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  1. We are thinking of taking out Red Pennant cover for our next trip to Spain & Portugal, one thing we cannot find is the emergency phone numbers for out of hours, anyone can let me know where to find this?
  2. We have a Banner battery 4 years old now and not let us down, we had a Exide battery for 3 years and had 3 replacement battery's!
  3. We will of done 4 months in total from injection to blood test.
  4. We have the ferry booked to sail to Santander June 18th, this was chosen as it 3 months after our dogs rabies injections but we would like to sail earlier. With all the none goings on with Brixit dare we risk it? Then should we take out International driving licence and a green card? Etc
  5. Will this help?https://www.pitchup.com/campsites/England/North_East/West_Yorkshire/Huddersfield/ or http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/uk-holidays/uk-search-and-book/certificated-locations/search/?Name=&SiteContentId=&County=1073853152&Town=1073853646&Postcode=&LatLong=
  6. I almost certainly will go for the Kartt jockey wheel
  7. I did read somewhere that the Al-Ko premium jockey wheel was difficult to calculate is that true?
  8. I do have a problem with the shaft of the jockey wheel, not the wheel itself or the wheel spindle. That is the reason I need a new jockey wheel assembly. this may be of interest to some of you.
  9. Both are ok, my problem is motor moving my van I find the wheel sticks going right or left, the wheel rotates ok.
  10. I have been told by a mobile engineer that my 7 year old Al-Ko jockey is bent which maybe the reason why it catches when moving also I have a bad Chunk out of the wheel, I am looking at two jockey wheels. 1. From the Caravan Club https://shop.caravanclub.co.uk/product/1140557/kartt-jockey-wheel this is £64.19 delivered max wight 250kg weighing 6.8kg 2. Al-Ko Premium at £99.95 delivered max wight 300kg weighing 9.8kg both appear to good and fit the bill, I know very little about the Kartt wheel anyone else know anything about them? Al-Ko has a good name but is it good value for the extra. Your thoughts please.
  11. Coastine

    Air lock

    Thanks everyone it's good to what it is and how things work
  12. Coastine

    Air lock

    It's the cylinder to the right of the pump, if it's a surge damper what does this do?
  13. Coastine

    Air lock

    It's water only not electric
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