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  1. I too suffered the same type of faults as Ukzero on my Swift and agree probably caused by 'rushing'. One of the problems I had was ALL the cupboard catches coming loose, the dealer said this is normal due to the vibration caused by travelling along, (the dealer was full of excuses and with some of the faults had to get very heavy, plus bombard Swift who were less than sympathetic). However back to the catches, I took one apart and found the spring operated slider was too tight in the housing which meant that if you tightened the catch enough to stop it coming loose it seized. I reduced the width very slightly, re-assembled and the catches have now been secure for the last 2 years. This was fed back to Swift but no response whatsoever. My sound system was also '(bad language removed)' which I also upgraded along with lots of other bits and bobs, however nothing in the same league as Ukzero who has my utmost respect.
  2. We have one as my wife is vulnerable and 5 weeks ago gave us an early indicator of a rising temp and lower oxy levels which led to an early intervention and treatment. We cannot say for sure wether this early intervention saved her life but this is a brilliant bit of kit when used as an indicator. Just an observation about the original post which is a very self indulgent, lengthy piece when something shorter and much more concise would have sufficed.
  3. Hi Limecc, there is no definitive answer to your question as it very much depends on how you like to eat and live when in the van, ie do you use ready meals and convenience foods? if so then the combi is for you, if you prepare fresh food then other options may be the way. We have a oven/hob plus microwave in the van, plus a cadac and a small gas ring the combination of use depends on the weather and whatever we are preparing, (and we rarely eat out). Try making a list of what the meals are you are likely to have over the period of a stay and the ideal way to prepare each one, this should give you a reasonable picture of the ideal set-up. We are all different, some people have never used the van oven, we use ours constantly, some people never use the microwave, we do, etc, etc. Of course you could always have a chippy every day
  4. Are the media out to "get him"?-------Of course they are !!! They are part of the Great American L/W chattering classes who have never forgiven the Republicans for beating that useless, bitter woman Clinton to the position of President. Revenge is relentless and the American media go out of their way to distort and miss- represent Republican policies and politicians. That said, I don't think "The Donald" would be acceptable to the British electorate, but the ordinary American public seem to like him, despite his many mistakes. The above sounds like something a Mail reading Tory would come out with.
  5. bobthevanman

    Calor Lites

    I live close to the Calor main depot and the feedback from there is that they will continue to fill the lites as long as the cylinder passes the safety check, but they will no longer be manufacturing new ones, (meaning they will eventually run out) plus they will only be available at selected locations. I would suggest you contact Calor direct for your nearest stockist.
  6. Never had a real stinker but my early Cortina fell to bits, especially the wings. Best car ever my Toyota Carina and my current Kia Sportage, great tow car.
  7. I have a Swift 2 berth with the facility for a bike rack, my question is even with lightweight bikes would this not make the noseweight difficult with all that on the back?
  8. Once again we all have different criteria and having just read Mr Plodds post his mention of cheap wine and cheese has talked me into France, however i have never taken the outfit abroad, is France as easy as people say?
  9. My preference is C&CC as the wrinkly discount makes a significant difference to the cost, plus free Wi-fi and they tend to be, (in my experience) more laid back about things. I am a member of both and use both plus private sites, but do look for C&CC sites first when I am looking at an area. As with the booking thing you will never satisfy everyone and we all have our preferences which is why variety exists, unless of course we have a revolution and the only camps will be for political/cultural realignment.
  10. Right or wrong, safe or not safe, legal or illegal? With the differing opinions on the forum surely the test is what would your insurer say if you had an accident?
  11. I know of no other holiday business that runs like the CMC, perhaps there is a reason? Speculate, interesting word, was it just speculation about majorities and minorities?
  12. I am in both and you have no data to base your assumptions on, if you are satisfied with the regime then fine, the majority of the time so am I, but 3 examples follow : Recently returned from Somerset and the site was 50% full the wardens themselves blamed the system of being able to cancel without losing anything. Staying at Tintagel and observing people arriving very early as some pitches have wonderful views, causing traffic problems. As above but at numerous sites people leaving their outfit and camping out on the pitch they want. Is this ok when it is easily solved?
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