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  1. I have spoken to Brittany Ferries this morning, the 28 th May has been cancelled the earliest ferry vacancy for us with dogs will now be Cap Finistere sailing 9th June at 22.30 from Portsmouth but to Bilbao arriving Tuesday 7.45 oh well not much we can do about it.
  2. We will all have to wait and see, which for the wife and I is bit annoying as we understand we may sail from Plymouth but we have moved towards Portsmouth
  3. Yes do have inside information as I spoke to Brittany this morning.
  4. UPDATE. The Pont Aven is at Breast undergoing repairs until Sunday 26th then it will sail to Santander load and return to Plymouth for sailing 28th back to Santander, then on 6th June it will be taken out of service for engine repairs.
  5. Brittany Ferries needs friends at the moment.
  6. We may or not be sailing on 28th May, we feel sure something will be sorted but we have been moved from Portsmouth to Plymouth and now?
  7. Whereabouts are you in Portugal in the Algave we use Camperserve 00351916581141/00351289093373 we have found them good in the past. Sounds like your battery is had it you may have to bite the bullet and purchase a new one. I would of thought you caravan seller is telling you porkies.
  8. Thanks everyone, my next job is help her find cheap decent caravan, I sail for Santander on 28th so have little time to find something.
  9. My daughter wants to have caravan so she get away at weekends how can she get a BE licence and can she tow a very small without a BE licence?
  10. The Pont Aven will be back in service from 14th May with 3 engines for the time being it will not be sailing from Portsmouth but Plymouth, for those who have booked to sail from Portsmouth you will be given a £40 fuel allowance, I am not impressed as it cheaper to sail from Plymouth, I would like to see a refund for the difference. The Pont Aven will be taken out out service later this year for repairs this will curse more problems to sailings.
  11. In this case I did not need breakdown cover as I had already taken it but have if I went or not, being a little cunning I have phoned telling them that I have Flex Plus account and it was the same, for the extra £156 is it worth the expense NO.
  12. We are sailing on 28th May, after missing our winter trip last year. We now have everything in place not sure why some of you would miss your holidays in Europe due the EU & our governments inability to get there act together. Green cards are free international driving licence did break the bank, what did is our dogs the blood tests for them cost over £300 plus other odds ends we are ready to go. Why not?
  13. We only have a Flex account as far as I can see there is no benifit for having a Flexplus account you still pay extra for trips over 31 days.
  14. Thanks for that advice.
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