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  1. Really not sure how we are going to get out of this. The industry has been highlighting the shortage of drivers for months and I've watched a procession of ministers and government spokesman telling us this shortage has nothing to do with anything we have recently done🤣 and the driver shortage was/is Europe wide. So how's the latest measure going to help? It's clearly the BBC fault no other news outlet has reported on this. We should demand we are kept in the dark and all news government controlled.
  2. During the summer months the above should be easily achievable. We manage the above for 3 weeks or more with the 100w roof mounted panel. Having said that tv is strictly rationed to a little over an hour or so in the evening and if we stay in on a night the lighting is also a consideration. (Our van has a stupid amount of leds) when on the main lights. I suppose it sounds worse than it is. Winter im afraid is a totally different proposition. The times I've had to drag myself out to the pub to save battery power. If at all worried get a 2nd battery and a panel.
  3. Apologies for that. But did warn of a potential scam and truth be told I wouldn't know how to render it harmless . I always copy and paste dodgy texts I receive and send to my provider along with the phone number it was sent from. I'm not 100% certain but if you forward the text to 7726 (I'm O2) they go to your provider which ever network you are on and hopefully they will block that number for all their customers.
  4. NHS: We've recently checked and we can see you can apply for a Pass proving you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Please visit https://nhs--applyonline.com to apply. Received this text today. The link takes you to a very convincing NHS Page. (If I'm honest still not sure if it's real) Started to fill out the fields it was only when £4.99 or something like was mentioned that I smelt a rat.
  5. I think the problem arises when the admin team post quite contentious items (not all but some ) and anyone countering that have their posts removed. Example being the one you are replying too.
  6. We are in Cornwall nr Padstow. Had a little wind yesterday evening then it just dropped. Had two bouts of rain in the night but nothing special. Overcast this morning but certainly no extreme weather. Maybe to come🤔
  7. And some people will bend over backwards to try and make sense of these government failings mostly of their own making. Warnings of a driver shortage was highlighted years ago, brexit being the main concern of hauliers. It's was totally ignored. So now together with brexit and the pandemic the master plan after the event is let them work more hours. Obviously it only has the potential to kill a few. Not a problem if you fly by helicopter everywhere.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Still not sure if scratch or not. Unfortunately I have other problems, damp down both sides at the front end and the sky light cracks (heki). Fortunately all been done under warranty. We also love the layout of the van but you don't expect to pay this kind of money and have to go to bed holding a bucket when it rains. In fairness to the wife she getting quite good at it. And it's only rarely that she disturbs me.
  9. Since this thread started I've taken more notice of what others are doing. Not totally obsessed but just when I remember, and the only vehicles I've seen without extension mirrors are trucks with wide loads usually transporting static caravans (we have a lot round here). It's true some have escort vehicles but the majority don't. I have no way of knowing if they have rear view cameras
  10. There have been many discussions of late wrt the fridges freezing/cooling capabilities whilst towing. Smart alternators unfortunately have a lot to answer for. So the answer to your question is no. At best it will maintain a previously cooled fridge. I've found them pretty poor.
  11. Seen quite a few barbecues on site but never come across anything else on the sites I frequent. C&CC, C&MH & 5 Van sites of either club. So I wouldn't say it was a problem.
  12. I have the calor light. It was spot on as per the stamps 10.5 kg gross 4.5 kg bottle weight empty. So exactly 6kg of gas.
  13. Mum and Dads 1st van a Thompson Glen 4. Would be around 1970. As above footpump for water. It must have had 12v lighting but also gas mantle. No fridge or toilet 3 berths 4th made up of a canvas bunk bed. I inherited that van a good few years later and fitted electric waterpump and radio. No damp though even after 12 years.
  14. Elddis require quite a number of hoops to be jumped through before approving a warranty claim and that's with an approved workshop. The workshop assessed my problem, and then submitted a claim, Elddis required photographs these were produced. They then required further photographs. They then asked for the fridge to be removed for more photograph but refused payment to the repairer for doing this work who obviously refused. I then had to take the van back in for one of their (Elddis) engineers to assess the problem. All now approved but yes they are keen. Maybe they have been stung in the past or they just enjoy putting barriers in the way of those unfortunate enough to have a duff van. Your only option is to go to an approved workshop.
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