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  1. Hi Maurice, I have the same problem on my 2016 model Camino 554 - did you get any resolution for this issue?
  2. Checked the spec on the whale filters and they do state it is not a bacterial filter on their website, so I guess you can't expect it to remove any bacteria that are present, so I suppose the question is "is it safe to drink site supplied water at all?" IT tastes fine, but is it potentially dangerous?
  3. How do the bacteria problems manifest themselves Stevan? We use similar filters at home in the fridge and on our kitchen tap and have had no issues. Is it due to periods left standing unused for perhaps weeks? If this is the case then why only the filter that is the problem and not the pipes themselves? I am interested in the science behind your statements as the manufacturer only advises replacements each year, and you would expect they did some research prior to selling to the public and manufacturers?
  4. For what it's worth, we think the filters are a great idea. They make the site water everywhere perfectly drinkable and save us having to buy any separate drinking water. Can't see any disadvantage at all. Simply replace at the beginning of the season for great tasting water all summer long. If we didn't already have one then I would install one. Never heard of the bug issue.
  5. I tried the hairdryer trick last year, and it worked, but only for a short time. I've found the correct wallboard tape on ebay (I think), so I'll post results when it arrives and if it is the same stuff. My opinion is that the tape will always need replacement every few years, as the wallboard finish is highly textured vinyl and designed to be easy clean and non-stick, so there is a major design issue with using a self adhesive tape to cover gaps. Typical lack of good design from the UK caravan industry. There can never be a seal between the back of the tape and the front of the wallboard due
  6. Anyone replaced the peeling wallboard tape on your Compass/ Elddis caravan? Where did you get it and how much? Our 2016 Camino needs the lot replacing. I will contact dealers on Monday, but wary of getting ripped off. Thanks in advance - Laurie.
  7. Elddis have agreed to fit corner caps to my rear panel, which I am happy with, as a repair is much less intrusive than full panel replacement. Parts have been delivered and van is booked in for the repair in early May, so I will post pics on completion. I've had a couple of issues with my dealer previously, but the rear panel cracking was dealt with promptly and without any arguement.
  8. Personally I wouldn't worry. The build quality of most caravans is poor, and this sort of thing is not unusual, even on new vans. Having DIY skills to sort out shoddy manufacturing issues is almost a necessity. Welcome to the world of caravanning.
  9. I would slightly slot the holes in the jack bracket to allow it to drop enough to lay level against chassis and if necessary use a large repair washer or similar to ensure a solid connection. No need to cut anything then.
  10. I would be wary of this setup, as the weight of the TV and attendant vibrations are magnified by large amounts when subjected to the inertia created by bouncing up and down in transit. IMHO a better solution would be to store the TV in it's fancy cover under a seat where it is out of sight for better weight distribution and less subject to vibration effects, and zero stresses and strains on the bracket.
  11. Hi hp - why need to bypass kitchen tap? I fitted a JG TMV and the preset temp is 60 deg. C which is hot enough for washing up but not hot enough to scald us in shower. Seems to work fine and I just wondered why go to the bother of bypassing kitchen tap, as in my van the TMV is mounted adjacent to the boiler outlet and cold supply inlet, making installation a lot simpler.
  12. Just had my 2016 Compass Camino second service, and the engineer noted small cracks and crazing on both rear panel top corners. I reported this to the supplying dealer and was told it was a known issue and though not common, was normally addressed by fitting cover caps to the rear panel. I have submitted photos and the dealer has stated they will raise a warranty claim, so I'll have to wait and see what the manufacturer says. However, in my opinion, if it is a known issue and the van has not been involved in a collision of any kind, then the manufacturer must accept this as a design or manufac
  13. I've made lots of mods to my 2017 Compass Camino 554, so here goes. .. 1. Fitted remote control dimming to most LED lighting, as full brightness was way too much at night. 2. Replaced standard white ambient lighting above cupboards, pelmet and headboard with remote control colour selectable RGBW LED's - this gives many options for mood lighting at night. 3. Replaced aerial amplifier with Visionplus model that has 3 outlets and signal strength indication to assist setting up. 4. Installed two TV brackets - one on wardrobe side above main si
  14. No reply from dealer so far, I will chase up later this week before naming or shaming and I will look at legal protection, as I'm sure we will have that - never thought of using that. ..
  15. Thanks again for the advice folks, and so sorry to hear all the problems you are having 'thebriars'. I have now written to the manager of my supplying dealer listing all the problems I have had, and am awaiting a response. I have begun preparations for taking this to the small claims court in the event of a rejection by the dealer, as I believe all my issues should be repaired under warranty, as all can be attributed to either faulty materials or workmanship. I will keep this post updated with any developments, but am hoping the dealer will act in a responsible manner and respond sympathetic
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