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  1. Coastine

    International Driving Permits

    Sorry one more question as we off to Spain & Portugal in June do we need a photo for each IDP? As it looks to me we need a IPD for both countries.
  2. Coastine

    International Driving Permits

  3. Coastine

    International Driving Permits

    From the date of application of IDP how long does it take to arrive?
  4. Coastine

    Sat Nav System - Error from April 6th ?

    Am I correct in thinking the modern satnav can be updated by wifi? I have a 2012 TomTom but cannot update as I only have a iPad.
  5. Coastine

    Cleaning Wastepipes

    This will be very unhelpful as CJML is in Gibraltar two weeks our waste pipes froze when they thored out all the grease etc came out as well! I am not what Mercadona sell there but I like HK drain cleaner in smaller amounts then the directions it works well for me.
  6. Coastine

    Going smaller

    I Agee with you.
  7. Coastine

    Going smaller

    I have taken your points, maybe going far to smell is not my answer I will still keep on looking but for a conventional caravan but slightly smaller the my present caravan.
  8. Coastine

    Toilet Tabs

    I have used Porta-Pak for some years now, I buy in bulk to save carriage the only problem is they are no good for the flush tank. What the Bio-Pak like?
  9. Coastine

    Thetford N112 not working

    Thank you micktheshed I received replacement sensor 3 weeks ago and had it on test since it's working well.
  10. Coastine

    Going smaller

    What model is that? We are very fortunate as we are living in our caravan just outside Bournemouth so can pop into the Eriba importers. We need to find out if with a awning we can cope with going smaller, we would use it in Spain etc over winter and as long as it can keep us warm over night we will be ok.
  11. Coastine

    Going smaller

    That's our thoughts we may hire for a week to see how it works out, we can look at conventional caravans, Eribas but as you say some are heavyweight or even pop ups.
  12. Coastine

    Going smaller

    After over 25 years of tugging, we both fancy going a lot smaller, at present we are towing a 7. 5 mitre Swift Coastline 584SE this has been fantastic as we have been staying in Spain & Portugal for 6 months at a time then touring Britain over the summer, we now fancy only 3 months abroad and moving back home. We have a long time to start looking before buying, car wise we even seen caravans i. e. Eriba that can be towed by a car small as a Kia Soul. What is everyone's thoughts on small cars & caravans?
  13. Coastine

    Inflatable Awnings.

    We have a Bradcot Aspaira we have kept it up for 3 months without reinflating, our previous air awning was a Vango that died of over exposure to the sun. It's a hands up for me.
  14. Coastine

    Thetford N112 not working

    Thanks I have just turned it down see how that goes. Thanks when the engineer call he did not get a reading from the sensor but worked well after refitting at £34. 85 inc clip and 24 delivery its cheaper the a new fridge, so I have just ordered one.
  15. Coastine

    Thetford N112 not working

    Our fridge is working on and off, it worked from Saturday to yesterday it is not working now. After more enquiries it like a replacement fridge is the only answer at £800 plus fitting. That's going to dent our bank account.