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  1. Hi Sandy, I'm logged on at present time which is a miracle considering I'm in Delhi, India. Hope you have managed to get a connection.
  2. Jay 1964

    Jay's Buccaneer Corsair

    My wonderful English outfit now residing in the South of France.
  3. Dear fellow caravaners, thank you for your response to my mail. At present after a long chat with Elddis and photographs and a description of my problem sent via email, I have had a response from Elddis who say they will look into this matter. Please keep your replies coming and I will update you all on the outcome. I do not wish to glue the veneer back down as this caravan has been lovingly cherished by me and also cost a small fortune along with the extras that were added. I also feel that a caravan that is only four years old should not have such a problem. After all my dear Swift Rapid 380 GXL which is 30 years young has not suffered any defects whatsoever. That dear little van cost me £3,500. The Buccaneer was ten times the price.
  4. I am the very proud owner of a 2012 Buccaneer Corsair. I have had a problem with the veneer constricting and then splitting and tearing at the edge of the silver decor just above the opening handle. As the caravan is made by Elddis this problem may also apply to other makes and models of caravan. Can you please let me know if you have also experienced this problem. Thank you.
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