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  1. With apologies for smart-alec irreverence I can't help spotting that nowhere in the OP does the word "caravan" appear... but we're all assuming you mean them, and not personal legs. Sorry, it's a family trait here to take things literally! PS We always put its back legs down when stopping for a quick break and getting in for the onboard loo, to add another voice to your vote for dinner. Bon appetit.
  2. Richard_Y


    Yes to the above. I'd add, visit some trade fairs when that's possible, but lock up your wallet first so you don't buy anything in a hurry! Sit inside everything, imagine the practical things you'd need to do, as people have already said. Find features that you don't like, and it helps weed out the choices. Don't buy anything for the first few trips - adrenaline is strong stuff! Maybe buy cheaper and older just for a try-out? Though you have to be careful what you end up with - always get a registered engineer to check it thoroughly first. Have fun !
  3. Enjoy the research. Lots of helpful people here post lots of helpful replies! ... though these may include the comment that this year prices are up and stocks are low after the rush to staycations. Maybe next year some of them will sell up?
  4. And state owned, or private franchised?
  5. All this sounds sadly typical of HMG's management technique, of making the right noises to please people at the time, but failing either to think through implications or to think ahead. As your OP said, Logiclee, the UK is wa-a-a-ay behind other countries with infrastructure, in so many ways.
  6. +1. And maybe the message does need ramming home that despite what the sellers say there truly is no such thing as Free Delivery. Somebody has to pay, and it's usually the ones doing most of the work. If it's a company like Amazon, it's the the warehouse workers and delivery drivers earning peanuts so that Bezos can ride into space. We maybe have to accept that we've had too many things too cheap for too long, and we've got used to it, but just as we're going to have to get used to actually doing things about climate change, we're probably going to have to get used to paying more for stuff. And on the benefits thing, yes, it's always possible to find the dishonourable exceptions, just as the media hunted down images of queues at fuel stations and therefore made people believe they were all running out of fuel, but as SteamDrivenAndy says, that doesn't represent the majority.
  7. And having read all that, I still feel encouraged that the range and capability are far better than even quite recently, so hope that by the time our car keels over, we'll stand a chance of going electric. They're only going to get better at all this, just as mobile phones and computers did previously. I'm glad there are currently people with enough money and desire to move this on that they're funding the progress by buying what's already there!
  8. We always take such things with a large pinch of salt too, but were, in truth, encouraged. We own a 2 berth caravan, so fit in the under 1000kg bracket. The thought that there are now electric vehicles capable of towing this, with a solo range of over 300 miles, means that while they're too expensive for us now, in some years when our much loved 04 reg diesel Volvo V70 finally needs to move on, there'll hopefully be something 2nd hand which is affordable, useful, and cleaner.
  9. It's a great sign. It's not far from where we live, so I can report that they've had it there for some months now, not just as a reaction to the latest ! And as for stockpiling, I'm trying to remember which bright (Tory) Gov't minister it was who during a previous such crisis suggested people could fill containers and keep them in their garages. Then a little while later a woman was killed when hers exploded.
  10. Just as you say, Mr P. And dead jealous you got to France too - we're hoping to get there before too long, maybe next year. Different people, different tastes... maybe 40 years ago on a campsite in Yorkshire it heaved rain down in a thoroughly bad-mannered way. Our tiny tent stayed bone dry inside, it was a good tent, just tiny! But some kind people on the site invited us into their caravan for a cup of coffee next morning, assuming we'd need to be drying out. "Wasn't last night dreadful? We were lucky, we only had a few leaks in the caravan, but poor you, in a tent!" The usual thing, I suppose, making assumptions about things other people do!
  11. Richard_Y

    The M6!

    I'm probably more sympathetic to some climate awareness protestors than some here but that one... yeah, let's just say they really hadn't thought it through...
  12. My irresponsible side would love it if there was a way of hacking into the movers on a whole site of caravans, and have them doing a stately dance together. Not that I can the owners being too impressed, so it's lucky my technological skills aren't even on the starting line of being able to do so!
  13. Thank you, the very man!
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