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  1. Even more annoyed now!! I have just found out that VW have brought the max torque rpm on the 286 engine down from 2250 to 1750. I wonder why that would happen because I am the first person ever to complain about the lack of low down torque.
  2. This destroys the main reason for buying a diesel engine, everything I am complaining about is exactly what would expect from the petrol version. I suppose we will have to wait for electric power to be sorted before we get the grunt back. I must admit, the fuel economy is fantastic for a 2300kg car but I would happily swap that for driveability. I notice that the Jaguar F Pace is quoting a lower rpm for max torque, I wonder if that drives better!
  3. 1500rpm in Manual, full throttle, it is absolutely flat, it barely accelerates at all, things just start to move about 1800. This was one of my own tests to try to identify why it is so difficult to drive moderately. Anecdote:- The very first sign that I had of how puny the engine is was reversing on to my drive at home, my Mercedes. and Volvo before that. would climb the small step up from the dropped kerb in creep needing no throttle at all, this car needs at least 1750rpm to climb the kerb (50mm), quite embarrassing actually. There has been Talk in this thread of
  4. To answer a few of the replies, I, also, had assumed that at 1750rpm the 286 engine would be delivering as much torque as the 231 engine but I am beginning to wonder if that is actually the case ( I would love to see the power curves), my Merc GLC was 500Nm at 1500rpm and it pulled extremely well in an effortless wafting sort of way, if I ever saw 3000rpm I was gunning it . There are hints of the problem with Touaregs in most reviews where comments are made about the gearbox forever changing down and in hindsight I know why. If it wasn't for Covid I would try to get a drive in a 2
  5. My new in March 2020 Touareg 286 SEL Tech, has been a total disaster and I thought it would be useful to share my experience with anyone thinking about buying one. There are numerous things on the car that do not function fit for purpose and the VW attitude is basically, just because it says it in the user manual (downloaded using VIN) it doesn't mean it is true and nothing can be corrected ("Modified" in VW language) after the car is delivered. Check what you are getting before you drive away and make sure it is what you were expecting. The list is too long to go into detail here
  6. Could you clarify this please, I am sure you can't be saying that it is OK to Exceed the MPTLM and it could be confusing to new caravanists
  7. I agree some Merc. dealers can be that way and I guess you don't have many to choose from in you neck of the woods. I tried the X3 & Q5 and could not get comfortable, I found in the X3 my legs were pushed off to the right by the transmission tunnel and the Q5 has the big bulge in the tunnel/floor again leaving no room for legs. I am hoping upcoming versions of both may have improved. Q3 too small X5 too big I tried the Disco Sport and found the ingenium engine awful, the old 2. 2 was much better to drive. Also seats were extremely uncomfortable. I had not considered tha
  8. I am not sure what is "Bling" about the styling can you explain that please? I must be missing something, it seems much like any other car to me. Just a typical (if not a little boring) SUV shape on the outside and quite subdued, if anything, on the interior. The most "bling" thing on the car is the electric folding tow bar, that really is a ""cool"" , I show anyone who happens to be passing, a great piece of engineering. Mercedes dealers are as varied as any other manufacturer, good and bad and awful! a couple of the ones we visited when choosing the car were friendly & exc
  9. Really is a great tow car with 500Nm of torque you really can forget the caravan is there. Very comfortable and economical as well. All the bells & whistles you could want (if you don't mind paying for them). Worth a look if you are in the market for a mid range SUV
  10. Great Car! Get it booked in for a Polestar upgrade, Dealer may even give you a discount.
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