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  1. And Sargent, I agree they are very helpful thanks
  2. Definitely something has gone astray. It's a 2017 swift, all was ok up until today, also telling me my vehicle battery reading when not connected makes me think the problem is connected. Off to Portugal on Tuesday that's the biggest problem
  3. Something is amiss as my control panel is telling me that the leisure battery is 13. 8 and my vehicle battery is also 13. 8 no vehicle connected
  4. Hi folks As the title says my green ATC light remains on when vehicle is no longer connected to the van. Any ideas?
  5. Heading to Touriscampo in two weeks, just a short stay (six months) hope the weather is fine.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation booking night stop at Virgen del Mar.
  7. Hi all arriving in Santander off the ferry Wednesday 27th 18. 15, what advice / info do you have for first night stop. Can we spend first night in the ferry port?? Thanks in advance.
  8. P_P

    Caravan Gas

    Both perfectly safe I use red all year.
  9. P_P

    Best Bbq?

    I love my Cadac but it not a BBQ, it's a grill and an excellent cooking system. Definitely not a BBQ
  10. Just booked return trip Sun 10. 30 am prices went up twice while we did price comparison
  11. Help a guy with an Air Ace 800, what a beast. Great space once up. Too big for me though.
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