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  1. DaveMiller

    Dash cam info please

    I have a NextBase 512 that I brought from Halford and also had them install it. So it is very much fit and forget. It's fitted in front of the rearview mirror so that I cannot see it and it doesn't obstruct my vision. It records continuously when the car is in use, and it stores the last two hours of recordings at maximum resolution before over writing the earliest recording. The quality of the recording is very good. I posted a sample of the play back HERE
  2. DaveMiller

    BT scam calls - yet again

    I had a call like that once; and there was.
  3. DaveMiller

    Well, we all knew this already - another DM gem

    Any thing printed in the Daily Mail is almost certainly a work of fiction.
  4. DaveMiller

    It pays to review.

    We insure our caravan on a new for old basis with. the C&CC and have to revalue to reflect the current replacement of the current version and contents. Their policy covers vans up to ten years old on this basis.
  5. What are these motor home things any way?
  6. DaveMiller

    Battery box hinges

    I use that Thetford silicone spray seal lubricant for this sort of job as well as for maintaining the toilet seals.
  7. DaveMiller

    Battery box hinges

    If you go down the replacement route then don't forget to buy a roll of sealing tape. It's easier to work with than mastic from a pump gun. It is an annoying fault with the design which has made me take greater care of lubricating the other box hinges on our van.
  8. DaveMiller

    Battery box hinges

    The battery box isn't of Lunar manufacture, they are common to almost all caravans and motorhomes as are almost all the fixtures and fittings. You should be able to buy the components from any dealer, but make sure you order the correct colour. I had a similar problem with broken hinges, although mine was self-inflicted. I bought a replacement battery box from a dealer on eBay and fitted it myself. I did investigate the possibility of repairing the hinges but could not see a way of making a reliable repair.
  9. DaveMiller

    Electric shock

    It's not clear from your post if your caravan was connected to a mains electricity supply at the time you received a shock. I ask because there are two possibilities as to its cause, one being a static electricity build-up, which shouldn't be a concern. The other is a fault on the mains voltage system which most certainly requires the attention of an electrician if that was the cause.
  10. DaveMiller

    Caravan insurance

    I started off with CMC insurance and then changed to the C&CC because they were about half the price of the CMC for identical cover. Whoever you choose do check the small print to ensure that you have suitable cover, for the terms and conditions do vary quite a bit.
  11. DaveMiller

    Southern Ireland

    They do have teenagers in Ireland, most of whom are quite well balanced, at least my grandsons are, unless they just put on a good act when I'm there. They do have mobile phones and internet access to go with the outstanding scenery and excellent road network.
  12. DaveMiller

    Water ingress annoyance

    Reject the van and sue the dealer.
  13. DaveMiller

    Vacuum cleaner

    We bought a Dyson V6 Animal from their refurbishment website for about £150 two years ago for our caravan. It is very good.
  14. DaveMiller

    caravan paint colour

  15. DaveMiller

    Newbie - What's a CL site ?

    One further point; you will have to be a member of the C&CC to use CS sites and/or the CMC to use the CL sites. We are members of Bothe main clubs and tend to only use CL/CS sites as they represent much better value for us than the club sites.