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  1. We are going on Saturday (nobody else has admitted to this) because of convenient travel arrangements. I assume the weekend will be more crowded but we will have to live with that.
  2. Thanks for the information, foks!
  3. LittleGreyCat

    BMW X5

    I've had a quick look but I can't find a thread about the BMW X5 as a tow car. I never got to drive one last time round but it seems a reasonable choice alongside Touareg, Disco, Mercedes for a 4WD tug for a 2 tonne van. Anyone using one?
  4. Ah - OK. Thought the gear change layout meant it was DSG,
  5. Just to add some triviality. My offspring has an Audi A3 with the 6 speed DSG gearbox. When I get to use it I use the manual shift to make it go as I want. I have a Touareg with a 6 speed DSG box. I never use the manual shift because there seems no point. Solo I use sport if I'm blasting away from roundabouts, or up slip roads. Otherwise just let the car do its thing. Towing a 2 tonne caravan I leave the gearbox in Sport because that seems to work well. Noting that if I engage cruise control it drops into 6 fairly soon, but with cruise control disengaged it spends a lot more time in 5.
  6. My take on this is that it makes a used purchase higher risk because you don't know if it has previously been used for a lot of short trips.
  7. On the BHP per tonne, then. :-) If the OP struggles up motorway hills with 42 bhp per tonne fully loaded, and my current 50 bhp per tonne fully loaded kicks proverbial ass in an effortless manner then we are back to that figure being relatively pointless. I'm with those who consider torque in the low rev range to be more significant than BHP when it comes to comfortable towing. I would prefer not to have to rev the engine above 4,000 rpm (say) to get into the power band. Again, YMMV.
  8. This BHP per tonne thing. Is this the tow car or the entire fully loaded outfit? My Touareg is very roughly 100 bhp per tonne driven solo, very roughly 50 bhp per tonne with the full outfit and all the gear. I like, and feel very safe with, the ability to accelerate up a steep slip road and join a stream of traffic (mainly HGVs) doing 55 mph or a bit more with the outfit doing 55-60 mph to easily merge in. Once cruising there aren't many hills which require a change down. Noting that I use the "Sport" setting on the automatic gear box when towing because that seems to suit the towing dynamics best. YMMV
  9. Another Touareg owner here. As a long time Volvo owner I'm not sure why I discounted the XC90. I think it was because I preferred to have a 3500 kg towing limit to give more flexibility should I need to tow something heavy in the future. Also because the kerb weigh (touchy subject) was higher.
  10. This does seem a bit of an odd request. We currently have a VW Touareg as a tow car and it does suit us very nicely both for towing and for solo use. We have realised that we aren't getting out enough with the caravan, and reckon that is because it is a bit of a hassle getting it all set up, off the drive, hitched up and rolling just to do an overnighter no more than an hour from home. With our previous Hymer B544 A Class motor home it was much easier to do. More or less just climb in and go. We changed to a caravan because we found we were spending more time in one place and had started to hire a car to get around once we had set the MH and awning up. A happy (?) compromise might be to have a camper van (e,g, VW 4 Motion based) to replace the Touareg which could give us more or less the same towing capabilities including 4WD for soggy fields and a 2 ton caravan but also something small enough to use as every day transport. Prior to the Hymer we had a high top VW camper which was OK for daily driving (apart from car parks with height barriers) so a pop top might do us nicely. Just trying to work out if this is viable, and what base vans might be contenders.
  11. I really fancied a Discovery but ended up with a Touareg. 197 bhp plays 238 bhp plus reviews saying overtaking at higher speeds was "interesting". Enjoyed the test drive, though. Reading this thread I am very take by the 4.4 Range Rover but unfortunately the Touareg wasn't used in a bank robbery so I don't have £20k stuffed down between the seats.
  12. Late to the party, but our 2016 580 doesn't squeak (so far).
  13. A while back I (unintentionally) tested the breakaway cable, which stopped the caravan very successfully. Unfortunately the test also pulled the 13 pin plug out of the socket on the back of the car, and damaged the plastic locating pins which hold the plug into the socket. I need a new outer which is compatible with the inner plug which is in turn integral to the wiring harness. I could cut all the wires one by one, strip them back, and then screw them into the terminals of a generic trailer socket. However I would prefer to get a new outer part and leave the wiring untouched. There isn't very much spare wire so it looks touch and go for cutting back and rewiring without having to extend each individual wire. I have left a query with Westfalia (however it is Easter Bank Holiday) so I thought I would ask here is anyone had already solved this. Edit: it is for a 2009 VW Touareg and the part number in the socket is PA6-MD30.
  14. Thanks all. So it is a DIY solution with regulator, hose, and female quick release connector.
  15. When we got a caravan with a built in plug/socket arrangement to plug the BBQ into, I changed the connector on the BBQ to a male plug. One downside is that I can no longer use it in the back garden with a free standing propane cylinder. Is there an adaptor which acts as a pressure regulator on the propane cylinder and as a female socket for the male connector? At the moment I'm having difficulty framing the correct search terms.
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