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  1. We got our 2016 Altea Severn in Feb 2017 (new). For a few reasons we've not been able to get out as much as we'd hoped (inc. problems, kids exams etc). But more than not, when we've been out we've had, or been affected by a failure or problem. Lessened the enjoyment somewhat. Added to that, as the kids have grown up we've thought that a different layout would be better. Rather than fixed bunks, we're thinking a fixed double with bench seats long enough for the kids to use as singles would be preferable. And a unit without a drop down sink, larger fridge and more storage. Long story short - we're looking at a replacement. We have confidence in the Adria body water ingress protection - but can't see the desired layout in their brand? Have we missed this? ie can the Isonzo benches be used as singles? Would anyone recommend a different brand/model that fits? Possibly one that isn't haunted by poor quality control? Odd question perhaps for the Adria board - gotta start somewhere though. Cheers
  2. I've never been able to use the card as one never arrived? Find them terrible to get hold of.
  3. We've had a few issues with the drop down sink unit - the tap failed (flooding the van) and had to be replaced under warranty, the mirror bonded to the sink degraded (went brown at the edges) and all three mirrors (including the sink) had to be replaced (warranty again) and the waste pipe split flooding the caravan. It's not an easy fix either given the design of the fold down unit. I love the water ingress integrity of the Adria - and my wife loves the styling - but the bathroom is doing my head in!
  4. We fitted an adora habitation door flyscreen to our altea (door same size etc.) I too was gobsmacked at the price being asked for that. Hunted around for the 'best' price. But was still a fair sum. We also were considering changing the panel on one side that pulls out to form the central feet of the front double bed. But that was over £80 with a discount! It's a U shaped piece of laminated ply about 1ft x 3ft - most of that is air - which they're knocking out en mass for builds?
  5. Interesting to hear about your move. What have you gone with / to? I'm also looking at the ongoing use of our Severn. Generally feel Adria have less issues (and confidence in water tightness), but have also had our fair share of problems in the short time we've owned it (eg tap and mirrors failed in bathroom, warped locker doors and failed locker struts). Fearful of the horror stories we read from other makes - but attracted to their layouts. And are their issues any worse than we've had?
  6. Am struggling to access the hose as the drop down sink is in the way (reason why I asked to see if you could give me any gems of wisdom). Am planning on havong a good look at it tomorrow to see if I can figure it out
  7. Hi Jiffy176 - is this with a fold down sink? Our tap seems to be leaking and am not sure if it's failed or just needs adjusting? I'm not sure how to disassemble either the sink or the tap (and there aren't any engineers with availability before we go away this weekend!) Ours is a 2016 Severn cheers
  8. Actually - just thinking that your issue is probably drain hose related rather than tap pipes?
  9. I think I've just discovered the same issue in our van - and we're supposed to going away next weekend 😟 Just been cleaning the system for the new year - it was initially fine when I first ran the system, but when I was flushing it through with clean, I ended up with a flooded caravan floor (coming from under the bathroom wall like yours). Looking beneath the sink I can see two black pipes and a brown wire, and water was dripping down them. The sink's due to be replaced under warranty because of a problem with the bonded mirror - but this really could scupper our first trip out (and we've already had to cancel one trip because of another problem caused by our dealer - long story - won't go there).
  10. Cheers Silverback, My curiosity quickly got the better of me and I found those resources and a few more. Then went out and crawled under the car. Found a small hole built into the towbar bracket just behind my bumper. I don't think my breakaway cable has the right clip though (standard rather than carabiner) - so for the moment assume I will have to loop over towball as whilst the dedicated attachment point is present - the cable clip is not specified for that? Am considering getting a carabiner clip cable - or suitable 'extension' to the towbar hole that I can loop the standard clip through.
  11. This is really interesting - I've just had a towbar fitted to a Kia Sorento. Went for a fixed swan neck at the time (more of a toss up from the options really - no great thought) - I haven't seen a fixed point for the breakaway cable and have just looped over the towball as is practice in the UK. But from what I've read above - there should be a suitable fixed point for the breakaway cable? Is it likely to be out of immediate sight?
  12. What is it about Arrival that does not meet your Euro cover needs? They have an addon for £76. 80 that provides Annual European Breakdown Cover. I've just found it's cheaper for annual UK Breakdown Cover with Mayday and will tac on Red Pennant when we need it to go to Europe.
  13. Hi smino0_1, Yes ours is about 7. 4 in length. Out of interest - what cover do you have under Arrival for £120? When I look base price is £104. 99, add anything beyond single roadside and recovery - it's over that. e. g. joint is about £134, add at home and it's £146 etc. Mayday Premium UK + Personal was much better as a result. I'm finding the figures odd. My quote for RP was a lot less than £245 (for breakdown only - we already have travel insurance)?
  14. Just thought I'd share this experience. We’ve been members of the C&CC for a few years – and when looking for European cover this year, we realised that our breakdown cover wasn’t up to scratch – so compared Mayday and Arrival. I was amazed how much more expensive the C&CCs Arrival package was for us. We currently have cover with Autoaid (£42 for platinum UK cover - included the caravan but not quite the same as the specialist policies available from the 'Clubs'). Arrival was £225. 39 to equal my current UK breakdown cover, whereas Mayday was £134 for the same cover. Granted, I could add annual European cover to Arrival for £76. 80 – but as working parents with kids in school, touring around the continent isn’t really on the cards (might be great for those who can). Most of our holidays are in the UK, so it works out much cheaper for us to take the more expensive Red Pennant cover for the month that we’ll be away in Europe (@ £84). Total premium for Mayday + Red Pennant = £218, with Arrival coming in at £302. 19 including annual European cover. So, we are trying the C&MHC this year to benefit from Mayday premium.
  15. Cheers DeeTee, The dealer advocated a delayed approach - use it and identify any issues and they would be sorted eventually all in one go. We on the other hand were expressing a desire to sort them out quicker. So the timing here, and the process of updates on the situation by email was really more of his choosing than ours. That said, I totally agree that they are entitled to see the issues. But I find it 'challenging' though that once they've seen the issues and identified that parts are needed - it'll then take a couple of months (or more from Jiffy176's experience) for them to arrive. It seems the delay (and opportunity for the buyer to use the caravan while waiting for the parts) isn't always in their best interests or favour. Either because it's a significant inconvenience traipsing back and forth - or because the parts required are material to the security or enjoyment of the caravan. That, however, does not seem to have any bearing on this process? Whilst I believe that the dealer should not be put at a disadvantage - it feels like the whole process is to their, or the manufacturer's advantage. And the buyer is actually not in consideration as to who is being inconvenienced. As a customer focused industry - the caravan world is shocking.
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