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  1. thanks for all your feedback on this. in the end we went for a new sprite super quattro FB as the double dinette layouts were few an far between and prices used were pushing close to a new van. so we bit the bullet and went 8ft. we take delivery next week so I hope it is OK to tow.
  2. Thanks Scarab really appreciate you taking the time to look and reply the Quattro DD is on my shortlist along with the earlier challenger 590 SE and Sterling Eccles trekker, which all seem to be in a nut shell the same van, Fixed bunks are an option I thought would work for us but the kids hate them. perhaps it is because we went for the triple bunk layout and should look at double bunks, because with the triple bunk layout we have in the bailey has limited head room. I know the bunks are far larger on the 8ft models, but in honesty I am not sure I am comfortable with the size of those vans. I like to go to places like Cornwall and I cant imagine 8ft wide vans are much fun on narrow roads its a real shame the double dinette has fallen out of favour thanks
  3. I am on the search for a new van to replace our Ranger GT60 540. we have out grown the current van as the kids are getting bigger, and having completed the B+E part of my test and upgraded to a discovery sport tow car I am no longer limited by weights. We have singled out the double dinette layout as best for our requirements because it gives us a shower enclosure, a decent single bed for both children in the rear dinette, with the option of a bunk each above if they bring a friend. with the added bonus the rear bed can be made up as a fixed when the kids get that little bit bigger and decide they are no longer coming with us. I seem to be drawing a bit of a blank in options for this layout as it must have fallen out of favour. I want to go as modern as possible and it looks like the Swift group are the only manufacturer that kept this layout going? does anyone know any other options - not that the swift is bad its just I want to expand my choices as much as possible to find the best i can for the budget I have. maybe there is a layout I have also overlooked that might also offer the same benefits? thanks in advance
  4. Hi Planethg Just for reference the awning you saw on the van was a suncamp 220 porch awning. We also have a bigger 390 air awning we use in summer. Unless you are going for a full awning the height on any porch awning will be fine. You have the benefit on your new van of a long straight section of awning rail so should be able to fit anything up to a 420 'porch awning. Have a measure of the straight section to confirm. The difference with awnings sold as 220 260 etc is that they only slide into the awning rail at the top of the van and are lose fit at the sides. The awnings sold in track length slide into the entire track.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I initially saw this adaptor which is just odd because you would lose some connections I would think https://www. halfords. com/camping-leisure/trailers-towing/trailer-accessories/ring-7-to-13-pin-adapter?istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=-xwwarpiitr&istBid=t&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:868555891|agid:49387675812|tid:aud-553371945979:pla-384275158927|crid:203456299560|nw:g|rnd:18166835140377938249|dvc:m|adp:1o2|mt:|loc:9045157&gclid=Cj0KCQiAvKzhBRC1ARIsANEXdgyGkamHUoqaANYLfiR7zhqFR0Pl--CysKG37KWQpZ9r8wM1tc_OHcoaAr98EALw_wcB I have now ordered the twin adaptor for a stop gap and will get the car rewired Thanks all
  6. Hi all I have just put down a deposit on a newer van and it has the 13pin electric plug. My car us configured with the older double 7 pin layout. I have seen 7 -13 pin adaptors but surely this means i will lose some functionality as i will only be able to connect this adaptor to one of the sockets on the car? Thanks
  7. i was looking around the bailey Unicorn Segovia and was thinking of the same thing when reading through this thread. it was listed at exactly 25K also. too much money for me but the layout is ideal from the OP's description
  8. I think I am one of your watchers as i am in the market for that layout of van. You are too far away from me but there are a couple of things that stand out in your ad that would stop me travelling ( if it is the ad i think it is) and i am prepared to travel for the right van. The price is high when you compare to Quasar 546 models that tend to be in dealers at around 9500 - 9999. There is also no mention of service history and a recent service/damp report which to me as a buyer makes me assume there is none. The front bed/sofa size is an important part of my decision and i found it hard to gauge the size of this in your pictures. great that you got MTLP and specifications in the ad though as that is also important to me with a no B+E licence. being picky but thought you might appreciate some feedback from a potential buyer
  9. Have you tried looking at 5 berth with double dinette layouts, they all seem to be light. We have a lunar Planet Venus that we picked up 2 years ago for less than 2K and it is plated at 1200kg. most of them i looked at including a Swift and other lunars of the same era with this layout were all around the 1200KG mark. of course maybe the layout is not suitable
  10. thanks everyone for your replies, fitted over the weekend and it all seems to work ok.
  11. yes you will struggle finding anything light enough to tow as the car is plated to tow so much. As others have already mentioned it is plated weights that are looked at. . not actual weights. I am in the same boat as you with only a B licence. I manage it with a lighter car and an Old Lunar van that is also considered fairly lightweight plated at 1200. if i wanted a newer van or heavier car I would be looking at taking the B+E test
  12. thanks everyone, it makes sense what you are all saying i was just a little concern it would be too loose. Chrisn7 don't worry about the fitting instructions, thanks for the offer but i downloaded them from the Bulldog website.
  13. well we are back and the trip went very well. It was quite mild over the new year weekend so we all kept very warm and the heating in the van worked well. in fact we ended up sitting in the awning most the evening. Glad that winter caravanning is now an option for us and we can get full use out of the van interesting to see how many others of you on here go over winter and how busy Kloofs was. We found Kloofs to be an excellent site with the heated facilities block as an extra bonus in the cold days
  14. afternoon all. I bought my van in the summer and it came with a blade stabiliser (bulldog 100Q) that i have not been able to use as i did not have the towbar bracket. I have since sourced one, and although the van tows ok i would like to start using the blade stabiliser for piece of mind and to stop some of the pitching and yaw movement. I am looking at the bar not yet fitted to the van and have a question about the slip pad the blade does not fit very snugly into it and i am worried about it popping out. is this normal and the act of the blade pushing down on the pad is enough to keep it in place or should the slip pad fit tighter to the blade? thanks in advance
  15. Ah not good i am going to Kloofs myself. Heard good things about the site so i hope its not too bad
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