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  1. We ordered a static home from a British company for delivery to Portugal, everything was going swinging well until Covid 19 it got delayed and further delayed now delivery is May 2021, we went to other company’s same story, we are now going to build a wooden frame house.
  2. For the fly screens use a magic sponge obtainable from supermarkets. Be careful with the blinds not to over wet and dry after cleaning with a hairdryer otherwise the foil backing will come though and leave black marks, mound and mildew can be removed with a cotton bud and mound cleaner you can also clean the blinds with hand sanitizer or baby wipes a magic sponge but do not rub to hard.
  3. We will still wait it may be 8 months from now but we are sure it will be worth the wait.
  4. We ordered a Willerby Ashurst with a original delivery date of October 2020 then due to Covid January 2021 now with all extras deleted! Yesterday we got more bad news our new home has been delayed to May 2021 this is very upsetting as we are living in a Swift Coastline 584 not a lot of room to live. We have Been told we can have our deposit back but the Ashurst ticks all the boxes the layout, the main Bedroom we take a kingsize bed, its 10 foot wide which is the widest to come down our lane. We are in Portugal but cannot find anything in Spain or Portugal that suits our needs. Will Covid ever
  5. We are buying a Williby Ashurst 10x32 for delivery January to Portugal can't wait.
  6. We suffer from at lot of dust in the very dry Portuguese climate and fly swots, by far the best way I have found is magic sponges from the supermarket.
  7. We still have our home in Axminster which is rented to a manager of a care home this gives us a good monthly income and if things do go wrong we still have a home to go back to.
  8. What a interesting blog, we have friends at Dursley who we are in touch with weekly on Zoom. As you may know we have taken up residence in Portugal and we hope to buy a smaller caravan maybe a Eriba or a Freedom, if we do we will follow your Blog when we return.
  9. I need to reseal the rail above my front windows, what seal can I use and any advice on how to go about it, thanks.
  10. Update on my blind I was unable to repair it with the help of YouTube because the consertiner fly screen was badly buckled and the cords where in such a mess. So I reconnected a couple of Swift dealers in the UK both went around the £300 mark but due to Covid 19 it would be 8 weeks delivery! Plus now they would not deliver it to Portugal. So I contacted Camperserv in The Algarve there had one in stock at 200€ ! Including 23% tax. So we went there yesterday a hours drive also had lunch out and fitted it in five minutes.
  11. I have done that and put a screw in where one part is broken. But the cords are in such a mess I cannot work out where they go!
  12. I have a Swift Coastline 584se which I am selling here in Portugal, I need a Seitz blind 790 x 560 I have contacted caravan scrap dealers in UK but no one has one, I now need to find a good priced one, I have been quoted £300 plus carriage to Portugal. Before anyone says buy one out here there almost no caravan dealers out here if any! Any suggestions on suppliers ?
  13. Try there contact page on there web site or even there Facebook page, maybe still not reopened?
  14. Yes it has http://www.niewiadow.pt/prod/52/n126ntl?fbclid=IwAR01fHxMWjq91OR-OkEc_sw7-Dur17cE_4zYB_14MwAYqmUNPwt6_P96QVw Yes we are buying new, we went something small, at present we have a Swift 584se which is to big for weekends away.
  15. As some of you may have seen we live in Portugal, having looked a ways of buying a Freedom caravan we have found the best way to buy is from the importer in Portugal because buying from the UK would incur import taxes we could not tow it back as it would have to have Portuguese plates and cheaper out here! But we cannot view as all the Freedoms are sold before importing! Would you buy without seeing one we are so keen yes we would!
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