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  1. Get a twin jockey wheel - eBay item 223993156668 Lozza
  2. OK so I removed the Teleco today and fitted the replacement Status 570. The Teleco was a bit of a struggle to remove, as it gad been sealed in with Sikaflex, but it gave in eventually. Tip - there is a rotating collar on the Teleco roof mount that prevented me pulling the mount free but I gripped it with a pipe wrench and screwed it out no bother. The hole is exactly the same size for both aerials. New aerial installed no bother, and comes with a signal finder amplifier, which is much better than the Teleco model that mine had. Additionally, the Visionplus has no external aerial connector like the Teleco, which is a much better design. Really good upgrade IMHO.
  3. Hi, I have exactly the same issue with cracked seal on Teleco, and am going to replace with Status 570, as you can't get a new rubber seal assembly from Teleco, and a new mast is about £90 delivered apparently. Mine has only lasted 4 years, and so a replacement Teleco is unlikely to last longer than this. I had a look on the roof and it looks a pretty straightforward job. I'm getting the new Status tomorrow and will report back on the job once completed. Bonus is that the 570 roof seals are available separately if required later.
  4. Yes but after a year it is peeling again. I would suggest using a clear silicone sealant on the edges then tape it down until set. Can’t really think of another option. Basically a flawed design
  5. Thanks for the info Griff, I will investigate further re. costs etc. Laurie
  6. Attached photo of my setup showing antenna entry.
  7. I bought a Poynting 'Puck 2' MIMO antenna which is the size of a hockey puck, and cost £39.99 from Amazon. Despite being a bit nervous about drilling a hole in my van roof, it was actually very straightforward, and the signal went from 2 bars to 4 bars immediately. Definitely the way to go. Only needed a 20 mm hole and took about 10 seconds to actually drill through. My total installation cost was:- Antenna £40 Router £100 Replacement 240V socket c/w USB outlet to ffed router power £10 small adaptor leads SMA to TS9 for connection to router £10 Misc enclosure and magnetic mount for router £10 So £170 total cost, which I believe was reasonable. My router is 300 Mbs which should be plenty.
  8. PMW - thanks for that info. It may be that if I had got the MMS working first and then re-requested the settings again from sky it would have set itself up, but I tried so many settings that I can't say if I tried this in the order you describe. Anyway, all working now thankfully. WOODENTOP - The IP address of Huawei mobile routers is actually The problem was solved by doing something that nobody had suggested, and which seemed totally illogical to me i.e. adding a second APN entry after setting up the one for the MMS APN. The second entry having no APN settings at all other than the name, which I believed was not an actual setting, but simply the name of the APN entry. All very confusing, but I was convinced it would be resolved by a simple setting, and so it proved to be. Can't wait for the start of the season now! Thanks again all.
  9. Can you help me with this query guys? Can I take my SkyQ box away in the van, and what type of dish would this require? I've asked Sky and they said not possible Thanks in advance - Laurie
  10. Well friends, after pulling my hair out for 3 days and two calls each to sky and Huawei, I had given up last night in total frustration. Then this morning I read something on a sky community thread that got me thinking of something to try, and guess what - it worked! It seemed like a stupid thing to try but there you go. So for anyone else with a Huawei mobile router and a sky mobile SIM, the solution is to first add the sky APN settings for MMS messaging - this will establish a connection to the network, but without internet access. The add an APN setting as below. Despite looking like it will probably do nothing, it actually sprang into life immediately. Anyway settings are below, thanks to all for providing help and I hope this may be useful to someone else at some point. MMS APN Settings: Name: Sky Mobile MMS APN: mms.mobile.sky Username: leave blank Password: leave blank Internet APN Settings: Name: Sky Mobile Internet APN: leave blank Username: leave blank Password: leave blank
  11. Hi again Woodentop I am talking to the router over it's own wifi network, using laptop web interface or mobile app. I got to speak to a competent person at sky yesterday, and she told me that the apn settings were Name: Sky Mobile MMS Username: blank password: blank APN: mms.mobile.sky The above 4 data fields are the only ones available on the router APN profile page... With these settings the router is now showing 'connected' on the web interface and app, and some minimal data upload is has clocked up, but no download data at all. The sky advisor provided additional config settings that may be needed, but there is nowhere to enter this info. I'm wondering if there is a deeper level access to the Huawei to enter this additional info?
  12. Guys I have hit a brick wall again. I put the sky sim into my iPhone and it automatically updated the APN settings and then accessed the internet just fine - thereby proving the sim is good I believe? Then removed from phone and put into E-5785, but still no joy. One thing I note - there are numerous APN settings in the link above, but my router only has fields for name, User, password, and APN. Where the fields 'user' and 'password' say 'None', I'm assuming that means leave blank? Getting very frustrated now, as I've spoken to both Sky and Huawei CS and neither can help...
  13. sorry, it is a E-5785 - typo... I will try your suggestions guys thanks
  14. Hi all - I'm struggling to get my caravan wifi going. I have a Huawei e-5585 unlocked mobile router, and a new sky data SIM but can't connect to internet. I can send and receive texts from the Huawei but no mobile data. Tried various APN settings but nothing works. Can anybody assist as I'm sure someone must be using a similar setup with sky mobile? Thanks, Laurie
  15. Hi Maurice, I have the same problem on my 2016 model Camino 554 - did you get any resolution for this issue?
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