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  1. If you can go there then do. They will measure your feet,bring you a pair from stock dependant on levels and your choice. They are the manufacturer of choice for the SAS, amongst others, need I say more. My mate is an ex 15 years para, served in Afghanistan twice, once in Iraq, only boots he would wear.
  2. I find your attitude awful, that is why I have decided to step aside. I replied to help Dave gain understanding. But now I go, because of you. Please delete my account, I won't use it again.
  3. From one persistent poster to another, the RTA refers to the C&U on such matters, if you look into them then you will see this to be true. Good luck. You are wrong. Find attached a screenshot of C&U regs regarding to manufacturers plate requirements, note OR If you then look at the plate I provided you will see it is 110% compliant, the other c&U requirement is on the bulkhead in front locker. Also if you now look at Bailey's response you will understand it.
  4. No. You are failing to understand how regulations are incorporated. Attached is a screen shot from Patterson Law containing the list of legislation breached. Within Construction and Use. I have circle it for your convenience
  5. It is not. The caravan has been approved under C&U, which is one regulation met, but not the other. Example. If you are prosecuted for an overload offence, you will not be charged with being in breach of the EU, but in breach of UK Construction and Use regulations, That is because the EU directive has been adopted into our UK C&U.
  6. Back home, a few quid lighter. Basics. In the UK regarding caravans and the wider field there is only one absolute legislation, The Construction & Use Regulations. When an EU directive comes into force it is adopted into the C&U regs and the C&U regs duly amended. Not all of the regulations within the C&U have been replaced. Therefore there are still some UK regulations. Amongst EU member states the C&U is acknowledge. Caravan plates. The NCC plate should be refered to as a manufacturers plate. The manufacturer has to put this plate on a caravan in a conspicuous position on a part not readily replaced. The manufacturers plate can have the EU Approval OR caravan model, and a set of figures as defined in C&U regs dependent upon choice. The manufacturer as per C&U regs can stipulate a lower weight MTPLM from the upper weight limit, some criteria are suggested other than "Unlikely". The manufacturer is following the C&U regs which require the manufacturer to have the caravan type approved and affix a manufacturers plate. I would suggest if the type approval plate is incorporated in the manufacturers plate there will be no plate in the front locker, where as if the other option is chosen there will be a second plate. If you download a copy of the C&U regs in pdf format you can not only see EU directives adopted, hence all the amendments, but regulations regarding my post. I doubt very much if I added screenshots of the regs they would help the cynical, as you need to refer back and fourth within the regs. But the "Basics" as above are that simple. If you look now with this information at various caravan plates you can see why! Attached is a picture of my manufacturers plate where Coachman have elected to use the model. Note this is the upgrade plate
  7. That's a very large hole you have just dug! Off to a Christmas market, I will give an explanation later today.
  8. Seen as it's all going silly again, I will give the answer to the match box puzzle, then all ponder on it re caravans. Because the UK still has some of its own regulations.
  9. I'm not 100% on this, I thought it was/would be, illegal to have an objected placed within the sweep of the wipers.
  10. The main reason for our caravan is because we go on walking holidays, 4 times a year. The or should I say THE only place for boots is here https://www. altberg. co. uk/ If you can go for a fitting.
  11. I can see your all very happy. I wasn't going to comment anymore, but having read some of the posts I think I must. I think the problem is that some are set in their ways kinda thinking. So before I tell you what's happening with caravan plates, which will be later on today, I'm going to give a part clue to see if you can work it out for yourselves, which I've always found to be the more effective way of remembering. This came to me whilst pottering about in my garage this morning, I happen to look at a box of matches, and it halfway explains what's happening with caravans. Why does a box of UK matches have on the back both a BSI and EN numbers ? Not looking for a technical answer,, the simplest answer is the one. In fact I 'll even start your answer for you you just have to finish this sentence. Because the UK xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx.
  12. I think you have made the wrong decision. How large is the dent? If the skin isn't punctured that's all that matters when it comes to future px, I know this because when I traded in my old van for new it had ripples on offside rear at side where some swine had run into it with another caravan. Had no effect on the trade in value. If it's a dent that can be covered by stick on reflectors, who cares. But as another poster says it will be an invisible repair. How much are you saving? Is there a PX, is it a good deal? Free mover swap over? If I understand correctly it's a Coachman, even ex demos command a good price, if the deals good your future depriciation is reduced. Personally depending on the size of dent I wouldn't care, after all you could have it pranged at any time, just like me! We bought Coachman simply because the new swift was quoted as being delivered June, but then delayed to August, no good to us, So I pointed to the Coachman on display and asked if that was for sale, yes was the reply, so I bought that, a few Bob more, but instant caravaning, well the next weekend Just buy it, bet the wife wants it
  13. A neighbour had a story almost exactly the same. He asked how they would repair the dent. Answer, Plastic Padding, respray. You are in a strong position to ask for a discount if you accept a repaired van. I would imagine the dealer signed for the caravan as in saleable condition so it's they who will stand the cost of repair, or be stuck with a repaired van if rejected. It's your choice, I know my wife when waiting for our new caravan would have accepted it with square wheels she was that excited. My advice, keep a level head, as long as your happy with whatever decisions you make that's all that counts
  14. The headings are straight forward Trailers Weights Plates Leading to schedule 8 Part 2 Above from memory You cannot just simply look at A chapter, it is written as a family tree, so you must follow The correct passages. Mr Plodd The answer from ACPO will be they go on the manufacturers plate,(my telly example) which you are all believing to be a NCC plate. I stated NCC REPRESENT the manufacturer Jcloughie I cannot give an answer to why "Unlikely" Is used by caravan manufacturers, but my educated guess would be along the lines of THE payload calculation. But you asked is downplating legal, what you ask now is why they can do it, a different question I keep saying The End this time it is. You have enough information now to find the answers you require, if you can't then carry on.
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