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  1. We intend to soldier on with this van as Ian McH used to say "we can't think of anything better". We have a ten year old Discovery 4 (80k miles) and a driver pushing 68, so we are expecting this combination will see us out towing!🤣 We are the same age Graham and we were hoping this van would see us out,unfortunately it has put a great deal of stress on myself and my wife so we decided to sell.
  2. Forgot to answer your question regarding the cracking of Heki frame,according to the repairers Elddis used a mastic/adhesive that went hard and had no give so with the different materials expanding and contracting cracking was inevitable.I will ad that the supplying dealer and Elddis have been very helpful in resolving the problems its just very unfortunate that we had so many problems.
  3. Unfortunately Graham that was only the tip of the iceberg for our van,i have owned more than 12 vans and 1 motorhome in the last 35 years and we have had more problems with this van by a country mile than we had with all the rest put together, roof sagged at front of stargazer roof light by 35mm,this put so much strain on front panel it split in 2 places,water ingress along offside awning rail,water leaking thru solar panel entry point ,water leaking thru roof aerial,floods of water thru rear heki due to 5 splits inframe,roof lifted by shower and toilet walls 20mm gap,oh nearly forgot 40%damp on offside front this was found at first service prior to all the above problems,there have been many more teething problems that i have dealt with myself,and to rub salt into some very sore wounds since it has come back from being rebuilt the front locker leaks like a waterfall,i know they call it a wet locker but ours got drenched,the upshot of all this is we have only spent 14 nights away in 3.5 years and have now sold it back to supplying dealer at a great loss,our dream of spending winters away in the sun are now in tatters i cannot see me buying another caravan in a hurry.
  4. Its worth keeping a very close eye on Graham ours cracked in 5 places,ceiling boards had to be replaced.
  5. Does anybody tow a large twin axle caravan with the above car, if so how did you cope with the low nose weight as Mercedes quote max 84kg.
  6. I do not want to sound unsympathetic,but we lived in France between 2007 and 2012 when the pound at times was at 1 to 1 thanks to Blair and Browns disastrous handling of the economy. Remember Brown preaching its all boom boom no bust ,yeah right.When we first went in 2007 the pound was worth 1.49 euros.
  7. Also remember to check the tow bar nose weight the car you choose is capable of taking the Buccaneers max weight of 150kg ,we wanted to change to an E Class awd but unfortunately the nose weight on the tow bar is not high enough.
  8. You do not say what caravan you have some are a lot more solid than others,personally what i would do is get a strong board like a scaffold plank and lay it across the roof side to side making sure it overlaps the sides so the weight is on the awning rail.Then work off that.
  9. I thought only qualified and certified people were allowed to work on gas things? Looking at the photos of the job the dealer did they certainly do not have any,you could train a baboon to do a better job.
  10. I found the original post perfectly clear,as i have been to the park several times i totally agree with comments.As for Bessacarr 425 how sad.
  11. GB1309 Very pleased you have had very few issues with your Commodore Graham,cannot believe 2 caravans supplied within a week or so of each other from the same dealer,so presumably manufactered at pretty much the same time can be so different.I hope it continues for you.Pete
  12. They are excellent readings, specially in a 2006 van,also with the weather the way it is with very moist air at the moment,there are many new and nearly new vans that would bite your hand off for readings like that,i Talk from bitter experience.
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