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  1. Thanks for the update, it certainly looks the business and I will check on the points you raised and invest in one.
  2. I want to replace mine with a pneumatic tyre, any recommends?
  3. Wonderful idea, and it would say to me as a buyer that this van has been cherished and looked after.
  4. Assuming the housings for both the gas and electric need fitting, plus the pipework, fittings, wiring and safety checks then this is a reasonable price, especially if this is being carried out by someone who is experienced as it will give peace of mind that the job is done properly. If they are not suitably qualified then go elsewhere.
  5. Using the metric system is far easier in terms of percentages/tolerances, plus lets have some examples of these mostly implied tolerances on declared weights?
  6. Perhaps a 100g? Your comment on "principles of fair trading" is interesting, if you look at virtually any item you buy with a declared weight on you will see it is followed by a small e , this denotes it has been packed under average weight legislation and can be sold legally under the declared weight with strict rules applying. These rules are very specific and do not contain "ish" or "roughly" I am not saying calor operate under this legislation but the principle is the same, they would not risk underfilling every bottle they fill.
  7. Not very specific, what was a "tiny amount" and what is 6kg(ish).
  8. Once again Mr Plodd is the wise one, you will get the amount of gas stated within a very small tolerance as the filler has to have accurate, calibrated equipment in order to prove due diligence in case of potential prosecution.
  9. Luckily some people choose not to ignore climate change otherwise we are leaving a pretty grim legacy for our grandchildren.
  10. I am a cyclist and welcome this ruling due to the amount of arrogant/irresponsible cyclists I constantly witness who think it is their divine right to cycle at speed anywhere without a thought for pedestrians, and +1 for Commander Daves post. Yes people staring into phones can be annoying but hardly haxardous.
  11. "Tight Lines Everyone" had to go a long way back in the memory bank for that one
  12. We stop at Gloucester services regularly with the van and every time there has been at least 1 car in a van bay, plus on one occasion a car parked in the van disabled bay.
  13. Bradcot modul everytime for me, very good quality, easy to erect and can be added to very easily. Awnings as with everything are a very personal choice and can come down to, 'appearance' in other words does the boss think it looks nice. Plus consider the warranty, does it reflect the very expensive investment you are making?
  14. I modified existing ones by squeezing the hook together in a vice until you just need minimum pressure to push/pull the hook on or off the rail, works a treat.
  15. Love the cruise control on my Kia as it enables me to flex the old legs on a long journey and not seize up.
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