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  1. You do not say what caravan you have some are a lot more solid than others,personally what i would do is get a strong board like a scaffold plank and lay it across the roof side to side making sure it overlaps the sides so the weight is on the awning rail.Then work off that.
  2. I thought only qualified and certified people were allowed to work on gas things? Looking at the photos of the job the dealer did they certainly do not have any,you could train a baboon to do a better job.
  3. I found the original post perfectly clear,as i have been to the park several times i totally agree with comments.As for Bessacarr 425 how sad.
  4. GB1309 Very pleased you have had very few issues with your Commodore Graham,cannot believe 2 caravans supplied within a week or so of each other from the same dealer,so presumably manufactered at pretty much the same time can be so different.I hope it continues for you.Pete
  5. They are excellent readings, specially in a 2006 van,also with the weather the way it is with very moist air at the moment,there are many new and nearly new vans that would bite your hand off for readings like that,i Talk from bitter experience.
  6. ValA Apart from the one i have highlighted in Brittany which has been well publicised on social media,are you aware of any other protests that are planned to last more than the one day,if so what areas ?
  7. Do you know if the autorotes are blocked there are diversions in place or do you just queue and travel slowly past the blockade? Might be better to take smaller roads rather than the autoroutes. Thats a good question i cannot give you an answer to that unfortunately other than its pretty certain the N12 will be blocked because of the amount of people who are planning to protest there. As far as your route is concerned i cannot answer that i am afraid. We are travelling from Brittany to Caen for the 08. 30 ferry on Monday so i really do not know what to expect although its our usual route but i am going to steer clear of St Brieuc, the only thing in our favour is we will be leaving home very early. As i said in previous post i will post up any info i can find out.
  8. https://www. thelocal. fr/20181113/map-where-in-france-you-should-expect-road-blocks-this-november Just got back from my French neighbour,unfortunately he does not know details of other areas that are planning longer fuel protests other than the 1 day as published widely,although he says there are lots of rumours going around saying several areas are planning several days of disruption. The 4 day one i mentioned previously in Brittany is taking place on the n12 between the airport and Saint Brieuc and if its anything like previous disruption the road and central barriers will need repairing as hay bales and tyres were set alight. If you click on the link above it will give you details of the proposed locations but it does not give the duration. We are in France till Monday if i can get anymore info i will post it.
  9. As i said in my previous post certain areas of Brittany have got at least 4 day blockades starting Saturday going thru till Tuesday,not sure about other regions i will ask my French neighbour see if he can find out for you.
  10. If you are traveling in Brittany some areas the blockades are planned for 4 days.
  11. We are going to the show not to buy but to have a look at whats new and also to have a day out. If i was looking to buy once i had decided what van i wanted i would play as many dealers off against each other to get the best deal possible, i am very good at haggling,then i would find the dealer nearest to me and if they were not present at the show ring them and see if they can match the deal you have been offered.
  12. My mate had a 2017 Clubman with that roof & it caused his roof to go concave, this in turn caused water to pool either side of the sunroof & eventually rise up the inside of the plastic & into the van after around 5 months of ownership, he wasn’t very pleased & traded it the same year for a Coachman As posted by stevew1 Thats exactly the problem with the stargazer fitted to Elddis range of vans. We went to the Elddis open day the previous weekend which included a factory tour,if you saw the flimsy piece of wood in front of the starglazer its hardly surprising it warps. That is not the only problem though the plastic that the frame is made of is so thin and flimsy no comparison with the previous Heki.
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