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  1. The Thetford toilet indicator is yet another example of (bad language removed) caravan design. Open PCB in a moist environment, weak magnet, poor mounting and sloppy wiring. About par for the course.
  2. Doesn't bother us. Fewer facilities on site, the better. We've got perfectly useable shower and toilet facilities onboard.
  3. We would have been halfway through a 3 week tour of Cornwall. This week we would have been at a CL near St Buryan.
  4. Because I'm quite capable of sorting out stuff like this myself. The only reason the caravan engineer looked at it was because I didnt have the hand controller for the motor mover system at the time, and was unable to do a diagnosis to see whether it was the control box that was faulty or not. I've sorted the control unit and handset now. There's an awful lot of knowledge on the internet that's free to access. Besides which he did a botched repair on the fridge, which I've since rectified, so I don't really have that much faith in him.
  5. Last year on a CL we watched a couple turn up, spend ages deciding where to pitch, unhitch, legs down, awning up etc. He then decided to connect his electric hook up. We watched as he unreeled it and walked across to the hook up point.............only to find that he was about 2 feet short to make a connection. My, how we larfed!
  6. Its a brand new, fully charged 110 aH battery which is trickle charged by a small solar panel when in storage. Battery voltage was 12.78v last time I checked it.
  7. Thanks for all of your replies. The wheels on the van turn freely, I've already checked the roller gap and its got brand new tyres which are correctly inflated. I'll check the connectors and brushes next time we are allowed out.
  8. I've got an original Powrtouch motor mover on my 2008 Eccles Topaz. It did not work or have a handset controller when I bought the van. I had an engineer test the system and it turned out that the main control box wasn't working. I've fitted a refurbished control box which came with a hand controller. The system all operates correctly now, apart from one of the actual drive motors which works fine when disengaged, but stalls when engaged. The other motor works fine. I'm thinking it's possibly brushes in the motor? Anyone else had a similar problem?
  9. Well I think I've solved the problem. I bought a new thermocouple and went down to the van this morning with the invention of changing it. The fridge was removed from its hole and the rear was inspected. I couldn't see a thermocouple anywhere! You would expect it to be sitting in the burner flame, but the only thing in the flame was the sparker probe. I adjusted the sparker until it was sitting higher in the flame and glowing red. Job done! The fridge now fires up first time and holds properly at the first attempt. So......it would appear that the sparker and the thermocouple are combined into a single unit on this model of fridge. Which begs the question - why do they list a thermocouple part number for this model?
  10. I've a problem with the Thetford fridge in my 2008 Eccles Topaz when operating on gas. The fridge was serviced last year and a new power board was fitted. The fridge will fire up and stay on, but it has started to take several attempts to get it to 'hold'. Once it has stayed on for 30 seconds, or so, it will continue to function properly. It took a dozen attempts this morning to get it to run properly. The van is used regularly (110 nights last year) and I always run the fridge on gas for a while when away, even when on hook up, just to make sure it's functioning correctly. My thoughts are leaning towards a faulty thermocouple, but I always thought that these either worked, or not. Can they deteriorate over time, to the point where they need repeated heating to work? Any thoughts?
  11. Why do you think you should get a good price on your van, when you expect to get a deal on anyone elses?
  12. We tow a Bailey Ranger 380/2 with a Peugeot 207 SW 1. 6 Hdi. Been doing so for the past 3 1/2 years with no problems. I would have thought a Peugeot 3008 would be able to manage something like our van, a Lunar Arriva or any of the smaller 2 berths around the same weight. We average around 55 nights a year away in our little van, exclusively on CLs.
  13. It doesn't have to cost lots. We bought a tidy Bailey Ranger, with all the kit, for £2500 three years ago. So far we have had 142 nights away in it and it's still going strong. We'll be doing over 50 nights away again this year. We see a lot or people with expensive new caravans that don't seem to get used much. I sometimes wonder if it would be cheaper for them to holiday in decent hotels.
  14. Hi all, Bailey Ranger owner from North Devon signing in. Been retired just over 3 years and the van gets used a lot. It's an oldie, but a goodie. ......a bit like its' owners!
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