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  1. I have a 2014 2.2 diesel CRV & it tows my Bailey 534 very well. Had a Zafira Tourer 2.0 previously & although the Zafira had more power there really is no comparison, the CRV is heavier & far, far more stable, never left wanting for power, Zafira had the "tail wagging the dog" feel to it. The trip computer showed 29mpg recently towing in France(mainly motorway). Also lovely to drive solo.
  2. Will look at the glazing tape. The cracks are same as yours, in the corner. Some friends had a Unicorn 1 which had the same problem, makes you wonder! Paul
  3. Thanks for reply, not heard of that & looking at it not sure it would do the job. There are a lot of hairline cracks & the one that's gone right through the wall. The cracks cover an area approx half way up from the bottom and approx 100mm wide so would literally have to paint it on over that area. Paul
  4. Hoping for a bit of advise here! As the title says the shower wall has cracked at first it was just hairline cracks approx half way up starting near the bottom & just visible but I pressed it and its cracked properly now!! I will get it replaced as soon as my mobile guy can get to do it ( he's understandably busy at this time), but we are going away shortly and need to get it patched up till it can be replaced. So the question is can anyone recommend something to stick over the cracks temporarily? I've thought about using 3 or 4 lengths of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/KaLaiXing-Waterproof-Self-Adhesive-Decorative-Trim-white/dp/B072SNGH6R/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=White+flexible+plastic+self+adhesive&qid=15557 its 38mm wide so 3 strips would be wide enough to cover the area of cracking, I am thinking the crease would allow it to be able to follow the contour of the radius on the shower wall. I would use sikaflex to stick it to the wall and silicon where the strips meet. What do you think, good or bad idea or any suggestions most welcome. Regards
  5. Why should we be? It's an accepted part of industry. I work for an aircraft engine manufacturer in the UK (with a facility in Bristol as well!!) and we have been using agency workers for years, ok, some are fine and may eventually get taken on permanently, but others don't give a toss & personally I wouldn't pay them in washers!!
  6. Cheers Dave, explains why I was struggling to see how to do it as I am using a tablet
  7. Hi all, joined a while back but only got our first van a week ago, 2010 Bailey Pegasus 534. Really pleased with it & can't wait to get out on our first trip, unfortunately due to work commitments this will not be till 1st week in January but at least it gives us some time to obtain all the essentials & accessories we need. Can anyone tell me how to update my details on this site? No doubt I will have plenty of questions for all the considerably more experienced on the site, catch you later.
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