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  1. These were my thoughts as well. Having had 3 people carriers, fancy a change, but still worth looking at.
  2. Again, thanks for the comments. Definitely food for thought. I know there are sites to check specific models against caravans, does anyone know of where I could input the caravan weight, and get a list of make and specific models that could deal with it? Was thinking of writing an app to do just that, but don't know if there is one already around.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I prefer the higher car, having had an 807, Espace, and the Grand Voyager as my last cars. As we don't take a tent everywhere now, I don't need the extra space. Understand the comments about the higher mileages. Always tried to buy a car around the 70-80k, but given the better requirements on cars, thought the higher mileages would have been ok, especially as most seem to be motorway mileage. Some of these cars are less than 9yo. I know you take you chance with these things. For instance, does a full Land Rover service history for a freelancer, bode better than a service history from an independent? Thanks again for any advice.
  4. Was planning to change the tow car from a Chrysler Grand Voyager 3. 3 auto with LPG conversion during the next 2 yrs. I get an average 40mpg equivalent, and up to 50 on a run. Put the caravan on the back, and it really drops down to about 25. Gearbox is main issue. Drives everywhere in 3rd or even 2nd. Just been made redundant, so I've got about 5k to spend. Want an SUV. Towing 1500kg fully laden. Happy to switch to diesel. Fancied a Tiguan, but few and far between in my price range, especially with a tow bar already fitted. Really like the Touareg or Disco3, but probably couldn't afford to run them as my daily commute as well. Seen a Freelander2 Td4e with stop/start. 2009 with 150k on the clock. Reviews on here only have autos. Any one got one of these in a manual? What is real life solo and towing mpg. Thanks in advance.
  5. Not very easily. Will look into that. Thanks
  6. Thanks. Hadn't seen that one. Much more comprehensive. Thanks for the advice.
  7. First attempt at repair. Melted white lego blocks in acetone. Turns out to be an almost perfect colour match. Found it on another forum. Drop lego blocks in acetone until they melt into a mayonaise type consistency. Start filling in small pea size amounts. The acetone evaporates and leaves the white goo solid like the original lego block. Then use wet and dry to take it back. If you keep the stuff in a jam jar with a lid, it stays like that, and the acetone doesn't evaporate. My intention now, following some of the advise on here, is to reinforce the back with fiberglass etc, then fill the front with the goo. Need to reinforce the bottom of the box as well.
  8. Grand Voyager 3. 3 on lpg with a 4 speed auto box. 13-25 mpg solo (Commute 30-40mph - Motorway 70-77ish) 9. 1-16mpg towing. Rough price equivalent of 26-50mpg solo, 18-32 towing, as only pay . 49p-.70p per litre for LPG. Not too bad, but gearbox is cr*p for towing. Time to change the car me thinks (When I can afford it).
  9. Yep. That is the one I was looking for.
  10. No I haven't, but I guess you would have to do this on level ground? My van is parked on my slopped drive, and I don't fancy taking the bathroom scales on hols with us.
  11. Took it to Woolacombe this weekend and it got worse. The 2 brackets underneath that take the weight at the front of the box are bent. Emptied the box of any weight, inc bottles. Got home, and hey presto, can hardly see the gap in the cracks. Winter job is to patch repair, and get a little reinforcement under the floor of the box to take any weight. Quite a big bottle came with the van (13kg), which has to be tilted to get in there. Will have to get rid of that, and put smaller ones in. Thanks for the replies
  12. 20+ years ago, I used to holiday with my parents in the family caravan. My father had a yellow Michelin book, that had each French autroute in it. It basically had a stright line of motorway down the centre of each page. Each Junction, Aire, Peage etc were all in there. I think the junction number even gave a brief list of local/large nearest town etc. Trying to find an up to date version of this, but cannot find anything listed in the uk. Bought Michelin 726 Grande Itineraires which is great for a visual fold out map to lay out on a table for route planning, but not what I was looking for. Found something called "Michelin - Carte N°727 - France - Aires de services sur autoroutes - Edition 2016" on a french website, but no explanation. Not sure if this just lists the Aires. Anybody remember the book I'm talking about? Any ideas on up to date version. I know in the age of Sat Nav etc, but when your on a long motorway journey, it's a quick reference thing for the co-driver to look at. Thanks in advance. PS. If this is in the wrong location, plase accept my appologies.
