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  1. Any way to get it out? No, unless you delaminate the entire window and separate the two halves, or drill a big hole next to the bung.
  2. Sounds like the water heater is leaking.
  3. I live in North Devon, 4 minutes from Saunton Sands. We went away on Monday to Mevagissey in Cornwall. We didn't count many units on the move - maybe a dozen, tops. We're off to Lands End on Saturday for a week, then up to Padstow for a week. Didn't have any problem booking CLs.
  4. The probe was bent to a position where it was visibly glowing the brightest. The PCB was replaced because it was faulty and the fridge wouldn't fire up for more than 30 seconds.
  5. The seal on the centre window went on my van and was letting moisture in. It was constantly misting up badly. I tried re-sealing the join, removing the plugs, applying gentle heat etc, but the problem kept coming back. Went to the van one morning to find water about 3" deep inside the window. I eventually drilled three holes along the bottom of the inside of the window, to drain the water. I left these unplugged and have not had a misting problem since.
  6. All sorted now. 👍🏻
  7. If covers aren't available, that's what I'll do. It works fine.
  8. Can anyone identify this mover? It's on my 2008 Eccles Topaz. I thought it was a Powrtouch Classic, but the covers I bought for it don't fit.
  9. I had a similar problem. I changed the brushes in the motor that wasn't working properly. Problem solved for £10.
  10. We got away to Dartmoor over Christmas, coming home on the day before the new lockdown. Nice to have a break.
  11. Streaming TV, browsing the web, email, email, WhatsApp etc. Streaming chews it up.
  12. I always carry 2 x 6kg propane bottles, as we spend a lot of time off grid and use the van all year round. As a general rule of thumb we use 600g of gas a day in the summer and 1kg in the winter. These figures are for normal usage of hot water for a couple.
  13. I was in my local dealers just before lockdown and a guy was in there asking about supply and fitting of a 150w system to his caravan. They quoted him over £600! Someone's making a killing on solar. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm retired and have a pathological aversion to paid work, I could make a decent easy living out of solar.
  14. I bought a 100 watt folding monocrystalline panel last year for £89.95. Total job cost me less than £120 including the controller, leads, switch and connectors. I installed it all myself. I've been off grid for 7 weeks this year and it's performed perfectly. I wince when I hear how much some folk are paying for solar.
  15. I upgraded my everyday phone to unlimited data(100gb), with corresponding amount of texts and calls, for £20 per month. We seem to use about 3gb a day when in the van, so it copes adequately. Vodaphone coverage seems pretty good. Havent been on a site yet where I couldn't use data.
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