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  1. We had one come open in Spain it's was locked! A car over took us the wife said ignore them they may trying to rob us! Then another car I thought it was the accomplice of the first car, It wasn't till the 4th car we decided to stop! Lol now.
  2. Please can someone let me know the speed limits when towing in Spain and Portugal also can't I use my sat nav with speed cameras on it?
  3. We found it frustrating and hard work to get a answer, once a answer was obtained the we had to change our sites and arrival dates.
  4. We have done both going though France saves £55 including tolls and fuel going from Poole to Cherbourg.
  5. I got though to Brittany by keep on phoning them eventually got though to then waited 10 minutes for someone to answer now on the Cap Finistere 9th June
  6. Well done John, I repaired our fridge which is 7 years old and was told it needed replacing and cost me £50 for that bit of bad advice, after posting on Caravantalk I found it was the thermostat so easy to replace which has worked from January.
  7. Coastline


    Thanks for that John, your thoughts are similar to ours, but it has been a lot of problems and our friends who are not travelers all think we must be mad to go and the problem with the Pont Aven to them is a sign.
  8. Coastline


    For the past year we have trying to return to Spain, the wife has had I think had a lot of silly health problems i.e. high iron levels etc only find no problems! So at long last we are on our way, but the Pont Aven breaks down not once but twice Brittany have rebooked us to sail now on 9th June to Bilbao not Santander just a little more to drive. We are having a silly moment as now my mum 93 is having bad times and is muddled for the first time she gave out her bank details to a scammer I managed to stop it, she has 4 careers a day, if we go to Portugal until September we are worried how fast can we come back, I had the bright idea to go to Ireland how realistic would this be? What are sites like there?
  9. I have spoken to Brittany Ferries this morning, the 28 th May has been cancelled the earliest ferry vacancy for us with dogs will now be Cap Finistere sailing 9th June at 22.30 from Portsmouth but to Bilbao arriving Tuesday 7.45 oh well not much we can do about it.
  10. We will all have to wait and see, which for the wife and I is bit annoying as we understand we may sail from Plymouth but we have moved towards Portsmouth
  11. Yes do have inside information as I spoke to Brittany this morning.
  12. UPDATE. The Pont Aven is at Breast undergoing repairs until Sunday 26th then it will sail to Santander load and return to Plymouth for sailing 28th back to Santander, then on 6th June it will be taken out of service for engine repairs.
  13. Brittany Ferries needs friends at the moment.
  14. We may or not be sailing on 28th May, we feel sure something will be sorted but we have been moved from Portsmouth to Plymouth and now?
  15. Whereabouts are you in Portugal in the Algave we use Camperserve 00351916581141/00351289093373 we have found them good in the past. Sounds like your battery is had it you may have to bite the bullet and purchase a new one. I would of thought you caravan seller is telling you porkies.
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