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  1. I can't believe the replies this guy is getting to a perfectly good question basically what this forum should be about. I had to check to see if he had accidentally posted in the dealers section because the answers he's been getting would seem to bare this out. From it your fault for buying the van to you've got a good trade in. Maybe he didn't want to trade in at this time and take the hit every 3/4 years which you clearly do . I'm sorry I can't offer you any advice but can offer you every sympathy and I for one would be gutted if this happened to me.
  2. Is it more accurate than the lat \ long on google maps.? Its so easy to share your location with Google maps. Just touch were the curser says you are on google maps screen, the lat long is now displayed. It then allows you to share this info with different platforms WhatsApp etc to whom ever. It will then navigate them to you. What am I missing with the What3words. I appreciate a good data connection is required with google maps does what3words live on your phone so no datalink required?
  3. Yes I will be keeping a a close watch on this. When not in use I have the front lowered to stop puddling so not sure how long its been cracked. As I said my local caravan tech was really reluctant to fit a new combing due to the work involved and the time/payment from Eldis. I really think it should have been a recall if its a construction issue as it seems its going to leak sooner or later, a little like the recall by swifts for the front skylight i believe that was an adhesive problem also a few years ago. If i get another crack it will have to go in especially as you are suggesting it
  4. It seems im now a victim of the heki cracked combing problem. I initially repaired with sealant and clear shower tape which looked rather neat but failed quite quickly. Unfortunately this failure was noticed at around 3am when it started dripping on the wife. As it had stopped raining at this point I found my self at this un earthly hour with my head stuck through the vent trying to remove water that puddles in the deep recess of the roof to the rear of the heki. I contacted my local service tech who agreed to have a look the next day and do a remedial fix which consisted of lots of sealant
  5. I ran a wire from the battery with inline fuse to a isolator (as stated above 10A supply required). Then wired in the pump to the isolator. I can easily disconnect the pump as also fitted it with push connections.
  6. We use these or something similar (just did a quick search). Quite strong and removable. Also put them on the outside of the van when the awning is up. https://www.amazon.co.uk/DDSTG-Powerful-Removable-Reusable-Bathroom/dp/B07NX7PY5V/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=suction+hooks&qid=1588548645&sr=8-7
  7. I think thats totally uncalled for. He who should be nameless stated his reasons for his holiday rather well I thought. So you think allowing in 3000 Spaniards to watch a game of football, which they would have been band from watching at home. Was ok? Allowing the Cheltenham Festival attended by over 100,000 to go ahead. Was OK? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/apr/21/experts-inquiry-cheltenham-festival-coronavirus-deaths Not banning large gatherings for football matches when most other countries had done so already. Was OK?
  8. Sorry for the late reply I've been out. Quite shocked at the amount of poverty on this forum. I'n truth it was posted a little tongue in cheek and no I haven't been drinking. However there's no doubt this country and many others are going to be in recession for some time to come. I see loads of platitudes posted on this forum for our front line workers, some have paid the ultimate price in looking after this age group and just wondered what would be the reaction to my suggestion, given that a large proportion are minimum wage workers. I wasn't disappointed, 12 dis
  9. Given that all that's been asked of us of a certain age, is to stay at home. Would it be unfair to be asked to take a 20% reduction in state pension in line with others (furloughed workers etc) for a predetermined time . After all we have little outgoings compared to a young family. Perhaps the money raised could be spent on the NHS workers, care homes etc or is the weekly Thursday clap reward enough. I think as a group we have enjoyed some of the best times, its unlikely, if the experts are to be believed that wrt company and state pensions the like will not be seen again.
  10. oh dear! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/22/revealed-private-firm-running-uk-ppe-stockpile-was-sold-in-middle-of-pandemic So we do have such a place. It is run by the govt, you can stockpile. Well we live and learn Stay safe
  11. Oh my goodness where do i start No not a cheap shot at all and I stand by it. I objected most strongly to the "Banging on" statement. I would use that terminology if I was talking about trivia not life and death for our NHS workers and carers. Its been pointed out time and again how this government as been lets say "behind the curve" from the very beginning. Not all government gets everything right but one thing would be nice. But all we have heard is lies or blaming of others. One of the you keeps saying all this PPE couldn't have been stored and gets 4 likes for this. We
  12. Glad you feel so relaxed about it, but then its not you putting your life and your families life in danger. Of course they are going through ppe this was highlighted in all the models they have ran but we didn't prepare we chose to save money. Its now causing deaths. Hindsight? Whats the point of running these scenarios if your not going to heed them.
  13. No I'm finding it more awkward these days to fill up on some forecourts. Could be that my caravans are getting larger. But the design of new stations are not making things any easier with the small supermarket placed across the fuel lanes. Some are impossible to use. I always try and fuel up before setting out but on long trips i just hope i can get filled up. Used the hgv lane once for other reasons and that had the extra wide nozzle but managed. Disco 4.
  14. Thanks LE gave you a cup but not sure it counts as two when they are both from the same source .😉 Couldn't see any reference to the next PPI. I can see what they are trying to achieve and whilst it does stick in the throat theres no doubt our prisons will be a breading ground and cause the wardens and the prisoners potential great harm by overcrowding. So if they are due to be let out in 2 months get them out now before they need ventilators and put a greater strain on the NHS. Call them back later when this is over. This is me trying to be objective 🤔
  15. Please provide a link no make that 2 as there are so many. I've done a search and nothing came up.
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