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  1. I've visited Guernsey several times to work at the "Fete d'Etai" at Castle Cornet, telling medieval stories & playing the music. Each time I've been on the Liberation. Each time it's run late. Each time somebody on the island has reminded me that it always runs late, that in early days it crashed the harbour, and that "of course it's the wrong boat for these waters." Whether it's the lady selling fish & chips on the front, or a chance encounter you get talking to, it's the same. I'm working there again this August. I expect they'll say it again! And it's true, it doesn't handle the Channel waters well, it was built for the long Pacific swells. But it's a great trip for a foot passenger with no need to reverse anything!
  2. Maybe buy a smaller caravan? Ours is all of 5m long from hook to rear number plate, weighs under 1000kg, and it's easy to forget it's there. Then you'll retain the benefits of the caravan and can take trips out with the car.
  3. "... to buy a caravan some time this week" - I'm hoping that you've already done lots of research into what you'd like this caravan to do/ not to do, and have looked into a good number of possibilities. Hopefully whatever you buy will be with you a long time, so maybe whether it's this week or next, or even the week after, before you actually buy something, it might be time well spent if you've not yet gone through lots of options. We started out with quite a different idea from what we ended up with, and we're so glad now that we did! Have fun
  4. I thank you, ladees and gennulmen :-)
  5. Thanks again all for the comments. After a couple of calls, LV came out cheaper than Aviva by £50, so I stuck with them, at just under £300. As I thought, the musician thing got Aviva worried! (For your entertainment, on the musician issue, and to show how sledgehammer-like are the insurers' workings: my wife is a musician too, a retired music therapist who also plays a 19th century harp at occasional weddings. When she retired from therapy work, so the harping was now her primary income other than pension, John Lewis Greenbee promptly discontinued both her car insurance, and by association mine too, as well as our house insurance. This still rankles with some other insurers, who take one look at us and decide we're a Serious Risk. I got away with being classified as a teacher, despite telling them what I really did. What it is to be a social pariah!)
  6. Thanks all, that's truly helpful. Obviously I'll make some phone calls, but on the strength of this, there are some I'll save making!
  7. Thanks for these. Sadly comparison websites don't work for me - I still do a little freelance work, and they don't have a category for me. ( A combination of historical musician and storyteller.) And if we don't disclose all such stuff they get upset. My wife & I have both had insurers turn us down in the past because music was part of our living, on the assumption that we'd naturally be driving home fuelled by alcohol and drugs at 3 in the morning! Hence my hope for comments here, which have already helped.
  8. I hope this forum is the right place for this - it's not a caravan insurance question as such, so I chose here to post. I'm due to renew my car insurance soon, me being 65+, clean record, with Volvo V70 and from time to time towing a 5m caravan. I'm currently with LV= but know there are firms specialising in older and retired drivers. Reviews I found for some, like Rias, are frankly discouraging. We have van insurance & breakdown cover already. Any comments, recommendations, "avoid this firm like the plague" info, would be most welcome, please. Thank you.
  9. Thanks, we're really looking forward to the trip. We just hope the weather's kind at least some of the time My wife worked in Oban for a year, so is all too aware of how it can be!
  10. Thanks, it might be worth phoning to ask, then, though on their website it said in large, extra bold letters, that caravans would need to come with own large 4x4, and otherwise not to come.
  11. Can't comment on this breed of caravan, but some materials do leach toxic chemicals which affect some of us for ages, sadly.
  12. That's a difficulty, I can quite see.
  13. It's obviously a case of variable experience We were with RAC, but felt they were getting too greedy after the corporate take-over, and less personal; but we really went off them when they lost my wife's car. They sent a truck to recover it when they couldn't mend at the roadside, and when my wife phoned to enquire how it was getting on, they denied all knowledge of it, and practically claimed my wife was making it all up, asking if she could prove the car existed, and was hers, because they had no record of it, It was only because the recovery truck driver had phoned us to arrange picking it up, so we had his number, that we were able to locate where they'd taken it, and get the job finished!
  14. We have the CMC MayDay Green Flag cover for both car & van. We found it was worth ditching the existing cover on the car, and having this. If you have long enough, some firms will refund a part-of-year, I'm told. Ours was too close to expiring to make it worth doing that.
  15. I bought a cheap end of roll carpet remnant and cut it to size. It's currently on its third season and no longer in the first bloom of youth, but at around £10, when it gets too dirty it can be slung without pain, and replaced. In an unheated van it's a boon for keeping the feet warmer!
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