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  1. I am minded to just do my best to keep Van dry and start to consider it as a banger (4 years old) and not bother to pay £300 per year for the “Service”. We like the Caravan and may simply hold on to it for another 6-7 years and not worry!!
  2. Anyone successfully using a caravan cover? Do you think it would help with damp floor issues? Sitting out in the rain all winter must put a strain on watertight integrity especially as they seem to be so flimsily constructed. do you suppose rain can come into Van via fridge vents?
  3. I appreciate I have made an error using an independent technician for my 2020 service. It comes to mind that I am surprised that when reading both Caravan Club magazines that there is never a mention of damp in Caravans and I’m pretty sure it is a very big issue.
  4. It says “New Topic” well this patently isn’t new, but may need a fresh airing. Bailey Unicorn Seville 2016, bought new:- i contend that many almost new and very recent Caravans suffer from damp issues and mine is no exception. From my first service I was confronted with issues of damp in floors in the after end of the Van (the toilet/shower area). The supplying dealer signed it off as dried out and we continued. This month I had Van serviced at an approved independent technician and guess what? Yes showing rather large damp meter readings, in the same area (30-40%). When I ask
  5. Points taken, I was really thinking that by doubling battery capacity( 2 batteries) would allow for a longer off-grid period, after having spent time on -grid charging both batteries. On the Bailey Unicorn, if you find you have dropped your voltage to a certain level, the solar panel does not attempt to recharge. I think the system assumes that a “Deep discharge” has taken place and won’t allow for a trickle charge from panel.
  6. During our recent tour of Outer Hebrides we had occasion to wild camp on a couple of occasions and I must say watch out or you may end up without any battery voltage after maybe 3 nights off grid. The solar panel giving a “Max” 100w is just not powerful enough to to keep up with the very modest demands of summer off grid caravanning and I am thinking of fitting a second battery in parallel with original unit to allow for a more robust outcome when no plug-in is available!!
  7. Call for assistance - trying to change a wheel, especially on a motorway or fast raod is asking for death. Get something with a big flashing light parked behind you and let them do it.


    I tried it once and a ginormous 10whheeled crane came past with all it's wheels on the hard shoulder, I'm glad I was wearing my brown trousers.  

  8. Bailey Unicorn 3 Seville

    This is really a general caravan query:- Scenario, puncture on either caravan or car on motorway. What action to take? Try to change it yourself? Call for assistance?

  9. Bailey Unicorn 3 Seville

  10. Thanks Metelodave, great reply. Our batt. is same age as van(2 years old now, nearly). I have to come clean and admit to moving van round house with mover prior to heading off to beach and probs taken a big suck out of battery as a result!! heating was on most of the time and we used gas at the rate of about 2 kg/day. Had to resort to connecting car to van when batt failed on us, but it seems that car only supplies caravan when engine switched off, if you start up it shuts down 12v to all van systems. I expect others will know this.
  11. I recently took my van to an off-grid location at a local beach and found that battery was on low voltage within 24hrs. The Unicorn Seville has a roof mounted solar panel and I know that they receive only a little sunlight at this time of year. These modern vans seem to be pretty hungry of battery power in winter conditions with heating on gas. Have others found this to be the case?
  12. I wonder why the caravan fridges are controlled(on Gas) by a pilot flame and not a spark igniter. The pilot flame has a tendency to blow out on windy days, usually during the night and can therefore be off for hours, allowing food to spoil!! The hot water tank boiler is spark operated, controlled by a thermostat. Why can't fridge be similar?
  13. I have same problem on my Unicorn 3 Seville, but additionally there is a real danger of being able to be locked in the bathroom as the door handle ( on the inside) does not ( on some occasions) pull latch back far enough to allow door to be opened. I think a reasonable repair would be to move door by 3-4 mm in the direction of the hinges ( by recessing hinges in frame, same as a domestic house door) as thus solve both problems at once. Anyone else seen this issue??
  14. My problem is, in very windy conditions the gas flame blows out and therefor fridge goes off. Do fridge covers alieviate this problem?
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