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  1. Thoroughly agree with this. And if it's possible to visit actual caravans in exhibitions or dealers' lines, then sit in them and go through the exercise LTCaravanner suggests. With your wallet locked. We were lucky, this helped us find our ideal layout first time. But it does mean a few times of letting the adrenaline surge go by without acting on the impulse
  2. We love the extra daylight the stable door allows in. As you say, we vary in our wants. It always looks to us from the outside that most modern vans seem to have less windows than older, too.
  3. Two good ideas - thank you. I was hoping some camping suppliers would sell them, I like supporting actual shops, but both these will be worth pursuing.
  4. I'm looking for a decent hand-held torch, ( flashlight, whichever you prefer), recharged by hand cranking. And I'm looking for something we can buy without using Amazon, which we've boycotted for years now, but which seems to have a monopoly on the few I've seen so far. Something more than a little key-ring job, less than a major installation, just comfortable to carry in the hand, while still having a good beam, and reasonably robust for outdoor use. So far I'm drawing a surprising blank... and the really annoying thing is that we used to have just such a one, and
  5. I don't know the weights, but would a Silver pop top be light enough? More space than a Freedom but still compact to tow.
  6. Another one adding to the "awnings are not necessary" brigade. We own one, it came with the van. We use it once a year, (except this one), when the family all joins for a weekend camp, so we can cook & sit in it if the weather demands. Otherwise, why bother? Our van's only tiny, too, so there's little space inside, but we manage perfectly well. We stopped tent camping in 2017, much as we loved camping in them, so why add all the extra hassle of taking a caravan and a tent too? A lightweight sun shade of some sort, maybe, some time... no rush. Yes to the idea of practisin
  7. Hmmm - thank you for this. No specific mention of storage rather than workshops, but maybe I'm glad Mr Plodd's current successors didn't decide to query my trip, then. Ah well - 'tis done, and no damage was apparently done in the doing. It would have been a real nuisance having the 'van living on our drive for months, much as we love it.
  8. I thoroughly second Mr Plodd's advice about researching lots, and listing what you don't like. It's really worth seeing lots of caravans, ( if such visits are currently possible), even ones you don't think you'll like, getting in them, seeing how light or not they are, imagining where you'd keep things, thinking how it would work in a howling gale with sideways rain as well as imagining it in glowing sunshine, how you'd move round in it, to see what's practical for you, and making a list of what doesn't appeal. That really helped us, and changed our aim enormously when buying our first van. A
  9. Just to wrap things up - I duly towed our 'van to the storage place today, said hi to the owner outside the buildings, and threw the clamp keys over to him. No issues en route. There was a police car with flashing lights weaving right across the carriageway, but it was on the other side, apparently slowing or stopping a lorry, so quite unconcerned with me. Thanks for all the comments - I had my useful polite points to offer if I was stopped! Best wishes, Richard
  10. (Mr Plod, it was me wot liked your own post. I fess up.)
  11. OK, I'll join in with the going off topic :-) Years ago we knew very well the policeman from a village near the borders of three counties. He reckoned that since whoever was on that night's duty was probably the only copper for miles and miles, and miles then if an incident came in, each force would do its best to persuade their controller that the incident was really over the border in the other lot's patch. Alternatively, they'd find a known radio blackspot and sit there in case something exciting happened, preferably elsewhere. How true, or how much simply for our entertainment this was
  12. Good point. and I promise you I did check first! And the owner there wasn't sure what the new regs were, which is why I asked here. And as you rightly say, there's a lot of discussion by way of reply. Ah well, it makes a change and is generally more agreeable than considering other stuff going on in the world right now. I did phone the CMC, they promised to phone back, and the advisor managed to catch a moment I was away from the phone, so I called back. The handler took my number and said that one of their experts would call back later. Since it was already late in the aftern
  13. Nice idea... but not so far off the mark. I once spotted an ad on Ebay for a particular pedal harp (My wife played for weddings at the time), a much more expensive one than would come into this household. The spiel all appeared good, photos likewise, but there was just something which smelled wrong. With no intention of buying I enquired more. Instant reply, yes, the harp wasn't actually in London, that was a mistake, it was in Spain, but if we cared to send them £1000 ( a derisory price for such a huge beast), they would wrap it in bubble wrap (this is a thing normally needing a case the si
  14. All most reassuring. So hopefully not just common sense on the side of such trips, if sensibly done, but words in official writing too. No other official advice yet, but come Monday I'm all set to take it back. Thank you all for these helpful comments.
  15. That's my strong feeling, yes. And as Stockcroft said, the local constabulary already have too much on their plate, so hopefully even if I do get stopped, it'll be as you suggest here. What a lot of other stresses this whole thing has caused people to face - Stockcroft, I hope all goes as well as it can for you.
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