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  1. Many thanks for replies. I will not go for this car and go for a 2l diesel car. I am finding it difficult though, having had my present car for over 8 years, there just seems to be so much choice! Thanks again, any ideas for a towcar still appreciated!
  2. If I have googled the correct details. Peugeot Power 140bhp, Torque 320 Nm, 240 ft-lb. Skoda 118bhp, Torque 250 Nm, 184 ft-lb. These figures mean nothing to me, but assume the Peugeot is much more powerful.
  3. Hi All, Thinking of purchasing the above car, which is for sale in a local garage for £10.000. Wonder if anyone has used one. My present car is a Peugeot 407 estate 2.0l. So wondering if the smaller engine will be ok, the C&CC towcar service says it is. My caravan is Eldis Avante 524. MIROW 1135kg. MTPLM 1375kg. Thanks in advance, Tim
  4. A local garage just happens to have a Skoda Superb 1.6 TDI CR Greenline Elegance 2015 66,000 miles for just under £10,000. I did a C&CC towcar match comparison and it says it is ok with my caravan. So quite interested. £30 a year tax too. One problem is that it has the new 13 pin tow electric socket, where as my caravan has the old stile two leads, not sure how to get round this.
  5. Many thanks for all replies, much appreciated. I think in all honesty I will maybe stick to an estate car. As someone said, lifting bikes up is higher, also the boot will be higher to load things in such as lawnmowers which I do. I guess I just always fancied a SUV but put of by the higher running cost, but I do a lot less miles now so thought it would be ok, but I think I would always be watching my mpg and might regret it! So any ideas for estate cars please! Thanks in advance again. Tim
  6. Hi All, I've had a Peugeot 407 estate which is 15 years old and has nearly 200 thousand miles now, so looking to change. It has been very realible and also economical. As I do less miles now for work am considering getting a SUV, but don't know where to start. Priority (as long as it was able to tow the van of course) is the most economic and reliable. I will be carrying two bikes on the roof, and would like a reasonable boot space, when seats are down. My budget is up to £12,000. Would prefer a low mileage as I would intend to keep it for sometime. I did think a
  7. I thought I would do an update, just in case anyone might be interested! I visited "The Caravan Shop", Winbourne, Dorset who were very helpful and knowledgeable. Yes, the pipes that are connected to the pigtail have had the connectors crimped on. However, that section of pipe is about a foot long, then joins a push fitting into the rest of the pipe. ( I didn't know this before I visited the spares shop). However again, in my case, that next connecting push fit joint is behind my cooker, of which I could see it, but only get one hand to it, so not sure if I could have disconnected and
  8. Thanks for replies. I will try and cut them off and use jubilee clips, as the new taps come with their own pig tails. I would like to think jubilee clips should hold it ok. Typical of Elddis not to worry about maintenance cost.
  9. In the process of replacing my Reich mixer tap as it is leaking bit can't seem to work out how to disconnect the two water pipes from the two pig tails, which I will be replacing as they are part of the new tap. it seems they are "crinked" on some how. Has anyone come across these before, if so, how do you take them off? Or is there any way round it. Could I maybe hacksaw them off, then use jubilee clips to reconnect them. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for reply. Just bought one from Screwfix and the tap still leeks. I suspect the leek might be in the plastic casting the two pipes are attached too. Anyone any idea how to remove the pipes, do they just push on and off? Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Thanks for reply. I took it all apart and put it back together and really tightened the nut, but it still leaked. So will await the new one. Thanks for video link. The pin you pull out at the bottom, to pull out the part that is attached to the pipes, snapped in half as I tried to pull it out!
  12. Thanks for reply. This type of tap the screw is on the top of the tap, I think yours, from what I have read, is under the lever handle.
  13. Hi All, Brought the caravan back back from the storage yard today for the first time in six months, the longest rest it has ever had!, to get things checked out ready for our short trip away next week. I made sure before it was put away for the winter taps were left on and water tank emptied. Went to fill up the water tank and then noticed water dripping under the caravan from the kitchen area. Removed the sink and realised water was leaking from inside the tap onto the connecting pipes. After a few google searches it was suggested that possibly the leak could
  14. Hi All, Many thanks for all replies and links. It has certainly given us a lot to go on. Even thought the answer to my main question was if France had simular things to our rallies/holiday sites, the answer being no, there does seem to be plenty of places to stay that aren't too expensive, and smaller sites. The quieter the place the better for us. i did manage to find some rallies in the Uk clubs, but they tend to use large commercial sites. Not exactly sure on the area, but guess down the west somewhere, not too far from the coast and probably no more then 4 o
  15. We are thinking of going to France next year for the first time in our caravan, probably May/June. Most of our holidays here we mainly use the Camping and Caravan club “temporary holiday sites” or the Caravan and Motorhome club rallies, with no facilities and prices generally around £10 a night. Are there equivalent places like this in France at all? Or are there the equivalent of CL or CS sites at all? Someone mentioned the ACSI card which gives you discounts off season at campsites, but we are really looking for something the same as we use in the Uk, not staying in camp
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