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  1. Update we went up to Shaftesbury then A303 the winds and weather where nothing like the forecast we are leaving time. In the rush I lost the motor mover handle but Halfords had one!
  2. I am thinking of not going Dorchester Bridport but going up to A303 to Honiton if I tow at all.
  3. We are due to sail from Portsmouth today but due to a very bad storm we are sailing from Plymouth winds gusting over 60 mph onshore heavy rain 11c. We are just outside Bournemouth winds ok here but it's gets rougher closer Plymouth over next hour we have to make our minds up if to tow or not, if we do not will Brittany Ferries be able to put us a another ferry any time soon?
  4. Try Willerby themselves. We are in the process of buying a Willerby they are being so helpful.
  5. Thanks Jon I had a look and Virgen Del Mar do not take dogs.
  6. I have now found out with bit of Googling that Monte Royal is closed and have sent another email to the other site will try phoning Monday if no reply.
  7. We are landing at Santander 29th February 17.30 I have 2 sites in mind within 70 miles of the ferry but have not had a reply from them in the last week, even though they say they are open in past experience we have found them closed. We are heading towards Salamanca then into Portugal. Site 1 Monte Royal at Aguilar De Campo. 2 Camping Fuentes Carrionas at Palencia, anyone know if it's safe just to roll up or do you know any other sites? They must except a dog and we have 7 mitre caravan.
  8. I have also been using the sameOne-Chem I found it very good, you use very little from a measured top also one for all.
  9. We are on a Cl that’s just gone over to green only, Just finished my Elsan green organic.
  10. What is everyone's preference for green cassette liquid, over the years I have used all kinds of makes including tablets which I thought where the bees knees but not sure any longer.
  11. We have been living full time in our caravan with no issues of dampness, last week we went away for 2 days when we came back to my surprise the cupboard with all the liquid cleaners in had damp on the bottles! In future I will leave the cupboards open.
  12. I will have a look again when I collect it next Saturday, it's not a ABI but a Ace Rallyman 1988.
  13. My daughter is purchasing a 1988 ABI Rallyman it has not got a charger, I have a CTek charger but mine is in a container on it way to Portugal, what size would you recommend?
  14. Happy Christmas to everyone and thank you for all your interesting posts, we are at Wyndham Farm Cl Silton for Christmas and the new year.
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