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  1. I have a 2017 Swift Lifestyle 4sb and I've noticed the tape on the roof at the front join is bubbling up. Now this could be either fluid or air or possibly sealant. When I push the bubble it stays down for some time so I suspect "sealant" is the cause. I can't find any gaps in the tape where water may have entered so I'm reluctant to lift the tape at present to see what's happening. My dealer has been reluctant to do any warranty work so I'm hoping I can find a fix here.
  2. The door on my Lifestyle 4sb is slightly off centre in the frame causing the rubber seal to fold at the top and bottom hinge corner. I spoke with Swift who informed me they thought the door should be rehung. Unfortunately my dealer here in New Zealand won't do anything about it. I can't see how the problem might be rectified but it is possible someone on the forum may have done something similar or have some good ideas.
  3. Hi Gd485, currently we're all very sad that the world has finally caught us up and the mayhem and hatred has surfaced here. :-(
  4. We do Paul but try getting any action from anyone!!
  5. We have Les, but unfortunately the dealer doesn't want to take responsibility. On top of which Dometic only give 12 moths warranty over here.
  6. Dometic Heke Midi roof light. This is two years old and the rear corners of the inner section close on to two bare springs which I suppose is to act as a buffer. However where the corners contact the springs the acrylic is chipping away and a small crack has started on one corner. I understand I can source a replacement but worry about the same thing happening again. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Thank you JT. I had a friend who has a multi meter put the meter on the panel and regulator and he felt that it looked OK. We disconected the regulator and the readout on the contol panel went up to 14v briefly then back to 12. 8v. which he thought was reasonable. It looks like I don't have a problem but will get the dealer to check it out when we go for our first annual service in February. Many thanks for your help.
  8. The battery shows around 12. 8 v with everything switched off.
  9. I have the Sargent system with a 100w panel on my Lifestyle 4sb. It doesn't seem to be fully charging the battery and I have noticed during the day with bright sunshine the amps show on the control panel intermittently e. g. reads say: 1. 5amps briefly then nothing, then some seconds later another small input then nothing again. Sometimes quite a long pause before another input shows on control panel. My question is should the regulator be showing a consistent input when the panel is exposed to bright steady sunlight. TIA
  10. Thanks guys, lots of good info. Should remind you that I'm in New Zealand and it's currently 8. 49am on a warm summer Sunday morning :-) From what you are saying my system could well be working OK. The thing that had me worried was the apparent large drop in voltage when we were away last month, and the inability of the system to show 14v now when we fully charged and unused. Dave, good advice - I will source a multimeter and learn how to use it. I'm going out now to check the system and will hook up to the mains. Cheers.
  11. Thank you Birdman, I do recall seeing 14v when first had the van. However from what you say perhaps we are not so far away after all and I'm panicking. I'll take a look after breakfast and then hook up the mains to see what happens. Thanks again.
  12. Getting late so off to bed. Look forward to hearing from you in the AM. :-)
  13. Many thanks for your reply. Firstly I should say I have very little knowledge or understanding of anything electrical. 1) The voltages were shown on my control panel which is original equipment. The panel shows both solar and battery condition. 2) Off load and at the same time, today. 3) No. 4) The 5 nights/days were during a 3 week holiday and we didn't see the sun at all with mostly heavy cloud cover. However we were getting some charge in to the battery. It was late February which is high summer here (New Zealand) but daylight hours would be very similar to now and height of the sun not greatly different. We certainly weren't using any heat and it doesn't get dark enough for lights until 8pm. We almost always have the TV on for the news at 6pm. 5) Just realized the sun angle would have been lower in late Feb when we had good supply, the longest day is next week. Hate to think about that because summer has only just begun. Attached pics show situation over half an hour this afternoon. Nothing switched on in the van at all. Battery hasn't gone up in two days of good sunshine. Solar charge is intermittent - nothing for a few minutes then 2 or 3 amps for a minute or two. It does seem to my untrained brain that it must be either a faulty solar regulator or duff battery but I may be miles off. Pic of control panel showing Solar charge. This is happening all day but the battery is not increasing more than 13. 1 and should (I think) get up to 14v with no use. Greatly appreciate your comment.
  14. New last February we spent 3 weeks away and had 5 days of heavy rain and cloud cover. Spent all of those five days off grid and the 100W solar panel kept us well served using lights and TV every night. Recently during a week away off grid in bright sunshine our power was getting down to close to 12v. Parked up at home on mains power for two days and many days of summer sun the battery still only shows just over 13v and won't go any higher. Sargent regulator shows float charge steady green and panel output flashing green with some amp going in at the control panel. Any suggestions please. Battery was "new" with the van in Feb but I guess that's not really an indication of how "new" it was.
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