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  1. Luckily some people choose not to ignore climate change otherwise we are leaving a pretty grim legacy for our grandchildren.
  2. I am a cyclist and welcome this ruling due to the amount of arrogant/irresponsible cyclists I constantly witness who think it is their divine right to cycle at speed anywhere without a thought for pedestrians, and +1 for Commander Daves post. Yes people staring into phones can be annoying but hardly haxardous.
  3. "Tight Lines Everyone" had to go a long way back in the memory bank for that one
  4. We stop at Gloucester services regularly with the van and every time there has been at least 1 car in a van bay, plus on one occasion a car parked in the van disabled bay.
  5. Bradcot modul everytime for me, very good quality, easy to erect and can be added to very easily. Awnings as with everything are a very personal choice and can come down to, 'appearance' in other words does the boss think it looks nice. Plus consider the warranty, does it reflect the very expensive investment you are making?
  6. I modified existing ones by squeezing the hook together in a vice until you just need minimum pressure to push/pull the hook on or off the rail, works a treat.
  7. Love the cruise control on my Kia as it enables me to flex the old legs on a long journey and not seize up.
  8. Eating out was mentioned and I have to recommend the "Pilot" in Lyme Regis, the best squid I have ever had, with a lovely piece of hake to follow. Oops nearly forgot the local ale and was forced to have several to ensure the quality was consistent. PS : Agreed Andy life is too short not to enjoy, however having witnessed first hand how difficult and argumentative some people can be with the site staff, (over nothing) they clearly have a different philosophy.
  9. I was not going to comment on Wood farm as we enjoyed it, however 10 amp is a pain, and if the C&CC site was full we would go back there, but this is now our first choice, each to their own.
  10. Hi Les, I will take some and post
  11. We decided at short notice last week to follow the weather and come to Dorset, (a favourite of ours). Wood farm where we normally stay did not open for another week so we decided on Charmouth camping and caravan club site, what a superb site, the facilities are 5 star and everything is very relaxed. This is only our second year of membership and with our ancient persons discount we have paid our membership for this year with the difference in price between the two sites. We cannot praise this highly enough.
  12. Pay a good mobile tech to sort it and check the brakes at the same time, better to be safe.
  13. I believe London is in the process of banning the burning of wood?
  14. bobthevanman

    Tow Bar

    I have a Kia specific detachable tow bar on my Sportage, absolutely no problem.
  15. Good video Alan, very informative.
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