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  1. Depending on how long you are staying, a lot of motorhomers and caravaners stay the full 90 days here. The general consensus from Brits and the Portuguese here are it is a incredible good idea.
  2. Taken from Brittany Ferries Facebook Page. Brittany Ferries has confirmed to Shippax that it might operate a Plymouth-Leixões summer-only service, something first revealed by local media. If it happens, the new passenger-focused service is due to start in late May for an initial period of six weeks. Depending on the success, Brittany Ferries doesn't exclude the new service to be extended beyond the six weeks. The idea to start this new service is entirely because Portugal is one of the few countries on the 'green' COVID-19 list of the UK government which means that residents only nee
  3. There are very few static homes in my area been looking for a month now.
  4. This would be of interest to me if it happens. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/ferry-uk-portugal-green-list-b1846174.html?utm_content=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3g0trdKlpA2xOU0Nhv9VeiXGO2oO33EJYpadAFbtAI3RVRIeTOTijYp40#Echobox=1620831013
  5. I need to level the rear end of my static Swift Burgundy, how can I go about this and what equipment do I need I cannot call a professional in as I am in Portugal.
  6. We had seal off sealsdirect.co.uk great company
  7. We have always had tv with TVMucho works well no vpn but now I need a antenna outside my tin box static.
  8. I would like to get a antenna to pick 4G it is important that we get good internet as we need this to receive television in Portugal, do any of you use one and if so what make do you use?
  9. I thought I would let you all know how we are settling in, the great thing about living in Portugal is the weather is great for setting up, but the rest has been frustrating as I said in my last post I had big problems shutting the front door and that the key would not turn after taking your kind advice and drawing a blank I had someone come round yesterday, the first he did was take the window beading out and adjusted it and put in wedges then adjusted the hinges, then he looked at the lock to find the dealership had missed out the centre screw when they fitted the new handle and lock. I ha
  10. We have just got a Swift Burgandy 2012 the bulbs are all the standard large screw fit type, I have just replaced them all with LCD the same screw type.
  11. We move in tomorrow, Michael & Kim White run a very caring haulage company no damage at all even down a tight lane!
  12. A tricky movers by M.J.White European Transport D2E3D277-02DC-4FBA-A46C-A4E82BF5F9C5.MP4 E55E6705-421A-4DCF-AED4-9724EAC43876.MP4
  13. Now at Portimeo Docks awaiting customs clearance Monday.
  14. After a false start on Tuesday when the haulage company got turned away with one piece of a mountain of paperwork missing, our new home cleared customs at Portsmouth and sailed! Next stop customs at Santander then the border crossing into Portugal and finally customs inspection at Portimeo costing 300€.
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