  13. Bought our caravan in March, and had a total of 40 nights over 6 location this year. Had grass, hard standing, and all weather. We prefer grass, as we are converted campers. Had a hard standing in cornwall, and didn't particularly like it. Concrete for the caravan, but really large corse stones for under the awning. Really hurt the feet. Just come back from Woolacombe, and an all weather supersized pitch. Absolutly great. Hard compacted ground, with a dusting of pea shingle. Fitted the car, caravan and awning, plus an area of grass with a large picnic table dedicated to the pitch. All 6 sites have had hard standing areas/all weather pitches, and each one has been different. Unless you know the site, you take your chance.
  14. Stayed at Camping Agay Soleil a long, long time ago. Some pitches only have a fence between you and the beach. Sorry couldn't tell you about dogs, twin axle etc. Know it is stil running. Might be worth doing a search for it. My parents went there quite a few times.
  15. That looks like a very nice campsite. My spanish is rubbish, but I think it works out about 50euro a night for my family. (2ad, 3 child). Would that be about right for spanish sites.
  16. Hi Daytone675, We've just done the same thing, and have 3 girls. We did a lot of looking at layouts, and decided on a 2004 Lunar Quasar 615. Within your budget. Comes with 2 fixed bunks and a dinette opposit, all at the back. It also has a door to close them off, which is right by the main entrance door. So we still get use of the rest of the areas whe they go to sleep. Good hunting. (Caravanfinder website was great just to search what layouts are availble). Richard
  17. I screwed a batten in place to hold it together while I started repairing the crack.
  18. Afternoon. Bought this 2004 Lunar Quasar 615 in April. There were 2 small cracks in the front panel, either side of the frame. We've towed the caravan 5 times this year so far, and the cracks are getting worse. Tried repairing 1 but it split again as soon as we towed again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Just booked 3 nights at Easwell Farm, part of the Wollacombe Bay Holiday Parks during October half term. £54 for a Superwide all weather pitch. Know PR1 said that not facilities were used by them, but this is with access to all facilities on all parks. Ideal for us with children.
  20. Up until earlier this year, we had been annual members at Longleat. We only live 10 miles away. With 3 children this was quite expensive, and as Jaydug says, the tesco vouchers came in more than handy. We elected to join the NT, and agree that they can be used in Scotland. I think the quality of some of the exhibits has detoriated over recent years, and also the offer has got worse. You used to be able to buy a passport which gave you access to everything. You also had 1 calendar year to use it. They changed this, so you ony have 1 day to use it, so you have to get in a full day to visit everything. At the height of summer this can mean long queues.
  21. Thanks all for your comments and advice. Lots to ponder. Richard
  22. Thanks Fenester. I'll only get 150 miles max out of my LPG tank with the caravan, so would tie any rest stops with topping up. Last year I only really saw LPG in the bigger ones. On the overnight trip down, saw quite a few caravans parked up, with the back legs down. Not many Brits, but quite a few other nationalities.
  23. I had intended sleeping in the motorway services. I know ther have been problems up near Calais etc. Are there widespread problems? Sorry Durbanite. Just re-read what you said. Will check on St Malo crossings again. Currently redecorating the kitchen under duress. OH insists it. Just because I managed to melt the deep fat fryer, while I was cleaning it. You can't really see the smoke deposits. ...if you squint while standing on 1 leg.
  24. Thanks Durbanite. Will look at that. Ideally I don't want to drive all the following day, so getting 2-3 hours under my belt allows for unknowns. Looked at the St Malo crossing, but Portsmouth is only 80 miles, and Plymouth is closer to 140 miles from me. Also the cost looked significantly higher.
  25. Thanks all for the comments. It is no way decided. My youngest is 5, and had we bought it 3-4 yrs ago, it would probably never have come up. Yes, it is a 12 yo van, and there will be people that would not look at it if I removed it. We had quite a few hot days in Cornwall, where the temp was 26-27, and the OH found the van quite warm. We are used to that in the tent, but creating more storage and air con would be more advantageous to us during this part of our lives, than the toilet. Forgive my ignorance Paul_B, but what are CS and CL sites? Richard
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