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  1. Just found the truck and van site. still comes up £200 more than the Sorento, with all the same details and basically 2 vehicles of a similar price.
  2. Navaras don’t come up when I use Confused.Com
  3. I may take another look at the Navara, it was a toss up between, the 2 last time out. The reason the Navara lost out was, insurance, not being self employed, the cheapest I could find was £600, twice what I pay on the Sorento. It has the advantage of a full size spare and more space for the dogs.
  4. Called into my local Kia dealer last night, as my current 3 year PCP is coming to an end. Apparently there are now no models available like mine, I was hoping for a cheeky deal, with the new model coming out. The new models lower specs are petrol/ hybrid, which I’m not interested in. I want another diesel, so the first model you can get with that, is equivalent to the 3 and only in auto.The young lad was almost apologetic when he told me the price. £41000! Think I’ll stick with what I’ve got!
  5. At Logis du Breuil, near Royan, site is deserted, only 80 vans on site and the lady in reception tells us not very many bookings for August. she is very concerned. Dont know if this is symptomatic for France or just a problem for this site, it’s not the cheapest, but suits us and we like the location.
  6. We are stuck with going out from Portsmouth on a Wednesday or Thursday night, due to work commitments and coming back 18 days later. So not a lot of flexibility to be had. I’am a Club Voyager member and have never been able to get either of the club price anywhere near BF price.
  7. Spoke to RP on the phone, asked why the premiums had gone up so much. I was told, as has already been suggested, they have changed underwriters. She also said, the new underwriters didnt want to insure anyone over 80. The Club said they must, hence the price hike. I wonder what percentage of RP customers are over 80. Or would ex customers be more appropriate?
  8. She has been coming with us for years, at the more reasonable price. I’ll see what it comes up with for the two of us.
  9. Perhaps my wording was not the best in my opening sentence. Maybe, We didn't travel to France last year would have been better. It was a single trip for 18 days and was around the £150/160 mark and had been for many years before. My wife and I are 60 and we take my Mother who is 82. Single trip, motoring and personal. So I don't know how you get it for £211 for nearly double the time away? I've tried 3 or 4 times and still comes up with that silly price. Been looking at alternatives this morning, just breakdown and recovery. Allianz, come u
  10. Took a year off travelling to France last year,but we are all booked up for next July. Just done an online Quote for Red Pennant, for our usual cover, 3 people, single trip and i'm staggered. £393, I had to go back and check i hadn't put anything stupid in. Previously its been about £150. Anyone else had quotes like this? Or are they jumping on the Brexit band wagon and its a sign of things to come. Any viable alternatives.
  11. I have a 2018 Pastiche, with the weight upgrade and tow with a Kia Sorento KX2. So much better than my old 57 plate Sorento,hardly any turbulence from white van man with the new tug and power to spare, up to 28 mpg towing.
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