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  1. Thought I would get back to you all, I did try the Jaguar XF but ended up disappointed with the driving position. I've been used to a 4 x 4 'sit up and beg' position I guess. I've now purchased a 2016 Sante Fe automatic and I'm well pleased too. Sad to end my association with the Sorento after 13 year (owned two of the early models with the chassis). Many thank for all you opinions. pmnb
  2. Just weighed my caravan nose weight (as I left it in October). It was 100 kilo. I removed one (steel) gas bottle and some of the paraphernalia we all collect in the front locker and it dropped to 80 kilo which is in the territory of 'The blind man on a galloping horse.' So, it is quite simple to adjust the nose weight on a Swift 645 twin axle down to 80 kilo. Whether this gives me a safe and comfortable tow will have to be explored. On the basis of all your replies and my own sleepless night and measurements I'll go ahead with the Jaguar. The first Jaguar I went in was a 1967 Mk2 2. 4. It was 1969 and it was white with a blue light on top. It's stable mate was a Triumph TR5 in similar livery. I vowed then that one day I would own a Jag Many thanks everyone. pmnb
  3. Just one thing that has come to my attention is the fact that (as far as I can ascertain) all Swift caravans have a nose weight of 100kg (including my 645 Conqueror twin axle). The nose weight on the Jaguar XF 3. 0 litre Sportbrake auto is just 75 kilo. Like many I suppose, nose weight has never been at the top of my list, I adjusted my load to give me the most stable platform when towing. I instinctively knew if I had got this loading procedure incorrect due to the feel of the tow. Now, I currently tow with a 58 Kia Sorento so I've never had a weight issue with the tow vehicle or the nose weight. Now I'm in a dilemma about the 25 kilo difference in nose weight bearing down on the Jaguar XF. I'm assuming I can achieve the correct nose weight by correct loading but would value opinion from those who may have found themselves with this issue. Tow Car Info/Outfit Match say that this combination is an excellent outfit for all journeys on all kinds of roads but do point out the nose weight difference. Does this tow ball limit (75k) mean that I can't tow with this vehicle? If so then I doubt the XF will be good for most 4 berth caravans? Looking at other tow cars many have a tow ball weight of under 100 kilos? Hmmmmm. ............ Am I overthinking this? pmnb
  4. Arranged for a 3. 0 litre Sportbrake to be ferried down to near my home address by Evans Halshaw. Watch this space. There comes a time when you have to stop pouring money into your existing vehicle. I suppose the secret is knowing when that time is right. Many thanks for all your input.
  5. Thank you for your replies, looking good👍 Pmnb
  6. Sorry, a very ‘wide’ question. I currently tow a Swift Conqueror 645 twin axle MIRO is about 1550kilo 1760 Max. I will be looking at a 2014+ model year which I read has a kerb weight of 1880 kilo. I’m looking at towing at around 90% but I need to weigh my caravan ( county weigh bridge half a mile from home). I have been towing for 20years. Current tow vehicle is a Kia Sorento (58 Reg). I think this should be a reasonable match for the 3. 0 litre diesel Sport Brake but appreciate it is above 85%. Maths not my top subject that is why I would appreciate opinions. Thanks in anticipation. A big purchase for me now I have just retired. pmnb
  7. Does anybody tow with the Jaguar XF 3. 0 litre diesel Sport Brake (estate) or indeed any variant of the XF? I note the kerbside weight at 1880 kilo. Any feedback would be appreciated. pmnb
  8. Sorry for my late response but illness intervened. I'm stuck with this awning, the first one the stitching gave way (replaced by Kampa) The second one leaked badly (replaced by Kampa) This one leaks from various seams (after being wet and dried out three times it still leaks) A total waste of £1000. 00 !! Thank you for your feed back.
  9. Update. ....... We decided to use the new Kampa Ace Air Pro 400. The first week as you know was extremely hot. My second week in Pembrokeshire was very very wet! We used the new manual pump with the guage. The gauge didn't work! The new awning leaked water, not as much as the previous one but enough to keep belongings clear of the front of the awning. This was NOT condensation, I have videoed the water seeping through stitching primarily where the inner two upright tubes meet their cross tubes. It then tracks down the tubes until gravity drops it onto the floor (or whatever is in the catchment area. Water also oozes through the stitching at the lowest seam on the front panels. This tracks down the inside of the material and pools wherever gravity takes it. I let this awning get wet and dry three times but alas it leaked in exactly the same places. The stitching which captures the tape wavers about in places and completely misses the material !! No point in going back to the dealer and pointless contacting Kampa. I have videoed this time to show that it is NOT my lack of understanding condensation. I will approach an independent body, perhaps Trading Standards as they are just 400 yards from my home. Very disappointed in this poor quality manufacturing.
