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  1. That’s something I didn’t know! I’ve always started with the roof!
  2. I can’t see what else it could be. I’ve had the van since new, and only ever used Fenwicks. The key question though is whether it’s possible to remove the marks?
  3. Is it possible to remove drips/run off marks on graphics? Anyone had any success? They appeared after using Fenwicks winter protection, which I sprayed on and mixed exactly as per instructions in October 2018. Never had an issue with it before, but on this occasion marks are remaining and won’t come off with the usual caravan cleaners.
  4. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. Excellent news, the retailer, Yorkshire Caravans of Bawtry couldn’t have been more helpful. Gave a full refund! Can’t praise them enough. My parents are in their late 70’s and mid 80’s and were very concerned about the possible outcome. Thank goodness for good old fashioned customer service from a reputable retailer.
  5. Thanks all for advice and food for thought.
  6. My parents bought an inflatable awning late in the summer of 2017. I can’t remember the make, but I think it begins with ‘V’ and is apparently a subsidiary of Isabella. Anyway, there were immediate problems with it deflating and having to be pumped up several times a day and even during the night. They took it back and were given a replacement of the same model. The replacement couldn’t then be used until the 2018 season. This was again found to have problems in that it didn’t seem to assemble correctly. The retailer returned the replacement to the manufacturer for them to resolve the issue. It was late in the 2018 season by the time they got it back. It was then used on two occasions in the 2018 season. They have now used it again in the 2019 season for what will be the fourth time since being returned to them from the manufacturer. It inflated appropriately and all was well until we started to hear loud pops/cracking sounds and saw that one of the seams in an inflatable pole was coming apart, the inner tube then protruded to a size larger than a beach ball and then burst. My dad was standing next to it at the time and could well have lost an eye. My question is are they likely to be able to get a refund of their money? The awning has been unfit for purpose since purchased, and even though it will now be beyond a years guarantee since original purchase it has been returned on two occasions and used on only 4 outings since then. They really don’t want it to be repaired for them to just have further problems. They haven’t contacted the retailer yet, we’re still away on hols minus an awning, but it would be useful to have other opinions so that they can present a good case, if appropriate, to the retailer. Thanks
  7. Been down the route of dealership Durbanite, but no joy and as my only alternative would be to go to court it could cost me more in the long run.
  8. I’m about to have the rear panel on my 2015 Elddis Crusader Mistral totally replaced at a cost of £4000. Apparently 1K of this price is for the decal/graphics; this is due to Elddis only selling complete graphic sets, which I don’t need. I’ve said to the repair workshop that I’ll go without graphics and have a plain rear panel. This will mean that the moulds, in which the stickers normally sit, will be empty. For the sake of a grand I can live with this, but wondered if anyone knew if it’s possible to source these from elsewhere? Thanks.
  9. No, they’re not on the corners, they’re about halfway down emerging from the right edge where it joins with the front panel to create a right angle. The van was bought in July 2015. Good advice about the legal services. Thanks They are very fine and can hardly be seen. Ours come from the edge as it joins the front panel about halfway down the side.
  10. My 3 year old Elddis Crusader Mistral has just had its pre 3 year service and been found to have significant damp in the wheel arches, and around the heki sunroof. The rear panel has cracks which will ultimately let in damp. Elddis have agreed to cover the sunroof and wheel arch issues, but say that the rear panel is only guaranteed for a year! I’m absolutely dumbstruck that one section of the van has a limited warranty compared to the rest of it. I’ve been quoted £4000 to replace the rear panel and am at a total loss as to what to do. If not replaced it will become damp and lead to further costs, yet £4000 when the van cost £24000 3 years ago is a vast amount. I’d appreciate opinions on what to do. I’m frankly appalled at Elddis and certainly will never buy from them again.
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