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  1. Good points, thank you! It is, true, but I think I am sure I get used to it.
  2. I wish I got as far as the motorway! I start thinking about what could go wrong (lorry speeding past causing the caravan to wobble out of control, gusts of wind causing the caravan to topple over, someone cutting me up forcing me to slam on the breaks with disastrous consequences, breaks failing for some reason. ...... ), and ask my husband to take over.
  3. I'll look into that! It's strange, I am a confident, calm and experienced car driver but I am really nervous of towing. All sorts of potential scenarios go through my head, of what might happen etc. In the end I am too nervous to tow and my husband has to do it all, whereas usually, I do most of the driving!
  4. Thank you everyone for the input.
  5. Did they take you out on the road? Some I found seemed to concentrate on loading, setting it up, and reversing.
  6. Hi, we have now been away in our new (to us!) caravan a couple of times and love it. Everything is going really well but I am very nervous towing it. I wondered if a towing course might be a good idea or whether this is something that gets better over time? Has anyone been on a course? Thanks a lot.
  7. Some very useful advice, thank you so much!
  8. Thank you so much, everyone, that has reassured me a lot!
  9. We have been away once in our new (2nd hand!) caravan, and it was all a bit stressful. I was very nervous towing it and it all seemed to take an age to get set up and pack away after. We had thought that we would go away for weekends, but it felt like such a massive expedition! My question is - does it all get easier (and quicker)? (Towing, setting up etc. ..) Thanks a lot!
  10. Thanks again, everyone - very helpful!
  11. I hadn't thought of adding that - good idea. I have done it now. We've got an Abbey Expression 470 (1998). I have looked on the internet, to see if there might be handbooks published, but I haven't found anything. Some of the information I wanted to read up on is quite generic, though, things like how to connect water in and water out, how to set up the toilet etc.
  12. Thanks everyone - I'll look into ordering that book!
  13. We picked up our first caravan (a second hand one) yesterday and whilst the seller talked us through how everything works and I took notes, I found it a lot to take in. I wondered if anyone could recommend a book that shows you the basics? Thanks a lot!
  14. Hi, has anyone bought a second hand caravan from Tamworth Caravans?
  15. I really appreciate all the input - sorry to ask another question, but what is actually included in the unladen weight and what is factored in the maximum weight (is it personal items like bedding etc or also things like battery)? Thanks!
  16. Thank you both! I obviously misunderstood the 85% guideline.
  17. Hello, I have just joined the forum as we are about to buy our first caravan. We are slightly confused over the weight guidelines and I would appreciate advice from more experienced members! We only drive a Citroen Xsara Picasso 1. 6 (2006) and I understand that this is fairly light-weight and will limit our choice of caravan! We want to buy a secondhand 2 berth caravan and I prefer the models with end washroom. However, they do seem heavier, from what I can tell. Yesterday, we went to a dealer who sells used caravans and saw two that we liked - the first one was an Abbey Expression 470 (1998) and the second one a Sterling Europa 460 (2000) (which we preferred!). From searching the internet, I gather that the Abbey weighs 850 kg unladen and the max all. weight is 1060kg. For the Sterling, the weight given is 917kg (and 1135kg). I think that the Sterling is therefore too heavy, if you go by the 85% rule, whereas the Abbey would be ok? How critical is it to stick by the 85% ruling? We have never towed anything before and obviously don't want to get into trouble towing a caravan that is too heavy! Thanks in advance for any advice!
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