  10. Thank you. My reason for writing to Kampa ( and I do appreciate that I have no contract with them) is simply because I can't use voice telephones. Having spent well over £1000. 00 (with accessories) this was my first Kampa purchase. Given that Kampa do not offer any customer service as a manufacturer makes me wonder if this is because they can't cope with the input? Like Benchillian I would agree that leakage below the windows is considerable, it just oozes through the material. Not sure what I can do to stop this. This is my first and last purchase from Kampa. Many thanks for all your suggestions. pmnb
  11. The reason for my post was just to see if anybody else had experienced this problem with an Ace Air 400 (2016). Having to go out and purchase seam sealers etc for what is a new awning shouldn't really be necessary. We have decided to use our Bradcot awning for this outing, we need to be absolutely sure we will remain dry. Many thanks.
  12. I picked up the replacement awning today from my dealer (no apology). I note that this one is an Ace Air Pro 400 whereas the one I purchased last year was just an Ace Air 400. The pump has a psi gauge on top now, the previous one didn't. I also note that further treatment to the material is now included in 2017 models. I will be using this awning from Sunday when I'm off to West Wales for two weeks. I note all your comments about pumps, I'll reserve judgement until we have tried this new hand pump but at 64 years of age I find the hand pump a little tiring. We stop half way through inflation for a G & T . With regards to my problem being condensation, this wasn't the case. I've had condensation on all my awnings over the years including this Ace Air 400, it is distinctly recognisable. I couldn't ventilate whilst using this awning a month ago because of the persistent rain. I watched the water oozing around stitching and also through the material. Everything in the awning was dripping wet from strip lights to table, chairs even the carpet was so wet you got wet feet if you ventured out in stocking feet. I did wait for three outings and quite a few soakings to see if this awning would seal. It wouldn't. Kampa have refused to acknowledge my letters and my dealer is convinced it was ME not recognising condensation. I will report back on this replacement once I've had a couple of soakings (in Wales that should happen .) Thank you all for your opinions, greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you for all your insight into this issue. With regards to condensation, yes we did get this overnight a couple of times bu this tends to be an all over covering of minuscule water droplets. The times when the awning leaked I couldn't ventilate because of heavy rain ! The leakage could be seen pushing its way through the material and seams at various points. I finally got fed up and took stills and a video of this. I'm miffed because a: this awning is £1000. 00 and b: My dealer is making me out to be the person at fault and "We've sold hundreds and never had any problems with leaks." Similarly I've never had any problems with leakage from my 14 year old Bradcot awning!! At 64 years of age I fancied something easier to erect. The hand pump is fine but at our age we have to actually 'take' a Gin and Tonic break . My dealer is aware of the Gale pump but doesn't stock it. I haven't even unpacked this replacement awning I'm so disillusioned with my dealer and more so with Kampa who are it seems content to hide away somewhere in Essex and deny their existence. Brand image is vital in this global market, if I was Kampa I would give myself a wake up call !!!!!!!!!! I'm taking the van away to West Wales on Sunday so either I unpack the Ace Air 400 or take my trusty Bradcot. I have spent in excess of £30k with this dealer over the last 15 years, it counts for nothing. Still, suns up, tow vehicle is cleaned and serviced and I haven't been away since May. Wonderful this retirement thing
  14. Thank you all for your swift responses. The awning was used on three different outings and got wet and dried more than once on each outing. I would have expected any swelling of the seams to have occurred after the first wetting and drying. I photographed and took video of the leakage whilst it was raining (and had been raining for a number of hours). This was definitely not condensation, I could see water 'seeping' through many of the joints at numerous points across the walling and roof of the awning. The floor carpet was wet, the chairs were wet in fact everything was wet. There was another caravan just down from me with the same awning, his was dry? This morning I received a phone call from my dealer saying that a new awning awaited me from kampa. I have collected it and was told that if this doesn't work, "We'll cut our losses and refund you." I was told in no uncertain words that I am the ONLY one to complain about Kampa awnings leaking. Whilst I accept that may indeed be true, it did leak and rather badly. My Breeze electric pump would not allow me to set the pressure, it only worked once before it died. I would purchase on-line but was concerned about the warranty being voided if I used another manufacturer's pump. From what you say the Gale Pump seems to be the answer. My hand pump has no gauges on it whatsoever and is an effort to use. I'm wondering whether to open this new awning or just try and get my money back. It was well designed but leaked. pmnb
  15. I'm an experienced caravaner now retired. Last year I purchased a Kampa Air Ace 400 awning which as most of you will know isn't a cheap item at just shy of £1000. 00. I have used it on three different trips totaling 28 days of use. On each trip it leaked from various places quite significantly. This was not condensation which I am used to. Has anybody else experienced similar problems with this awning? Also whilst I'm here, the Kampa 12 volt pump 'expired' on its second usage so we took it back. Now we have to exert our aging muscles using the hand pump. I know that Kampa have a new 12 volt pump out but I just can't find anybody who has one in stock. I'm told that to use any other manufacturer's pump would invalidate the Kampa Warranty? I continue to wheeze away I have written to kampa TWICE but they don't respond and my dealer doesn't have them in stock or know if they are any good. The predecessor I understand was problematic. Yours, Gold watch and shackles.
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