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  1. I would say that Red Pennant are the leaders in travel insurance including brake down, we have Liverpool & Victoria as they allow us to be aboard longer.
  2. I have just seen this posted this morning. OK People, after all night negotiations broke down this morning without agreement, the strike/greve industrial action by the unions of tanker (fuel) drivers is set to continue as it has during the past 6 days...!! THE FUEL STRIKE CONTINUES and certain areas may experience short supplies of fuel.
  3. We have not seen anything about a postponement. On the upside the roads are a lot quieter, we managed to get our 25 litres yesterday without queuing.
  4. We are in Portugal at present you correct we have not found it to difficult to find fuel, to our understanding the strikes will be over by Monday but who knows it's a strike.
  5. We are permanently touring, we have a twin tub we use buckets to fill it we find it saves use £15 a week no queuing for machines. Full time yes odd week here and there no.
  6. It's hot here in Mexilhoeira Grande Portugal at 41c which nice when have breeze from the hills, the only problem we have the water from the Aquaroll is hot, perfect as we have metered electric for washing up and showers, we keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge.
  7. The A35 is closed between Dorchester & Bridport due to a caravan overturned.
  8. We always use a great site that is now recommended by the Caravan Club www.campingcabuerniga.com I have to say this is one of our favourite sites. It is 3/4 hour south of Santander has good showers, wifi, great views and shops in the next village, fantastic dog walking.
  9. After all the problems with the Pont Aven, Brittany have made a refund to all customers who had to change or cancel there booking of 25% in our case £125.75. This is on all new bookings but I have sent a email to ask if this can be taken off our final payment for our return sailing in September I do not hold my breath but I can but ask.
  10. Coastline

    Walking Algave

    We are near Portimao at Mexilhoeira Grande on a rustic caravan site until September, our big love is walking just as well we are short on money. We started using at walkin site www,walkingalgave.com this morning due to the heat we did part of The Severn Hanging Valleys fantastic views well worth doing.
  11. We had one come open in Spain it's was locked! A car over took us the wife said ignore them they may trying to rob us! Then another car I thought it was the accomplice of the first car, It wasn't till the 4th car we decided to stop! Lol now.
  12. Please can someone let me know the speed limits when towing in Spain and Portugal also can't I use my sat nav with speed cameras on it?
  13. We found it frustrating and hard work to get a answer, once a answer was obtained the we had to change our sites and arrival dates.
  14. We have done both going though France saves £55 including tolls and fuel going from Poole to Cherbourg.
  15. I got though to Brittany by keep on phoning them eventually got though to then waited 10 minutes for someone to answer now on the Cap Finistere 9th June
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