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  1. We would like a small light wight caravan for weekends away, we already have a 7.5 mitre caravan which we have lived in and towed around Europe for 8 years believe me it sounds great. I have not seen any in Portugal has anyone got a Portuguese link to the maker?
  2. Having moved to Portugal and present we are living in our Swift Coastline 584se, we are now looking for a small caravan so we can have days away. We have a Portuguese registered Kia Ceed estate 1.4 we are looking at a Freedom or maybe a Eriba anyone one CT own one as we would like your thoughts. We are looking at second hand.
  3. What awning have you got?
  4. We are now permently in Portugal, there are a few ways get television out here one way is internet this alright but can be tiresome. we have a sim at 30€ per month supplied by NOS one of the main mobile phone companies, this is in a mifi unit of unknown make but supplied by Vodafone last year, we have found by placing this in the rooflight we get a better connection but still drops out often. We are wondering if we purchase Netgear M2 mifi or a Motorhome wifi 4G antenna both costing £300 plus would get a better connection? Or purchasing a cheaper mifi unit help us at all?
  5. Now that we are living in Portugal we have found it easy to listen to the radio and watch British television, for the radio we do not need a vpn but have Internet with NOS a Portuguese provider, for BBC radio we use BBC Sounds App also a app called Radio this lets us listen to lots of British stations including local stations i.e. Radio Solent. For television we need a vpn and still use NOS with a Firestick with Mobdro installed on it, this also works throughout Europe but finding sim for the country we are in.
  6. I have cancelled the magazine and now have it on line, the advantages are no paper waste, no rubbish advertisements to put in the recycling, no plastic wrapper and hopefully its going save CMC money to spend on there sites!
  7. We where on a Cl when a brand new caravan pitched he came across to to ask if I had a spare mains cable, the next day the wife came across to tell me they had blue liquid everywhere I went across to look though the toilet window to see the pan full of the blue stuff then I asked if they had opened the shutter no was the answer how? Push the the lever to one side I said she then pulled the lever off! Saying this one. A few weeks later on a another Cl another new caravan came on site, we had gone to bed about 11.00 bang bang went there door 15 minutes of that & a knock on our door the man told me someone had superglued his door. The next day I across he told me he had been up all night guarding his door so I looked to find his door locked open!
  8. We are residents of Portugal at a site in the south of Portugal just outside a small village and feel very safe, I only know of wil campers who some of have exceeded there time before the virus and now made a rod for themselves.
  9. Right from the beginning of our caravanning about 23 years we have used our toilet. Using Cls with no facilities but for the last 7 years we have been permanently in our van touring at present we are on a site in Portugal no toilets but a emptying point, water from a well and electric. Being outside the village we maybe safer from the virus.
  10. There is also another problem Spain has now closed all borders, stopped all travel on the road with the exception of food, pharmaceuticals, going to work and emergencys ie hospital. It's looking very bad now we are in Portugal our friends cannot travel here or even home. Stay safe.
  11. Maggie and I will miss your blogs if you stop next, fingers crossed for you and thank you.
  12. Update we went up to Shaftesbury then A303 the winds and weather where nothing like the forecast we are leaving time. In the rush I lost the motor mover handle but Halfords had one!
  13. I am thinking of not going Dorchester Bridport but going up to A303 to Honiton if I tow at all.
  14. We are due to sail from Portsmouth today but due to a very bad storm we are sailing from Plymouth winds gusting over 60 mph onshore heavy rain 11c. We are just outside Bournemouth winds ok here but it's gets rougher closer Plymouth over next hour we have to make our minds up if to tow or not, if we do not will Brittany Ferries be able to put us a another ferry any time soon?
  15. Try Willerby themselves. We are in the process of buying a Willerby they are being so helpful.
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