your call.


  7. Hi welcome to the forum. I fitted one to my van not a Lunar but sounds like its in a similar position. I didn't want to remove the fridge to put support plates behind. (this is perhaps the best and correct method) So I screwed and glued a wood Pad about 8" square about 3/4 " thick to the wall then screwed the bracket to the wood. Been there 4 years now and no problems. I also travel with it in place. I think i posted some pictures in the Buccaneer commodore 2017 thread a long time ago possibly in 2016/17 . Obviously make sure the screws don't go through the wall panel fully and into t
  8. So no idea about a charger unit. You can pick up a multimeter for a few quid. I got one from Lidl to leave in the van for less than a tenner. With that's you could measure to if your charger has a output or indeed 240v input. But with all things electrical if you are not sure leave well alone. Good luck. Sorry it's soured your first outing.
  9. Yes I understood you had removed the battery from the van . I think And fitted you garage one (shall we say) but it's switched on and transferring 8A at 13v to your battery so pretty flat I would think. Although 8a seems quite high. If you switch off the charger what's the volts on the battery using a multimeter. Either way your van charger appears to be not working to let the battery drop to that level whilst on mains also the fact the charger unit is not supplying 12v to the van itself. Or have I got totally the wrong end of the stick?
  10. Are you measuring the voltage of the new battery whilst the charger is switched on ? If so you are measuring the charging volts. It needs to be switched off to get the battery volts.
  11. Is it possibly pump cavitation. Make sure your pump is vertical in the barrel and not laid down.
  12. This app is the same as the patient access app . If your surgery supports it. I've now got both. No trouble setting up the Nhs app. Used finger print works fine. But as I say seems identical to Patient Access
  13. Obviously nobody wants a problem caravan and has been pointed out, all the manufacturer's have their issues. So what's just as important is how the dealer/manufacturer deal with a problem. I know you asked for positives, just saying who you buy from is also important. I have a Buccaneer, lovely caravan layout but sadly not without its problems. Awaiting on how they deal with those issues so choose carefully. Both the model and dealer.
  14. Not familiar with this set up but you mention an app. What temp value does it have set. I appreciate you have tried to dissable it but certainly sounds like it being refreshed from somewhere. I would have a search round to see if that temp value is stored anywhere.
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