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  1. With all of the means available and at their disposal, it is disconcerting that the main points of the new guidelines were not conveyed in clear and concise way, there should be no need for a 60 page document to get across succinctly the new measures. I'm all for pulling together, particularly in times of national crisis, the message put out by the Prime Minister was clearly not without ambiguity as evidenced by the comments of one the PM's own parliamentary members who should have understood the message but who instead clearly demonstrated his own misinterpretation of part of the PM's pronouncement.
  2. You obviously don't understand levelling if you consider any component within a compartment to be a representation of the level status of the entire compartment.
  3. I am not a reader of The Guardian, it was the first link that Google listed in relation to the topic of current Covid19 restrictions being espoused by Nicola Sturgeon. If what was reported therein was incorrect or misleading then please amend with your supporting link to a reliable source of information. I am more than happy to be informed of facts. If on the other hand you were being facetious then it is hardly the apogee of wit.
  4. Only that you have missed that bessacar425 is again corrupting the facts and promulgating his misinformation, as usual. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/10/nicola-sturgeon-leads-criticism-of-uks-new-stay-alert-coronavirus-lockdown-advice
  5. When restrictions are eased, a lot of those patriots who have made bookings and are then allowed to travel will throw patriotism and the well being of others out of the window because they will not get a full refund of the money they paid out. "I paid for it so may as well use it" will be one of the reasons given.
  6. Similar iniatves have existed in the past, e.g. discounts on bicycles through employer\government schemes and yes it resulted in increased bicycle sales. The reality was that these schemes were predominantly taken up by leisure cyclists, there was no significant reduction in people using their cars or avoiding public transport. Walking and cycling to work is not going to become the new norm for many people, it is a nonsense of an idea, a waste of money and it will not achieve much if anything at all. Roads here abound with cycle lanes and often to the detriment of traffic flow, the cycle lanes are virtually unused apart from the few and infrequent leisure cyclists, I do wish our politicians would get real and stop coming up with pie-in-the-sky bampot ideas like this. I would sometimes take a motorcycle to work as it was more economical on fuel, would I do that in the winter or during the inclement weather months ?............... no chance.
  7. I contacted CTEK on one occasion because of my concern that the charger unit was much hotter than usual, the reply was that a severely depleted battery could be be taking a lot of current hence the higher than normal temperature of the unit, and that I should allow plenty of ventilation around the charger, just as matelodave has mentioned. I did as was advised but checked frequently for signs of trouble, Ctek were it seems correct, the charger returned to what I considered 'normal' operating temperatures after a time, I have used the charger umpteen times since and it has performed without any cause for concern. I cannot say that the Auto XS charger is safe or otherwise, can you email their helpline for advice?
  8. Much appreciated 👍.
  9. Where can the elements be purchased from Brecon, are there after market suppliers with good products.
  10. If you PM me your address I will post you an LED, just make sure you solder it on the right way round, it is gratis.
  11. I use on-line prescription ordering, I leave a note for the GP Practice to forward the prescription to my local pharmacy. I have requested that our local pharmacy delivers all precriptions to our house, and most often I receive the prescription a day or two after placing the order, there are no deliveries made on a Sunday. It is an excellent and reliable service and is free of charge, as are the prescriptions.
  12. The way I read Stevan's reply was that he was not suggesting that the LED was affecting the operation of the ATC, just that the LED might have failed. Why do you believe that the Alko ATC is not doing an operation test?
  13. How is that done, I don't want to do it but I cannnot see where it is in 'my profile' or other settings. Thanks.
  14. 🤡👺🐉👻 I tried a method, but I am sure there must be a quicker and better way of doing it Silversurf. Sorry about the thread drift folks 🤥. Thanks Johnaldo, how do you do it on a PC (Win10) or on Android?
  15. Siversurf, where did you get and how did you insert the emoticons you just used? Cheers.
  16. I was about to reply when JTQ made a good suggestion. I can't be bothered re-wording what I was going to post so here it is OP, search on here for Alko LED replacement, I bought a pack of 20 (I think) from ebay or Aliexpress, only £2.50 or thereabouts.
  17. I have just googled for news on coronavirus increase in Germany, there is nothing that is recent in the main listings. The most recent is The Guardian and it mentions "Germans have been advised to stay at home as much as possible and continue to apply physical distancing as official data appeared to indicate the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic was once again accelerating". No statistics relating to increased infection or deaths are quoted. The Guardian
  18. Babs, valid comment. I won't take any notice of the Practical Caravan Guide because I am suspicious about the criteria used for selection, same with their cars, caravans, equipment and products recommendations. Regrettably, suspect reviews and recommendations are rife across the advertising world be it magazines, vendors or you-tubers etc.; too many have their own agendas, I never forget to have my salt cellar nearby when reading or listening to reviews .
  19. Agree Susan D, and Wales not much better off with a mere 3. There are plenty of review web-sites out there, I will stick to making my own judgements based on a selection of reviews from different sources.
  20. stephendutton63 A bit more info on battery maintenance. https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/technicalhelp/datasheets/charging-leisure-battery/
  21. Yes. And if you want to take very good care of your battery, put it on a smart charger every two months, that is in addition to you keeping it topped up with the solar and\or the on-board charger that works off EHU. The exception being if your caravan is already fitted with an on-board smart charger that would be powered by an EHU.
  22. Love the bike Joebloggs, can you tell us a little bit more about it? I have the same problem myself when it comes to doing a 'little' bit of cleaning up on a bike, but such a good feeling knowing that it has been put back together properly with all the necessary maintenance issues dealt with. I never get the money back for the time I put into them, but I don't do it for the money .
  23. Just thought I would check ours as I had not paid any attention to venting in the past. 2 vents on one of the cabinet sidewalls. 3 vents on the underside of the cabinet. All vents are to the interior of the caravan. There are 3 screws securing the microwave to the cabinet base, good job I checked because 2 out of the 3 screws are insecure.
  24. Most microwaves are secured from the underside through the cabinet and into existing pre-drilled holes in the base of the microwave, a bit of careful measuring is required for drilling the holes in the cabinet. Daewoo microwaves are pretty commonly fitted, but any other brand will do, and they are cheap from supermarkets etc., just get the size that fits your cabinet, you should avoid the combi oven\grill types as heat dissipation becomes an issue. Cant' help with the trims, an option might be to make trims from the removed door, assuming that would give an acceptable finish; there are lots of plastic, metal and wood trims out there for consideration. Be nice if you could post before and after images of the modifications, it would be helpful for others and appreciated by many.
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