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  1. Thank your for your advice it’s really appreciated
  2. Yes hope the HP pump is ok🤞🏻
  3. They cannot be sure to remove all contamination by flushing out and if it means me keeping my warranty I would agree with them
  4. I haven’t mention any names on this fourm or the location only that it is texaco garage, I was just asking for advice on how to handle this situation the best way possible as I understand there is a good array of professionals amongst us all on this fourm. I will leave it in the hands of trading standards but I will be prepared to foot the nearly 2k bill myself, I will be avoiding the station at all costs that’s for sure
  5. Legal I wanted to know the time they had delivery as to know weather I had freshly delivered fuel or the bottom of the tank and someone on here also mention a new delivery can disturb the sediment at the bottom of the tank, citizens advice have told me to use a pre done letter regarding consumer rights act which I will do then send signed for delivery they then have 15 days to respond, my issue is with the service station. I couldn’t get a sample from the pump because as soon as I mentioned to them via phone call I drove to the station and that pump was out of order so couldn’t get a sample I have photos. I’m not the kind of person to spout off all over social media but on the other hand there maybe other people out there in the same situation that don’t know of this issue and have been told the same by the station that no one else has had an issue that’s me just taking there word
  6. Kelper no in I have not contacted local newspaper but have thought about putting something on the local Facebook opinions page. Im not sure if CAB have contacted trading standards as or not they wouldn’t give me contact number to them. Yes I have bank statements Stating the date and time silver surf yes I will ask them today about an ATV probe, I have contacted texaco and they say that they only have a licence to use the branding of texaco and don’t have texaco products they use Valero for there fuels and the station is independently owned. The tanks look old on visual inspection, I was talking to someone and they said there is a 25year lifespan on the Tank and after 20 year they need to be inspected every year. I have asked him for a copy of inspection report but the owner has gone quite on me
  7. Yes they say it needs new tank, fuel lines, low pressure pump, fuel filter, maybe high pressure pump and inspect the injectors, yes I’m going to keep at them and gaining more evidence, yes would be easier if someone else had issues with the pump, but I suppose that’s me taking there word for them saying no one else has had an issue.
  8. I know nothing about lorries was just a thought he might break when he fills tank so I could get a good time when they filled the tanks that day
  9. Paul thank you for your input the owner of the station said that the tank had been filled that morning I am going to ring the supplier of the fuel (Valero) tomorrow morning and ask for a date and time When the filled. should easily be done as the tanker may have been on a tacho break when they where filling the tank
  10. The Sample was in the picture with the glass that was from the fuel rail done by bmw. Last filled up on the 27th before that was a week before that at the same place it’s our only car and Is in daily use I didn’t contact trading standards direct and the council said there is no direct number to them, they gave me a number for citizens advice which then they have to contact trading standards. Legal eagle I presume it’s quite a hard thing to prove but it can be the only place it has had fuel. I’m just worried they hide any evidence from the tank
  11. Long story shot I put £50 Of diesel in my 2017 bmw 330d which was showing 18 mile on the range on Thursday 25th on Saturday 27th the car cut out on me and wouldn’t start, the car was Recovered into bmw dealership and diagnosed with contaminated fuel pretty obvious when viewing the fuel extracted by bmw I will include pictures, so now it’s not a warranty claim the cost is down to me. So I called the local filling station (independently owned branded as texaco) and they said it cannot be from them as no one else had complained of this issue, that filling station wast the last 2 places that I have filled. I reported to trading standards and have sent away a sample to be analysed and I have a report from bmw sating the fuel is contaminated. The bill for repair is sounding rather expensive and I would like to try and find out if any one else has ever had or heard of issues like this. I call round at the station tonight whilst they where having a fuel delivery and questioned the cashier not the owner he was very defensive but I did get some good photos of the fuel inlet to the tank. I would be interested what you all have to say and you opinions. thanks Ed
  12. Hi we have placed a deposit on a caravan and have seen a awning we like (Isabella Capri north) when going to awnings shops is there room for negotiation on price or are they a set price? also what do people use as flooring in there awnings, I understand it has to be breathable. Most of the pitches we will go on will be on grass with the occasional hard standing thanks ED
  13. Thank you all for your help it’s really appreciated you have all put my mind at ease, I have some experience at towing but not a caravan and have pass my b+e test, it just worries me a little when I put it in on tow car and it said yes with caution
  14. Hi we have finally found a van that we both really like but I am unsure if it is a little to heavy for our tow car so I would like to ask your opinion, I have put it in on tow car check and the caravan is 1600kg and the car is 1765kg, there is not problem with the power but it’s just the weight ratio, any help would be much appreciated and fingers crossed it isn’t so bad. My car is a 2017 bmw 330d estate and the van that we are interested in is a 2019 swift 590.
  15. Hi I am so sorry to hear about you caravan been stolen, but I must say that your caravan matches the descripton of the one I reported to the police. as usual I finished early from work to have a couple In The local pub after work (Last Friday 27 may) when a white Vauxhall vivaro van (all tricked up with bull bars and extras lights and all that) came flying past over the speed limit and I said to my step dad that’s strange and we tried to catch it up final caught up at the lights and put the registration on the caravan (which was a Bailey pageant) in my car check app and it came up as a land rover discovery then it speeded of again and we turned off to where I live I called 101 straight away to report it which they agreed was Strange. Sorry it’s not helped you much but it sounded to much like the caravan you described and the date you stated. The location we saw it was scarcliffe at around 5:30 heading north on Rotherham road towards clowne the caravan was a Bailey pageant which was slightly yellowing I reported it to Derbyshire police. hope you get a good outcome Ed
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