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  1. Hi Thanks for all the replies. I will use grass when dry and hard when wet.
  2. Hi Thanks for all the info. Will get myself tin of silicone spray.
  3. Hi. Not sure if I am using the right terminology but just bought awning for our van. When you thread awning onto your van is there a spray of some sorts to make it easier to glide into the groove. I remember as a kid in the 70's my dad using candle or bar of soap to make job easier. Look forward to your replies. Graham
  4. Hi New to aggravating only been out once. My question to you out there is, what is better hard or grass pitch? I look forward to your replies Graham
  5. Hi thanks for all the feedback. Sorry if I gave the impression that water was boiling over this is just impression I got. ....trying to paint a picture so to speak. It is definitely a truma ultraflow. Going to connect it all this weekend and test it all and see how it goes.
  6. Hi. New to caravaning bought a 2000 2birth ABI caravan. Everything works fine but have 3 issues with the water supply. Issue1: Can only get water to flow out kitchen mixer if the water is running in the bathroom. Been told to replace micro switch on kitchen mixer. Will this solve my problem? Issue2: Went away in caravan for few days and put on truma ultraflow to heat water. Water got real hot but later discovered water running out of pump housing with pump connected. Later that night when making the bed water had leaked into the caravan under the bunk as well. It looks like the water was boiling over and no where to go. Phoned dealer from whom I bought caravan and he said to only put the water on on when I need hot water. Is this right as it does not sound right to me. Issue3: The Manuel shows you can use 240v to heat the water and shows a switch but I have looked all over for this switch. Hoping someone might know where it is located or maybe our van only uses gas to heat water. I used gas when was away to heat water, well so I think because it only worked when I removed cover on outside of caravan Hope someone can give me advice on these matters. Thank you
  7. Hi. First time caravaner with my wife Sandra. Bought a ABI year 2000 2birth. Towing car is renault scenic 1600. Been away once and really enjoyed ourselves. Only ptoblem we had is with hot water leaking out into caravan and out inlet of pump even with pump plugged in. Not sure if you have to switch off hot water when not using it. Would appreciate any help on this matter. Cheers
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