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  1. Hi flashgordon, it's not the external runners but the plastic runners for the blinds on the internal part which is one mounded unit.
  2. Thank you both, I have seen the vario but not really sure how I'd find out if it would fit, my van has a wooden surround that fits closely to the original roof light. I did look at the leisure shop direct site but they show no spares or stock for my roof light unfortunately. It appears there are no stockists of an obvious replacement!
  3. Hello forum, it's been a while but I'm obviously in need of some help, im trying to find a new inner unit for my remis roof system, the dual blind system is fine except that the plastic runners that guide them have disentegrated, I would assume due to it being a 2005 van and the years of heat and light wear to the plastics, after much searching I seam to be struggling to find the inner unit for sale, I have seen a complete unit but at around £700 I'm trying to avoid this as my dome only really needs some new seals, does anyone know of a supplier for the remitop 2 600 x 900 inner housing? I have attached a photo of the part I'm looking for, thankyou.
  4. Hmmm, Ok I'll take a look at those points you made in the morning. One thing i have noticed is that it used to take a good solid push to get the pump plug to go onto the van but now it seems much easier!!! Thanks,
  5. Hi Forum members, I have a problem. .. I have a bailey pageant with a whale pump that you push ito the outside unit on the van. This system has worked perfectly for five years but during my last trip has developed a problem. When we switch on the pump switch to power the pump the pump is definately pumping water but its not getting to the vans tank, It appears to be being forced out of the connection on the outer of the van and all over the floor. I have changed the o rings in the unit on the van but it's made no difference. Anyone out there with any good advice appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am looking to sell my 05 series provence, new in june 2005,but am unsure what price i should be asking for this van, does anyone have any advice, the van is in mint condition and full serive history and i will sell with all the gear!! any advice of asking price and best place to advertise would be appreciated. .thx
  7. Hi . We have a provence and love it. We have two girls aged 6 and 4 who would say the same!! We have never used the shower room but it makes great storage for all the bedding during the day. I reckon you could say the distance between the kitchen and shower room wall is slightly narrow but its a minor point to me, we arent the smallest people around for sure!! Saying all that though it is our first van ever but we have used it for ten individual weeks and many more weekens so far.
  8. cuji k

    1st Service

    My service agents quoted 180. 00 inclusive of vat but i'm not sure if thats good or bad. Anyone know the going rate??
  9. Hi there, ive booked my 05 provence in for it's first service and thought i would let them know i wanted the over head lighting trunking replacing with the newer material available from bailey that should not warp. The service agents told me i could only have it replaced if mine had actually warped even though it's fitted with the older material. Does anyone know if this is correct?
  10. I Brouht a satelite dish and compass off ebay. Cost me £22. 00 allin and only takes about five mins tops to get tuned in. I practiced at home first !!!!!!
  11. We Brought one of these purple jobbies from Argos also and we think its great. It comes with a decent length cord on to so you can give the motor a quick clean if you can be bothered. Kids and crisps in the car, tut tut. messy
  12. Hi All, Has anyone brought a caravan cover for a Bailey Paegent 05. If so, What are your views on the cover and can you give a price and where to purchase from as I may be looking to purchase one. Thanks for any advice and comments.
  13. Had another look at my towbar and noticed there is a packer to extend it out about half an inch, on the witter site it says you cay extend to 1 inch but that wont make much difference. Might have to go with the protector method but not sure where to get one. Does it have to be a witter or do most fit. Cant really see how it fits as the bumper is almost flush with the two bolt holes and i cant see there being enough clearance.
  14. Hi all, I've just had a witter towbar fitted to my sorento and hooked the van up for the first time yesterday and found that the hitch comes very close to the back of the bumper whilst hooking up. I slightly pushed the bumper in by mistake as I was on my own although it sprung back again(phew). Is it possible to extend the peice of the towbar with the ball on to give greater distance from the car without invalidating any warrany or safety issues?
  15. Hi all, Have just got my sorento and want to know if I need to have additional mirrors on the vehicle, was hoping I didn't. ??
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