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  1. After putting a deposit on our new coachman everything has gone wrong, our car broke down due to contaminated fuel, faults with the caravan 50mile trip back to dealer sorted it then couldn’t use the van on 12v Which we are in the middle of sorting with the dealer. I come home tonight to have a play see if I can get it working on 12v, to find no power to control panel strange thought The brand new Yuasa battery was charged get ehu And 3pin adapter out to charge then go to battery box and notice the lock was distorted strange not noticed that before unlock and open battery box oh no battery eve
  2. The caravan was supposedly new but last years model, I took the caravan back to the dealer to sort some other issues which they did do and asked about it running on 12 v and they said I just need to press the light button and they should work, I will check the battery with a meter
  3. I have followed this wire (with an in-line fuse) from the battery box to the box with all the electrics but it isn’t connected do you think it could be this
  4. All 12v not working it’s the control panel measuring 12.1v and there is not solar panel fitted
  5. Battery is brand new and showing 12.1v I will try and trace the wires now
  6. Hi we have a 2019 vip 570 that we picked up last week and used on a local site I was having a play about as the handover was rubbish supposedly due to COVID but I couldn’t seem to get the van to run on the leisure battery alone, Everything works fine on ehu, I have tried again today on the drive master switch on light switch on still no lights I have checked battery fuse that’s fine. Am I doing something wrong any help much appreciated
  7. Thank your for your advice it’s really appreciated
  8. Yes hope the HP pump is ok🤞🏻
  9. They cannot be sure to remove all contamination by flushing out and if it means me keeping my warranty I would agree with them
  10. I haven’t mention any names on this fourm or the location only that it is texaco garage, I was just asking for advice on how to handle this situation the best way possible as I understand there is a good array of professionals amongst us all on this fourm. I will leave it in the hands of trading standards but I will be prepared to foot the nearly 2k bill myself, I will be avoiding the station at all costs that’s for sure
  11. Legal I wanted to know the time they had delivery as to know weather I had freshly delivered fuel or the bottom of the tank and someone on here also mention a new delivery can disturb the sediment at the bottom of the tank, citizens advice have told me to use a pre done letter regarding consumer rights act which I will do then send signed for delivery they then have 15 days to respond, my issue is with the service station. I couldn’t get a sample from the pump because as soon as I mentioned to them via phone call I drove to the station and that pump was out of order so couldn’t get a sample I
  12. Kelper no in I have not contacted local newspaper but have thought about putting something on the local Facebook opinions page. Im not sure if CAB have contacted trading standards as or not they wouldn’t give me contact number to them. Yes I have bank statements Stating the date and time silver surf yes I will ask them today about an ATV probe, I have contacted texaco and they say that they only have a licence to use the branding of texaco and don’t have texaco products they use Valero for there fuels and the station is independently owned. The tanks look old on visual inspection,
  13. Yes they say it needs new tank, fuel lines, low pressure pump, fuel filter, maybe high pressure pump and inspect the injectors, yes I’m going to keep at them and gaining more evidence, yes would be easier if someone else had issues with the pump, but I suppose that’s me taking there word for them saying no one else has had an issue.
  14. I know nothing about lorries was just a thought he might break when he fills tank so I could get a good time when they filled the tanks that day
  15. Paul thank you for your input the owner of the station said that the tank had been filled that morning I am going to ring the supplier of the fuel (Valero) tomorrow morning and ask for a date and time When the filled. should easily be done as the tanker may have been on a tacho break when they where filling the tank
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