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  1. Another one here hugely grateful, both for my own health & my wife's, to the vastly overstretched and underfunded NHS. We're hitting serious politics here, but the current move to sell ever more of it of it into private companies, who pay their bosses & shareholders huge bonuses while still cutting costs from the people doing the real work, and whose prime motivation is those huge pay-outs rather than the actual patient care, seems to this household a thoroughly bad idea. (Ref. Centene, the US company currently aiming to buy GP surgeries in London, and who have numerous times been
  2. Useful to know about the Mifi's with external aerial connections, thanks. ... as long, of course, as the Huawei one isn't just sending all your data straight to Beijing I sometimes decide on which supplier based on looking at reception maps, but for this last trip they turned out to be over-optimistic!
  3. We have an "Osprey" Mifi, which works brilliantly ... when it's in the right place. I bought £25 preloaded O2 Data sim to last over 3 months and cover trips in late April, May, and June. April nr Buxton - I made the mistake of not registering it long enough beforehand. It spent our few days away claiming it didn't have any data, only coming into being when we returned home. Free but slow and insecure campsite Wifi. May in Wales. No O2 signal to the West of St Davids to speak of. Free but slow & insecure campsite Wifi. Hay on Wye - worked beautifully and fast, but we were only there
  4. Good point, sadly. Maybe in that case the advice might be that the dealer should allow the customer to try every single item for themselves and ask questions about anything at all uncertain.
  5. I'd add to the excellent lists in the early replies: get the dealer to demonstrate every single last working thing on it, from the gas grill to fixing up the beds if they're movable, each tap producing water, heating, all windows opening and closing properly, the tow hitch, the whole lot.
  6. Tapping out the hinge pins turned out to be the easiest, especially as I'd already thoughtfully tacked a piece of plastic mesh over that gap where the gas & electric pipes go, to stop things like the plug at the end of the cable trailing through. As Macafee2 says, wiser as a result! We had four more moves after that before getting home and the cable stayed wedged with the wellies, and it was a gorgeous break, with astonishingly better weather than we expected. And in self defence, it's the first time in 4 years the lock's jammed that way, despite towing over many small and wrigg
  7. You're probably all too wise to carry the EHU cable in the gas locker, but it seems the best place in our little caravan, and the weight there helps to bring it up to a decent noseweight. (70kg in our case.) I now take care to wedge it in place with a pair of wellies. We arrived at the first site of our fortnight in Wales, (returned last night), the only ones on a tiny drizzly site in Monmouthshire with no phone signal. (Lovely peaceful little site, though), to find the locker door refused to open. Two simple turning latch hooks hold it locked, and the cable roll had shifted to lie on o
  8. Long before our caravan days, on three separate occasions we pitched our tent in reasonably large field sites, one in Devon, one in NW Scotland, one on the Lleyn peninsula, each either empty or very well spaced. Each time another tent arrived and pitched very close to ours. Each time they got the TV into their tent. And each time they watched The Godfather. We began to feel cursed by the thing! I still haven't watched it, but have now heard parts of the soundtrack three times. (The 2nd & 3rd time times, we quietly re-pitched our tent elsewhere in the field.) I'd add to your list: bei
  9. That would indeed be great... so would the deeper pockets required
  10. Thanks, that's useful to know. No TV here either, so that's one less thing to worry about! As with you, water & fridge on gas/elec, cooking on gas, so only load is indeed lights & pumps. But no heat . South Harris in sub-zero temperatures in 2019 meant wearing a lot, hot water bottles at night, and making sure we had toast every now & then! I wasn't too worried about CO from that as the wind was so strong it was finding its way in lots of corners on our 21 yr old pop-top. How long do you reckon to keep going without hooking onto the orange umbilicus? This is a very encou
  11. Do you also run this with an inverter? (The panel, not the whistling kettle.) We have a solar panel, and it keeps the lights on, and the 12v recharging plug useful, but in our tiny 5m van I am concluding there's probably neither space nor weight availability for an inverter, and certainly not for an extra battery. I should add that the only heating is from gas cooking or a small plug-in oil-filled radiator when on EHU. Being in, say, the N of Scotland in May is generally chillier than being on, for example, the English S Coast :-) But the idea of going away from the EHU sites is very app
  12. Load goes in the car, motor mover worth every kg on the van, here, even though ours is tiny! I'm with Mr P on saving my back. And while I reverse it on whenever possible, there are situations where that just doesn't go. On a campsite we met in Scotland one April the only way of getting it onto the hard standing was using the mover. Using the car would have meant sinking it into surrounding mud!
  13. I'm probably not truly qualified to comment here as only a caravan owner, but.... having gone in 2017 from over 40 married years of tenting to a small caravan, we see the advantages described so excellently by Mr Plodd above. A fortnight ago we met an enthusiastic couple in the Peak Dist. who own both a twin-axle touring caravan which they used to use for family holidays, and a panel van camper. They love both, but reckon the main advantage of the camper is not having to tow. The caravan is now on a permanent pitch, when they prefer using the car alone for easy trips round. He looked at o
  14. Agreeing with what posts above just said. And all best of luck - this site sounds like a real shower.
  15. The links already given seem good, well worth following. Meanwhile, "we will look into it" , is too often like one of the gov't's parliamentary inquiries - announce you're taking action but do nothing much and hope the fuss dies down!
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