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  1. Thanks. Would an Estate be better than the saloon version of the Passat? Looking at a 2015-16 B8 GT or R-Line version in the 190 BHP Spec.
  2. Thanks. Would an Estate be better than the saloon version of the Passat?
  3. Hi All, I’ve narrowed my choice down to either a Passat GT or R-Line 2.0 TDI (190) or a Audi Avant 2.0 (190). I’ve used Towcar Info a Caravan Car Match Up site. How accurate it is, I’m not sure. Your thoughts on my two choices and the use of the site https://towcar.info/GB/ Thanks
  4. Where do you get these remote sensors? Are their different makes and models? How are they fitted and controlled?
  5. Hi All, Re:Bailey Barcelona (2014) We have sited our caravan this season. And today we noticed water on our pull out central table at the front of the van beneath the large central window. I took the three drawers out, but could see no sign of water ingress from that area and deduced that the water could only come from above via the vent at the back. It was not until we moved the top blind of the centre window that we found water on it. So I presume the water must be coming in via the top seal. Is their an easy way of removing this window to clean and treat the rubber seals. I recall the area is near in possible to clean throughly with the window in place. Has anyone had similar issues? Thanks
  6. Contacted Thetford, who said they cannot sell to the public direct, and advised me to contact http://www.leisurespares.co.uk/ . Who then required a part number from Thetford, which I am still waiting for.
  7. Thanks. It’s not to purchase.....hopefully. But we have a 2015 Bailey Unicorn fitted with a Thetford Caprice MkIII double oven, someone previously has managed to remove a large proportion of the graphics on the backplate showing the heat settings.
  8. Do they actually have an Email address please? Cheers What is their Email address please?
  9. Do they actually have an Email address please? Cheers
  10. So the Safefill Regulator is the same as the Calor? Or you just use an adaptor to fit into the Calor Regulator?
  11. I am also thinking of changing to Safefills. What changes do I need to make to the caravan gas supply to convert to Safefill? As we currently use a 6 Kg Calor bottle, what is the Safefill equivalent please? When ordering, if just staying in the UK, apart from the bottle, what else do we need to order from Safefill? Thanks
  12. Is their no way you cannot utilize the caravans fitted aerial?
  13. Hi All, I have a portable gas heater, which uses a 15kg Butane Gas Bottle. I have connected it up and tried to ignite, have a spark but no flame. On checking the regulator, I can see no rubber washer, which they have on the propane regulators to create a gas tight seal. Just wandering if the seal is missing? cheers
  14. Hi All, Can you please recommend full storm straps to secure the roof at the front please. Thanks
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